Friday, October 10, 2008

A trip to feed the Catfish

During my last conversation I had with my dad he told me that the only thing he regrets is the fact that he isn't going to make it out to my "little farm" and fish in my pond. On Wednesday, I drove out to our property and fed the catfish. I talked to my dad and told him to make sure and bring Richard and James (my brother's) with him anytime he wished to fish. I walked around the property and explained the detail of the land to him. You see this clearing over here? I think this would be a perfect place to build our house. It would nestle perfectly in the middle of these trees.

We will be able to sit on the back porch and look at all of the natural beauty that surrounds us.
Dad always loved nature, I guess that is why I have always loved it too.

We will be able to watch the huge pines sway in the wind. Doesn't the yard look beautiful, Dad?

And the wild daisy's are blooming. Daisy was my grandmother's name.

Yep, dad would have loved the "little farm" I hope he comes along in Spirit every time I go from now on.


kylie said...

and he will be there....

my thoughts and prayers are with you
God bless

kylie said...

hello again,
i'm all too aware that i dont have words for you but wanted to let you know that i've said a little more at "a yarn....."

Anonymous said...

Hey there honeybunch,

Some lovely photos there. I love the way that you talk to your Dad, both in the fields and in the post - very, very touching.

and I agree with Kylie - he will be there, and be there forever....

take care darling,
SugarB xx

Kookaburra said...

Hey Cecile,

What a beautiful place ...
So peaceful and serene ...
A good place to talk with your Dad


just bob said...

It looks a great, serene place to be alone with your thoughts and feelings. I'm sure he'll visit you a lot at the ole' fishing hole.

Suzanne said...

Trust me honey, he will always be with you. Always. And you will always, always, always talk to him because he's right beside you. I know. My grandmother is still with me after all these years. She never abandoned me. I was angry with her for leaving us initially, but with age I've realized why she had to. You'll come to a peaceful place in your heart eventually. Until then, just listen to the wind, the garden, the pond, your boys,'ll find him there until you can look at his choice with acceptance and move on. He gave you the beautiful, difficult, complicated life you have Cece. Grab it, embrace it, suffer, but enjoy it. He gave you love. He couldn't live forever, but he lives on in all of you. That's the gift honey.


The music is beautiful. I rarely have the speakers on as you know, but for some reason did. Lovely. I love you sweetie. Just keep talking. Get it out. We aren't going anywhere because we're here to love and support you. ;)

I'm not leaving till I've heard everything. I'm at Black Velvet. I do have to feed the dog and kittie however!

Wow, I'm happy I stuck around. The next song is awesome. Who is that? That is just sweet.

Oh God, not Sarah now. She kills me. I can't leave until I cry. She just wraps me around her little finger and I'm gone. This better be the last one lady! If I could sing and play the piano, I'd be Sarah. End of story. Oh, I'd also be Irish!

Okay...I'm waiting. Oh no, another one. Wow, sounds familiar. Oh dear. Okay, you've gotta knock this off. Wow, and the next. You picked some playlist. Gorgeous. I have a song I think you'll love. I'll find it an email or post it. Cece, this has been beautiful. Your father is lucky.

I love you,

Cece said...

I'm not sure which song it is you were wanting to know about. I have the playlist set to play at random. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will find a list of each song and the artist, and if you don't like the particular song that is playing at the moment, then you can click on a different one and it will play. I am glad you like it. I've been telling you for some time that I was going to show you all that I also have a softer musical side to. I don't head bang all of the time, just most of the time. But in my current emotional state, the softerside is more appealing at the moment. Maybe once I move past this stage and into the anger stage I will feel differently. But until then, enjoy the estrogen surge of the guitar strings everyone.

Suzanne said...

I love you my little mushroom!

Okay, I'll take your advice. But really, I didn't have to edit, I loved every song and enjoyed the ride. I'll get the order to you in a few days. The song I loved came right after "that" song. I know, pathetic, but that's how I operate.

Have a great Sunday sweetie. Inhale, exhale. I have a great relaxation CD I found at Barnes and Noble. Leah thinks it's a keeper. You might too. Hang in there.

Love you so much,

Robyn said...

Darling Cecile!
How I have missed you doll! Know that he will ALWAYS be there when you walk your property, and you will hear him in the wind and see him in your boys faces. You are in my thoughts dear friend!
Love you!

merely me said...

Prayers, good thoughts, and serenity at you and your family.

Sometimes it is the written word that can bring comfort. This post just nails it...for me...

Queen Goob said...

He knows when you're coming to visit and waits for your arrival.

I think a house nestled in those trees would be a perfect spot to raise boys.