Thursday, October 16, 2008

Another trip to my town

I spent the day with my "Adopted Mom" on Tuesday. She is the greatest lady in the whole wide world, and I love her almost as much as my real mom. We had lunch at a little hole in the wall restaurant and then we traveled around town taking pictures.
This is a bird's eye view of Little Rock.
This is the winding road we traveled down to come into town from the bird's eye view.
We ended up A River view Park in North Little Rock.
This is a view of downtown from the river.
This is a view of President Clinton Library from across the river.
This is a rose garden found down town across from the Convention Center
And this is a view from The Big Damn Bridge.
The Big Damn Bridge is a walking, bike riding bridge that spans 1 and a half miles long across The Arkansas River. The bridge cost the city of little rock over 1 million dollars. But this isn't why it is named The Big Dam Bridge. It is named that because it is located on The Murray Locke and Damn.

There is a huge high end neighborhood that overlooks the river. The house cost more than I will ever make in my lifetime. They are beautiful to look at and the architecture is amazing with so many of these homes. They have built them nestled into the hillside and all of them are surrounded by trees and nature. OH to be rich.
And that concludes my day.


just bob said...

Cool stuff... I'll have to get there sometime to see the Clinton Library.

Joyful Jo said...

Hi Cece,
How are you? Just looked at your last post and your 4th photo of the view of downtown from the river looks just like Melbourne. Melbourne is is built along the Yarra river with the tall city buildings beside it. It is amazing how cities are often similar.
Anyway been thinking of you at this time for you.

CSI Seattle said...

Hey there,

Stopped in for my rock fix.

A big hug for you. I hope that you have been well. From the looks of the pictures and the nice post about adopted Mom, I think that you have.


Queen Goob said...

I had no idea Arkansas was so pretty. I LOVE the winding road, looks like Pennsylvania. And is that a hill I spot? We could use a few more of those around here! Let me draw you a picture of Florida: ________________

Suzanne said...

Hi baby. What a wonderful post and beautiful comments. Thank you for sharing Arkansas with us. It's lovely and so is your adopted mom.

Love you,

P.S. Love the photo of you.

Gig said...

I am just loving this post!! After our talk the other day about your trip, it was cool to see the pics!! Great picture of you and your adopted Mom.
I love the name of that Big Dam Bridge!!!

I love the pics of the boys in their Karate class, Ashley got 3 belts in Karate many years ago...her favorite part was breaking the boards.
Gotta go do some work,yuk, will talk to you soon.

love you,
p.s. Really enjoy the "softer side" going back to listen some more to Melissa and Black Velvet...

kylie said...

hi cece,
i have to admit i've taken a while to get here cos i've been distracted by csi's nerd competition..... wait,what am i saying? thats really tragic isnt it?
looks like you had a great time and it must be lovely to have an adopted mum

do you still have some weekend left over there? enjoy it if you do


Anonymous said...

Was this the same day you met that wacked out waitress? You've GOT to tell that's hilarious!!!

Looks like you guys had fun! I'm jealous! ;-)

Kookaburra said...

Hi Cece

Kookaburra said...

Hey Cece,

Just stopped by to wish you well for this wekend.

M. xo