Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Best Present EVER

I just came home from the Trans Siberian Orchestra concert, and I must say it was totally awsome. The violenist was absolutely phenominal. I do not know where they find the energy to perform like they did. We had absolutely fabulous seats in the seventh row, and the lazer light show that accompanied the concert were pretty neat too, but the music was outstanding. I have to give a major thanks to my sweet, wonderful friend, Cheryl, who gave my ticket to me as a Christmas gift. It was truly a wonderful gift and one that I will remember and cherish always. I am so blessed to have wonderful friends, I believe that friendship is probably the most valuble gift anyone could bestow upon another person.
A seed, gently planted in the ground, sprouts and florishes with attention and pruning, just as friendship grows.
It starts with a friendly hello, and then eventually you realize that you couldn't live without it, yes, friendship grows.
In leaps and bounds, it brings joy, and sorrow to all that know it,
but yet, friendship grows.
In our hearts, in our lives, it is the blood that keeps us alive,
Friendship, I'm so glad I've found it.
OK, maybe not one of my better spur of the moment poems, but I think you all get the gist of what I am saying. This is me signing off, until next time......


jeanetta said...

i am glad to be called one of your friends

Suzanne said...

I was crying by "I'm so blessed to have wonderful friends..." I feel so fortunate to have met all of you. Really.

XO Suzanne