Monday, December 24, 2007

The True Meaning of Christmas.

I have done a good deed this week. I feel that it symbolizes the true meaning of Christmas. You see, I have a new neighbor, and this is a terrible Christmas for her. She tragically lost her mother in October. Her mother was her best friend and living companion. This Christmas my new friend is alone. She has cried on my shoulder many times in the past few weeks that we have become friends. She told me that she was very sad, and that this would be the first year that she did not have a single gift under her tree. Well, I just could not let that come to pass, so I went to the store and purchased two gifts for her. I wrapped them up and I placed them on her doorstep so that when she came out of the door, she would see them. I wrote on the tag, "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL CHRISTMAS." She came to me yesterday and hugged me and told me thanks. It made me feel warm inside to do something for someone in such pain.

"The Meaning of Christmas"

There is hustle and bustle in the busy streets.

There are children dreaming of yummy treats.

There is yuletide and cheer being spread from you to me,

But several things go unnoticed, we just don't see.

The beggar on the street groveling for change,

The homless in the park, praying it doesn't rain.

The weak, and the sick, the children unclaimed.

All of it makes you just want to proclaim.

So tonight when you lay your head on your pillow.

Say a prayer for some poor fellow.

Say a prayer for those less fortunate that us,

And pray that they are all touched by a hand from above.

And remember the reason for the christmas lights,

for the giving, and sharing this Christmas night.

And remember the one gift that is better than the rest.

Jesus died on the cross, because he loved us best.
Have a very Merry Christmas, and may God Bless each and everyone.


jeanetta said...

your so awesome

Suzanne said...

I am not religious, but you brought tears to my eyes. I found you on 1Pic and I'm grateful. I will always read your posts. Always. You have the heart of a Saint.

With love, Suzanne