Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Thoughts Have Now Been Collected.

Well, the leaves are finally starting to turn colors this month. It seems appropriate considering, we have a new President that will hopefully be able to Change the state of our Union.
The boys really enjoyed Halloween. They were skeletons this year. Forrest had a heart that would pump fake blood through his bones, but the blood scared Nathan, so he would not let me rig his costume with the fake blood. The made a haul with the halloween candy. Both pumpkins were filled to the top. Yep, I think we may still have halloween candy until next year.
Speaking of pumpkins, I worked my fingers to the bone carving this year. I carved two pumpkins with the wolves scene. Both boys wanted it on their pumpkins.

I also did the haunted house scene. It took the most time, three damn hours to carve a stupid pumpkin, and it still didn't win the pumpkin carving contest at work. It was rigged I tell you, rigged. A simple Jack-0-Lantern with the bottom half of a baby sticking out of it's mouth won. Since when did scientists give a damn about creativity? The day after Halloween, I let the boys have a costume party. They really enjoyed it, and so to show me their appreciation, they climbed over our back fence and stole these beautiful rose blooms off of the neighbor's rose bush. They smelled heavenly.

Well, that's the end of my post. I told you I collected my thoughts. I didn't tell you they were organized. I hope every one has a good weekend. Well, what's left of it anyway!.


Randy said...

Cece, I traveled here from the CSI Seattle area. Congrats on collecting your thoughts. Now, wrap a rubberband around'em and toss'em into a desk drawer. Forget where you put'em until you accidentally come across next month while looking for a pen to write another thought down with. Then you'll realize, what the hell was I thinking?

Kookaburra said...

Hey Cece,

Welcome back. Those pumkins that you carved look really terrific & I can see the hours that you put in carving them. I like the Jack o' Lantern with the wolves scene. I am sure they were a winner with Forrest and Nathan.

Mark. xo

Kookaburra said...

Forrest and Nathan's costumes look goo too. I'm with Nathan re not likeing the blood pumping.

Don't eat your treats too quickly boys.

Cece said...

Oh crap, my thoughts just flew out the window. I'll try to remember the rubberband trick.

I hope you are feeling better and that your cuisine is getting better. I could use to go on your diet though. The wolves was the boy's favorite. That is why I had to carve it twice. I had to do some work on the costumes. They were made for adults, so I had to whittle them down to kiddie size. But they had so much fun and so did I.

kylie said...

oh boy , i am sooooo glad i dont have to carve pumpkins !!

great job cece and lovely to have you back!


just bob said...

Those are wicked good pumpkins. The changing leaves are cool too. They remind me a little of fall in New England.

Leah said...

Wonderful Halloween photos. I love the costumes, pumpkins, and leaves. We had a fun Halloween in Brooklyn too, though I didn't do pumpkins this year...ah, well, I was too busy stitching the pearls on Ella's costume. The things we mamas do! Still, it's fun, right?

and p.s. I haven't collected my thoughts. Can I have some of yours?

MJ said...

*applauds pumpkin carving talent*


welcome back kiddo!!!

Megan said...

Those wolf pumpkins are great! I usually don't like the fancy carved pumpkins, I prefer just your straight jack-o-lantern, but these are COOL!

Suzanne said...


wOw!! i'M wItH EvERY onE eLSe. LOVE the wolve carved pumpkin. Awesome. Man, I gotta get me some c-r-e-a-t-i-v-i-t-y.

Oh shut up.

The boys look terrific in their outfits. What I love most is that Forrest was so concerned about Nathan and not scaring him. With twins, you and my darling friend Renee in L.A. would get along beautifully. Her more dominate son is very protective of his brother as well. It's amazing, isn't it? And honey, you're a gem the way you hacked and cut those outfits to fit the wee ones!!! Oh, and God forbid I go away without saying "NICE ROSES BOYS!" "Good job!" But Cece, please remind them them theft is a felony in most states and Uncle Rob is not licensed to practice in Arkansas. As they get older this could become a problem. You might want to put the kybosh on it right now!!! My advice. Plant some roses in the spring. Problem solved.

Also, just so you know, I enlarged the photo of your wedding picture. You're so pretty honey! Love it! And one more thing, RANDY!!! Over on CSI's blog he's so smart he intimidates me, but here he's just like all of us! Half smart!!! Okay, I'm just talkin' about me. I know all of you are full smart. What? Leave me alone. I'm going to the Wild Onion for some micro brew. I don't drink beer, nor do I know anything about micro brew, but hear it's the rage. Bob's bartending tonight, right? Even if we don't have it at the Wild Onion, he can pull some out of a pocket or something, right?

Love you,

Gig said...

What can I say, I'm following Blottie!! Ditto what everybody else said!!

I too love the awesome pumpkins, you are a great Mom, don't ever forget it!!

The "Boys" are a little scary for me, I don't like blood, yuk.

I finally put up a new post so go check it out.
I am going over to the Onion and see what's happening with Blottie, grab Leah and Blottie 2 and the rest of the gang and we will chill...

xoxo, gig

Mr. Shife said...

Well congrats on getting your thoughts collected. If you happen to see mine can you send them back. Looks like you had a fun Halloween and that pumpkin you carved is pretty awesome. Have a great weekend.

Suzanne said...

Hi baby. The pumpkins are still beautiful. Awesome job You see that sweetie, they're right here. Thank God you posted them for all eternity.

I love you. We all do. Hold on, okay?


kylie said...

dearest cecile
i've been at the wild onion and see that your precious sister left this life today, yesterday?

i'm so sorry things are so rough right now

i know that you will carry great memories though, some funny, some sad, some joyful.......
i hope that they are of some comfort

my love and prayers

Kookaburra said...

Dear Cecile,
Please accept my sincere condolences.

M xo

Kookaburra said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suzanne said...

Thinking of you.


Suzanne said...

No! That delete wasn't me!!! ;)

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