Friday, July 30, 2010

Gas Station Bathroom Dining?

I was coming home from my weekly trip to work when the urge to pee came upon me. Now I must admit, I hate using public bathrooms, but alas, I had no choice, so I found the cleanest looking gas station I could find on that seemingly strip in the middle of nowhere and I stopped. I was horrified as soon as I opened the door. Not because the bathrooms were disgusting, but because of what I saw the people occupying the bathroom partaking in. No it's not what you think. They were eating lunch. Two were perched upon the sink slurping down their Big Gulps and munching on greasy cheesy hamburgers. The other two were standing (in the doorway I might add). Their lunches were precariously balanced on the towel dispensers. I"m sure the look on my face was of complete shock once my brain processed what my eyes were seeing. I mean, I don't even like to urinate in a gas station bathroom, let along dine there. One of the girls had her shoes off and was walking barefoot!! IN A PUBLIC BATHROOM!!!!! The whole scene was just wrong on so many levels. The occupants sensed my reluctance to enter, and proceeded to display their great southern hospitality by saying, "Come on in ! We won't bit. Unless you're a hamburger." Yep that made me want to run, not walk from the building. But since I had to pee so badly that my eyeballs were floating and my bladder was about to bust, I didn't have much of a choice. After I finished "doing my business" I had to ask one of the ladies to scoot over so that I could use the sink to wash my hands. Another lady had to remove her lunch from the towel dispenser so that i could dry them. That is when I heard the conversation about toe cramps, and corns. The lady asked me if I knew of anything that would stop toe cramps. I told her no and got out of the bathroom as quickly as my little feet would carry me. I do believe that the next time the urge to pee hits me on one of my drives home I will be avoiding that gas station like the plague.