Friday, November 21, 2008

Life SUCKS! and I got CRABS

Yep, it's a simple known fact that LIFE SUCKS. We all know it. I mean none of us are getting out of it alive. We will all meet the same fate in the end. What can I say, it's depressing. So as all of you know by now, I've been going through a rough time. So I went out with my husband the other day and we got Crabs.

Like the picture above suggests, we got three of them. The species we got are red clawed fiddlers. They look much like the photo below. My camera battery is dead, and I'm too lazy to find the charger to charge it up, so you will have to settle for pictures lifted off the Internet.
Crabs are a great low maintenance pet. Did you know that there are over 90 different species of Fiddler Crabs? And they are quite entertaining to watch. Our new Fiddler crabs were great additions to the three Hermit Crabs that we already own. I don't think I have properly introduced you to the crabs of the family.

Meet BLUEY. He is the first crab we ever got. He is also the smallest crab. We purchased Bluey two years ago. He came home with his friend, Reddy. Reddy has since gone to the big house in the sky, but Bluey is still Molting stronger than ever. (Crabs molt about every 3-6 months. During this time they shed their exoskeleton for a new one. They are able to regenerate limbs during this time.)

Next we have Scoobie Doobie Do. "Scoobie" is our biggest Crab. When we purchased Scoobie, he was housed inside a white shell with a picture of Scoobie Do painted on it. But he moved out of the shell as soon as we got him home. He changed shells several times before he finally settled on the one he has now. Scoobie pinched me once and I had to hold him under running water for several minutes before he decided to let go. I think he was attempting to bury himself for molting when I picked him up, and crabs get sort of crabby when they are ready to molt. I think it is because the skins that they are in, so they need to get bigger ones. Since then, I've been way more careful when handling Scoobie.
And last but not least, there is Hermie. Yes, I have a Hermit Crab named Hermie. Hermie is my favorite. He is very social and usually will come out of his shell when I call him. He loves to climb all over my hands and arms. His favorite snack is Hermit Crab Cookies, and he doesn't care for the creel and brim shrimp pellets that I have for them right now. All of the crabs love the coconut and mango fruit treats. I am thinking of getting some for them for Christmas.

So, now that you've met all of the crabs in our family..... Tell me about all of the crabs in your family. HA


Kookaburra said...

Hey cece,
What a delightful story. Alas, we don't have any pet crabs in our family. Years ago Jo did have pet yabbies (freshwater crayfish) in a back yard pond at her parents' home.

Lovely to from you,
Mark and Jo, and Helen. xo xo xo

Gig said...

Hey sweetie,
Crabs in my life? Ha, lets see...there are several crabby grkids, crabby hunter husband (no deer yet, suze), that's enuf. But I am not crabby!!

Great Post Cece, and believe after 3 days with CRABBY High School students, Life Sucks! LOL!!

Will try to call Saturday, long day today, too.

Love you, Gig

just bob said...


Maryland crab cakes are delicious. Soft shell blue crabs, their light flaky meat, blended with a mixture of wonderful herbs and spices, with just enough breadcrumbs to hold them together and lightly sauteed.


R2K said...

Make sure you give them lots of room!

Cece said...

Mark, etal.
Yabbie? I am glad you enjoyed my storie. I didn't want to come back all depressed and stuff.

I'll be awaiting patiently for your call.

I love crab cakes. Yes, I can have pet crabs and eat crab cakes too!

My crabs have plenty of room. As a matter of fact, I have better sucess in keeping hermit crabs alive than our local pet store. I was also more knowledgabel according to a customer at Pet Smart the other day too.

MJ said...

I'm a Cancerian.

Does that count?

Megan said...

Omigosh those little guys (or girls? how do you TELL?) are pretty darned cute.

And I never in my life thought I would say that about crabs!!! :)

kylie said...

hey cece

cant say they excite me but i'm real impressed you knew more than the pet store!

i was rushing to post at my place and didnt reply to your comment so here i am to tell you that if you keep faking it you might make it!

seriously, scientiffic fact says that if you act happy you can change your brain chemistry to be happy.

have a good week!

Leah said...

Pets of any kind are a wonderful mood-booster, aren't they?

Hugs to you and the crabs--

Mr. Shife said...

Well the crabs I got were certainly not this friendly and I most certainly did not name them. Hope things are getting a little better in your neck of the woods and you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


*remembers youth and finding out what crabs were the hard way*

glad to see yours arent so itchy!!!

kylie said...

my best wishes to you all for a lovely thanksgiving

Kookaburra said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Suzanne said...

Baby, you won an award over of RC's. It's a keeper!!! Congrats!

Suzanne said...

Over "on" RC's. I know honey, I'm exhausted!

Cece said...

I did?

Queen Goob said...

I AM the crab in our family!

Hope you had a peaceful Thanksgiving. I'm sure it was difficult but we love you and think of you often.

Anonymous said...

Hey there Cece!

How are you doing? I've been thinking about you and wondering if you guys are working it out. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.

I've been out of it lately and am trying to get a grip. My anxiety has been getting the better of me but I think I'm seeing the light now.

I posted this on Suzanne's and Bob's blog but also wanted to post it here for you:

I had a dream last night that all of us were at a restaurant (Bob, You, Cece, Zack, Queen Goob, Gig, and others but I don't remember their faces). We hugged and laughed and acted as if we've known each other for years. This dream felt SOOOOO real that I was sure it happened. And it does happen, every time we logon, read, comment, laugh, cry, pee our pants, or whatever...

Just wanted to say "Thanks" for being a friend.


Walker said...

Very interesting pets.
I cab relate to getting your finger pinched as i had my arm stuck in an aligator's mouth once. THey are a pain as pets when they grow.
Oh and I don't hunt been there with my father and he wasn't happy with me. I wanted to bury everything whe shot and I don't to kill things unless its a creepy crawly with more than eight legs.
Oh, except for one alligator.

Anonymous said...

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