Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Train Wreck

My wonderful Father
I have been an emotional train wreck today. I assume that it is because today would have been my Dad's 87th birthday if he were still alive. I've thought about him and I've missed him all day long. I was down in the cafeteria this morning getting some breakfast when I saw an old man in a wheel chair. He was being pushed around by his daughter, and he was crying. I do not know why he was crying. Perhaps he had been give some bad news at his doctor's appointment, or perhaps he had just lost a family member, I do not know. But they sat at the table across from me. His daughter made several trips to get condiments, napkins, and other stuff, while he sat there crying. Hearing his sobs broke my heart in two. I just could not bear to sit there listening to him cry. I was having a hard enough time controlling my own tears, and his tears just made it that much harder to control. I finished my breakfast and got up to go, but before I left the cafeteria, I walked over to the man and his daughter. I had tears in my eyes when I spoke to him, but this is what I said. "Sir, I could not help but overhear you crying, and it seems you are having a rough day. Well, I'm having a rough day today too, so if you don't mind, I would like to give you a hug. It might help us both feel better." He gave me the biggest and the sweetest hug I have had in months. Then he asked me why I was having such a rough day, so I told him about losing my father and that today would have been his birthday. He then gave me another hug, and patted my hand. He told me thank you. And I said, "No, thank you." His daughter was in tears now, and she patted her fathers hand and she said, "See, Dad, there still are people here that care about you." I still do not know why this old man was crying. I don't even know his name, but he helped me make it through the day. I just hope that I helped him make it through his.


Leah said...

It is beautiful, Cece, that you have that impulse to go to someone who is crying. Most people wouldn't. I know you helped him, and his daughter. And I'm so sorry you're having a rough time. I know all too well, unfortunately, how hard it is. I guess reaching out can help.

lots of love--

Anonymous said...

Now I'm crying!! What a beautiful act of compassion! And when you were down too! You really are a beautiful soul, Cece.

I'm sorry to hear about your bad day...I'm sure it's hard every year no matter how many years pass since your Father died.

I'm sure your Father smiled when he saw you do this...

just bob said...

That might have been the sweetest thing I've heard. You're an amazing person Cece.

Cece said...

Leah, Thank you for your beautiful comment. Yes, I have good days and bad days still. And reaching out did help in this case.

RC, I'm sorry that I made you cry. I'll try to make you laugh in my next post.

Bob, Thank you! I think you are pretty amazing too.

Mr. Shife said...

What a great lady you are Cece. Your Father would have been very proud of you. And I am sorry you had such a tough day. Hope you are doing a little better now.

kylie said...

wow cece
well done

i couldnt do that

Joyful Jo said...

You were so brave to say something to the man. I'm sure he appreciated the hugs.
May 20Th was when my father died six years ago. He had his attack on Mark's birthday and died in the early hours of the next morning.
I can tell you that as time moves on your grief isn't so raw. I find you have memories stored in your mind and just small things remind you of that person. I am often saying remember mum telling us this and that and dad having such wonderfull times with Helen when she was little.
I asked Helen if she still remembers him as she was only ten when he died and she replied of course I do. I'm glad she can still remember him.
I agree with random chick that he was smiling down on you.
Best wishes.

Suzanne said...

You know how I love you so. I'm late, but that doesn't mean a thing. I'm often late. But we've discussed this, so I'm sorta early! You're a beautiful soul my darling woman. The best, bar none. I'm confident your dad is smiling.

We love you dear.