Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Best Present EVER

I just came home from the Trans Siberian Orchestra concert, and I must say it was totally awsome. The violenist was absolutely phenominal. I do not know where they find the energy to perform like they did. We had absolutely fabulous seats in the seventh row, and the lazer light show that accompanied the concert were pretty neat too, but the music was outstanding. I have to give a major thanks to my sweet, wonderful friend, Cheryl, who gave my ticket to me as a Christmas gift. It was truly a wonderful gift and one that I will remember and cherish always. I am so blessed to have wonderful friends, I believe that friendship is probably the most valuble gift anyone could bestow upon another person.
A seed, gently planted in the ground, sprouts and florishes with attention and pruning, just as friendship grows.
It starts with a friendly hello, and then eventually you realize that you couldn't live without it, yes, friendship grows.
In leaps and bounds, it brings joy, and sorrow to all that know it,
but yet, friendship grows.
In our hearts, in our lives, it is the blood that keeps us alive,
Friendship, I'm so glad I've found it.
OK, maybe not one of my better spur of the moment poems, but I think you all get the gist of what I am saying. This is me signing off, until next time......

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Shoe String Shenanigans

The following story is an original of mine. My son Forrest, pictured to your right, for the first time has a pair of shoes with shoestrings. I have been trying to teach him to tie his own shoes, unfortunately, I am not as patient as the mom in the story. His shoes are untied all of the time. ARRRGH! I hope you enjoy the story.
“Shoe String Shenanigans”

The following is a tale about Boy One and Boy Two,
Who never did learn how to tie their own shoes?
Boy One and Boy Two was a couple of brothers,
And the lack of their learning was the fault of their mother’s.
Their mother was busy with cleaning and chores,
like folding the laundry that reached from ceiling to floor.
So I’m not saying their mother was bad,
‘cause they could have been taught by their good ol’ dad.
But dad was always busy with work and the lawn,
and when he tried to teach them he’d begin to yawn.
So shoes with no shoe strings is what they got.
Yes, shoes with no shoe strings they helped out a lot.
But the problem began when they started to school,
And shoes required shoe strings, yes, that is the rule.
So off to the shoe store went father and mother
to buy shoes with shoe strings for the two brothers.
And they fumbled and bumbled with those nasty long strings.
No, tying their shoes was a terrible thing.
For days and days they tried to teach one another.
Boy One helped Boy Two and Boy two helped his brother.
But since they had never officially been taught,
Well the laces the ended in one giant knot.
The knot was so big that they could not get it untied.
Why, I believe that the knot may have reached the sky.
Finally the laces could be knotted no more.
The knots were so big the shoes would not fit through the door.
And the brothers well, they both began to cry,
“Why Mother, why, why, why.”
“Please take the time to show us how,
to tie our own shoe strings, we must know now.
For we do not like them all tied up in knots.
No, we do not like it, we like it not.
You must teach us, please do not delay.
You must teach us, Mother, it must be today.”
So their mother put aside all of her chores,
She put off doing the laundry galore.
She sat down beside Boy One and Boy Two
and patiently she taught them to tie their own shoes.

Monday, December 24, 2007

The True Meaning of Christmas.

I have done a good deed this week. I feel that it symbolizes the true meaning of Christmas. You see, I have a new neighbor, and this is a terrible Christmas for her. She tragically lost her mother in October. Her mother was her best friend and living companion. This Christmas my new friend is alone. She has cried on my shoulder many times in the past few weeks that we have become friends. She told me that she was very sad, and that this would be the first year that she did not have a single gift under her tree. Well, I just could not let that come to pass, so I went to the store and purchased two gifts for her. I wrapped them up and I placed them on her doorstep so that when she came out of the door, she would see them. I wrote on the tag, "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL CHRISTMAS." She came to me yesterday and hugged me and told me thanks. It made me feel warm inside to do something for someone in such pain.

"The Meaning of Christmas"

There is hustle and bustle in the busy streets.

There are children dreaming of yummy treats.

There is yuletide and cheer being spread from you to me,

But several things go unnoticed, we just don't see.

The beggar on the street groveling for change,

The homless in the park, praying it doesn't rain.

The weak, and the sick, the children unclaimed.

All of it makes you just want to proclaim.

So tonight when you lay your head on your pillow.

Say a prayer for some poor fellow.

Say a prayer for those less fortunate that us,

And pray that they are all touched by a hand from above.

And remember the reason for the christmas lights,

for the giving, and sharing this Christmas night.

And remember the one gift that is better than the rest.

Jesus died on the cross, because he loved us best.
Have a very Merry Christmas, and may God Bless each and everyone.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Underwater Adventures.

Writing children's stories is very hard work. I have just finished my first creation, and I am so excited. I am currently knee deep into self publishing. As if 4 months of illustrating wasn't enough anguish. My story is entitled "The Underwater Adventures of Wolfdog and Octopus". It is a very heartfelt story about twin brothers, one is a wolf dog and the other is an octopus, whom embark on an underwater adventure to overcome a shark that has carried away their parents. The story was inpired by my twins,of course. And I am so excited to see it in print. Soon it will be available in a store near you, so stay tuned for the details.

Friday, December 21, 2007

The Albanian Villa

I am relatively new to the world of blogging community. So bare with my first attempt into this ever evolving culture. I am creating this blog to share my creativity with anyone who is interested. I have learned throughout the years that no one is going to see my art unless I actually give it exposure. I dabble in art on many levels. I write childrens stories, and I am currently involved with my first venture into the world of self publishing. I also write poetry, lyrics and songs, and I dabble in painting and other crafts. I am a mother of identical twin boys and they are my inspiration for just about every breath that I take. I would like to make my latest painting the star of my first blog. It is titled The Albanian Villa.

I did this painting as a Christmas gift for a friend. She is from Albania and I wanted to give her something that would remind her of home. The excitement that she showed when she opened it and the tears in her eyes when she thanked me for the gift was worth more than money. I am very glad that she was so pleased.