Thursday, December 4, 2008

And the Innocence shines through

I know a soul,
as pure as gold.
Not an ounce of evil
in his body.
His big ole grin,
warms the heart within,
and fur covers
his whole body.
His love is true,
he's never blue.
Just give him love each day.
He wags his tail,
He likes hiking trails.
He loves to run and play.
He's a special dog,
He'll steal your heart,
You really don't have a chance.
By your side he heels,
and love you will feel
with just a single glance.


Leah said...

Well, that guy's magical. I would love to squeeze him. I can just tell he has that great doggy breath that I love for some reason. This did make me smile.

Megan said...

Me smiling too. Great words, great pictures.

just bob said...


Gig said...

I am these pics and those boys are precious. You are such a great Mom!!

I probably won't be able to call til Sunday, if that' ok.

love ya,


great pics... looks like some great kids too, is that the hubby with them?

Megan said...

Cece - Your hotmail does not appear to be working. I have some 'real live' frog pictures to send you for the boys to look at! Can't post them on the blog because my little cousin is involved and her mother absolutely put the foot down on that, but ok'd me to send them to you.


Megan said...

Let me know if you got em!

Suzanne said...

IV killed me. And Cece, remember when I was so hurt the other night when we were chatting because he hadn't commented on my blog. Well he commented on my blog the very next day. He can do a lot with his computer. Do you think he can intercept our phone conversations too?

Megan, I hear ya sista. My sister put her foot down. "You are NOT allowed to use my real name." Hummmmmm..."But honey, why? Everyone knows who you are."

I love your dogs. You know that. I also love your kids. Now bring them all in on cold nights and let them sleep on the sofa. What?! Oh, and as we previously discussed, buy another bale or two of straw and really pile it up around that plastic thingie. Plastic gets really cold. Have you ever been in a cold plastic thingie? It's cold! Then drap a blankie over the open doorway. Don't make me come to Arkansas.

Just so you know, Rob asked about you today. He's always concerned about you and crazy neighbor. I gave him the most recent details and he seemed content. He told me to tell you he's "thinking about you." Don't get any ideas lady.

I love you very much. Thanks for the phone call and for your support. I realized I didn't cry during the whole conversation, instead I laughed. You're a cherished friend. And you already know this, but thanks for taking such good care of Apollo. You're a kind soul.

XO Suze

kylie said...

he is a gorgeous dog

and the twins' hair looks redder here than any other pics i've seen, so are they kind of strawberry blonde or is it just the light?

not that it matters, i'm just curious.....

Cece said...

I suppose I should do a little commenting back, so here goes.

Leah, I wasn't sure if your comment was directed toward the dogs or toward the comment that originally was above yours. I thought it wouldn't sound too crazy if I deleted the first comment, so I did. And yes, Apollo has some great doggie breath.

These pictures just warm my heart. Apollo is a special dog. He has a special place in our family.

Bob, I have some more dog pictures coming, just for you!

You can call me anytime. Thanks for the comment on the motherhood, I try.

No, my husband isn't that handsome.

Thanks for the frog pics, I guess my hotmail finally decided to work.

My darling, dear, sweet, crazy Suze. I could talk to you everynight. As a matter of fact, I think I would be a happier woman if I did talk to you every night. I'm not sure how to fix the things that are broken right now in my life. But when I talk to you, you help me cope just a little bit better. Tell Rob thanks for thinking and worring about me. Don't worry, I don't have any ideas. I could never steal your man with and keep a clear conscience about it. HA, besides, I don't think he is my type. He talks too fast. Trust me, Apollo is warm, safe, and well taken care of. So, don't worry about my animals. They are all healthy and happy, right down to the fish and crabs. HMMMM, that makes me think about Red Lobster. Anyone hungry?

Their hair is sort of a strawberry blond, perhaps even a very light brown. It is essentially the same color as mine. It get's lighter in the summer time due to all of the sun exposure and chlorine. It is very soft and shiny and in serious need of a hair cut. Gig, are you free this weekend? I'm in need of your services.

Walker said...

A friend for life could never be more than that of a child and their pet.
I was going to say between a boy and his dog but my cat was reading what i was writing and i didn't want to get scratched.
Thank you for stopping by, on both sites.

Mr. Shife said...

Nice post about an awesome dog. He is a lucky guy to have a wonderful loving family like yours. I was mad at my little doggy until I read your poem and now I am not. He decided to roll around in poo while we were on a walk.

Gig said...

Hi Cece,
Hope things are better with crazy neighbor...give me a call when you can.

Tell the "boys" hey for me!!