Friday, September 19, 2008

And the winner is...........

Congratulations to Random Chick for her winning entry into my poetry contest, Ode to Blogging.' So RC, I need your address so that I can mail you your prize as soon as it is completed.
I would like to thank all five of you who entered. Leah, your tanka was super, and
Mr. Shife, your poem was very sweet. And since you are with child, I will be sending you a special consolation prize in the mail as soon as you email me your address. And if you don't send me your address I will just have to get it from our dear Suzanne, who by the way, submitted an interesting non-haiku verse. And last but not least there was MJ and her violent love poem. We all know that deep down MJ is sweet loving and nurturing woman, and yearns for love and understanding. I hear ya sister. I hear ya. Phwap Pwhap Pwhap, here's your love and understanding. LOL

So I suppose, since all FIVE of you were so kind to write an entry for my contest, I should share my poem of why I love to blog.

"Blog Thou Art Loved"

I write to be heard
When I am happy
When I am sad
When things don't go my way
And when I'm glad that they have

I write to share
Things of nature
Things of beauty
Things of laughter
Things of life as it may come
And of the death of loved ones

I write because I love it.
The wonderful people that I have met
The wonderful dreams that I have shared
The wonderful fears that I have conquered
The wonderful life long friends I have made

Yes, to blog is to live
and to live is to love
To love is to laugh
and to laugh is to be free

So I write to live,
to love, and to laugh,
but mostly I write to set me free
and be me.


Leah said...

Where's my consolation prize? Man, it sucks to be on the receiving end of the no win. Now I know. I'm a sore loser.

Just kidding.

This was fun. Actually, my fave poem was "phwap phwap phwap." It had excellent rhythm.

Suzanne said...

I just wrote a comment and Meastro, who is sleeping next to the computer, stretched and hit the Esc button with his paw. Yup, all gone.

Leah, now you know what it feels like to lose one of your competitions. Not fun, is it?

Cece, that is an amazing poem. Beautiful. You said all the things I wish I could, but I'm an artist, not a writer. Wonderful job sweetie.

Random Chick, congrat on numerous awards and wins this week. You go girlie!!! You deserve every single one. I just love ya to death.

Mr. Shife. How you rate girl? Oh, just kidding. Like Leah, I'm a real sorry ass loser. Am I that obvious? Yup.

Cece, those who should have won, did. Love you. I'll do better next time.


Gig said...

I hate to lose!! I want a prize too, oh no, did I miss the deadline? DAMN!! Oh, well, just means you need to have another contest for us losers!!

Loved all the poems,RC did great with her Ode to Blogging...

Strange though, I had a dream and all I could hear was "phwap, phwap phwap!!!

I think your poem should be posted at the Onion for all to see, it says it all...

Love ya,
Tell the "boys hi"

MJ said...

As runner-up, I'll wait until the media discover those nude pics of Random and I'll laugh as she is toppled from her throne and I'll be there to pick up what is rightly mine...her tiara.

*bops Cecile on the head with my sceptre on the way out*

Anonymous said...


I should go to Las Vegas or something...first it was socks on leah's blog, then it was the Blottie this!!!

Cecile, THANK YOU for the award and for sharing your poem with should get the prize!!!

There's something I really have to tell you...every time I come to your blog I jump from this loud music. How can such a sweet person who writes such lovely poetry listen to such loud music? I'm going deaf! Just goes to show that we all have multiple facets to ourselves, eh?

Love ya, Cecile!

Suzanne said...

And RC, you'd never believe this, but she sings like an angel! Like you, I jump and so do all the animals, so I have to turn off the speakers. Cece, how do you do it? You're a dichotomy. Yes, I know big words and use them when necessary only to make all of you proud!!! Go figure. Yes, of course it takes effort because I have to actually think. Damn that hurts.

Love you all and so nice to see you here. Okay, drinks on Leah over at the Cafe. She said so at 4 am. I assume she still means it. However, IV recently indicated I should never assume. Well, screw it then. Drinks are always free. *DRINKS ON THE CAFE MY DEAR WOMEN!!!*

XO Blottie

Cecile said...

I tell you what. I'll create a new song list and show you all the softer side of my musical taste. But I must say, the hard rocking music is something I love, love, love. I am working on the prize, but don't expect it too soon. Afterall, I am a very busy woman. It's bed time, so I must go. Night, night

Robyn said...

How cool is that! YOu should post all the poems so we can see them all! Congrats on the 100th post! Did I tell you lately you ROCK! Love ya!

Leah said...

p.s. your poem is lovely, I forgot to say so when I first stopped by to grouse! xo

Cecile said...

Ok, first of thanks for the comments everyone. Leah, you have a photo up! yeah! now I can place a face with the name. 2ndly, I'm recovering from a night of horror and so is Nathan. Nathan had an asthma attack early Tuesday morning. We spent from 0150am till 0630am in the ER of the Children's Hospital. He was in seriously bad shape when I took him in. In Nathan's own words to one of the Nurses, "Mommy tried to help me with some medicine, but when the medicine didn't work, she drove really fast and brought me here. And you guys saved me." He then thanked me for bringing him there. So he and I didn't sleep at all Monday night, and we only got to sleep a little bit during the day Tuesday, and he was too afraid to sleep in his own bed last night, so he slept cuddled up next to me. Forrest woke up in the middle of the night and decided that he too wanted to be cuddled up to me, so I didn't get much sleep after that because I was lying flat on my back with a kid on each shoulder. My arms were going asleep and I was burning up. Those two boys generate tons of body heat. But Nathan was well enough to go to school today, although I think he is still tired. They think that a virus is what triggered the attack. It is the first time he has ever had something like that. It scared the crap out of me. Once I realized that he couldn't breath, I gave him two puffs off of an albuterol in hailer we keep on hand. It didn't do any good, so I gave him a third one. It still didn't seem to help do I drove like hell to the ER. Anyway, I am still recovering, so no new posts for a day or so.

Leah said...

Oh, dear Cece! It's awful, I know. I had terrible asthma as a child, which I ultimately outgrew. Then two years ago Thanksgiving, we spent in the emergency room upstate with poor Hedgie sucking for air. I almost totally lost my mind, I swear. But you know what, she's actually outgrown it now also!

But I know how frightening it is. Just think: you know what to do, and you acted quickly and reliably. You're a good mom.



good on you for knowing what to do!!!

Suzanne said...

Give Nathan a hug for me. Then have Nathan give you a hug for me. The two of you are amazing. I'm so happy you knew what to do. Now get some rest. I'll try to call you over the weekend, okay? Love you.
P.P.S. I discovered today you have a fascination with leather. Yup a little birdie told me over on IV's blog. Is Boss-Lady going to be wearing that at the Wild Onion any time soon? I'll have the pillow and cold compress ready because I know Just Bob's going to pass out when the saloon doors fly open. ;)

Kookaburra said...

Hey Cecile,

I just popped over to say "hello" and ask how're y'all going?
Have you gotten a good night's sleep since that scare with Nathan on Monday night?
I read about it on Kylie's blog.
I had juvenile asthma well into my teens and like you said it does scare the BeJesus out of you.
Please tell Nathan that I sure hope he is better again and say hello to Forrest from me.
Anyhow I hope that all is well.

Suzanne said...

Hi honey, just checking in to see if you're sleeping.

Love you. And you know what's funny, we both said we'd call one another at about the same time on different blogs. How interesting. Well Cece, it's almost Friday. One more day, then relaxation. Hope Friday is kind to you.

Love you very much. XO

Leah said...

Hi Cece, hope you did get some shut-eye too.

Mr. Shife said...

Sweet. I won something. Sorry it has taken me so long to get over and claim it. I hope there was not an expiration date. I will send you an email with my address. Thanks again.