Friday, December 12, 2008

Sometimes we just need a friend to Lean on.

Sometimes we all just need a friend,
To bend their ear or to make us grin.
I am lucky because I have found all of you,
To help me along and to get me through.

Lean on me when you have drank too much.
Lean on me when you feel out of touch.
Lean on me when you need a friend.
Lean on me when the pain won’t end.
Lean on me, I don’t mind at all.
Lean on me I won’t let you fall.
Lean on me, because I’m here for you.
Lean on me, and I’ll lean on you.


Suzanne said...

Lean on me honey. Lean on any of us. We're all here and we aren't going anywhere, although I threaten to on a regular basis!!! I gave out my phone number and address, so apparently won't get too far!

Great talking to you tonight. You're going to be fine honey. Just ease into what's unfolded and you'll find your way. You have great kids, great animals, a really terrific job (OF COURSE I'M LAUGHING!!!), but you might want to consider the new offer! Honey, life is hard. Trust me, I'm buring 11 cats this month and don't know why. But I can't stay in this pain forever, I have to let it go and so do you. I know sweetie. I know. Take your time, ease into it, but when you feel the time is right, let it go. Not the memory sweetie, the pain. I'm sorry Cece. Honestly, I am. If I could fix this, I would, but I can't. None of us can.

I love you very much. I know you know that, but I'm reminding you in the event you've had too much beer! What?!

XO ME!!!

P.S. One of the things your father and sister would want you to do is enjoy the people you do have around, even your crazy neighbor (at least a little). Hang in there. Robert

P.P.S. Love you darling. Suze XO

just bob said...

More dog pics!!!

Cece said...

Go visit The Wild Onion. There are plenty more dog pictures where that came from! And I was thinking of you as I posted it.

Megan said...

Wonderful words put together in a wonderful way.

Cece said...

Today I have been battling a very bad headache. I thought I could work through the pain this morning, so I cleaned my refrigerator. By the time I finished, I was almost sick from the pain. Plus, I had four boys in my house. My two and two neighbor boys. They were not playing together very well today either. Every five minutes I heard one of them say, "I'm telling, and then they would proceed to come in there and tell me of some heinous act the other had done. One of the boys has to have his pockets check everytime he leave because he has a slight klepto problem. Today, I found three toys in his pockets before I sent him back home across the street. I told him that if I had to worry about him stealing that he would not be allowed to come over. I told him that stealing was wrong, and that he should not do it. I looked down at his feet as he mumbled, "Yes Mam." I hated being so mean and send them home, but I was very ill. Plus, they had taken the matresses off of the beds and had built an obtacle course with them. I kept hearing a lot of loud thumbs followed by very loud cries of enthusiasm. HB was trying to sleep, so I got up off the couch to investigate. They were jumping from the atop the dresser and landing on the matresses below. BOYs!

Gig said...

I am laughing, but only cuz I can relate to the obstacle course and jumping from dresser to mattresses!! OMG, I have been there and on a good day I might find the humor, but with a major headache, I might not find the humor so easily. You have the patience of a Saint!!

I really like the lean on me poem, I have been back to read it several times...

I did not get much done either today...dishes, one load of laundry, then I went to Christmas party with the girls from Salon. My camera is at my Mom' no party pics of the WILD WOMEN!! And believe me they get pretty wild,lol!!

I will try to call in the next couple of days. I hope you are feeling better.


Suzanne said...

Hi Giggie!!!

Cece, you crack me up. I'm off to the park. I want you to know I'm thinking about you and hope you feel a bit better today. I should be able to finish decorating the front entrance today and will post new photos when I do. Wish me luck! My black urn is leaking. I'm going to have to empty the water and just let the greenery survive on air. Not good, but the best I can do. Oh and I'm going to stop at Home Depot on the way home and try to find my missing baby duck. Cece, who would steal a baby duck. The little boy across from your house? Be gentle with the little fella honey ~ maybe he needs the stuff!

Love you. Have a great, pain free day.


Walker said...

This was very nice.
What would we do without someone to lean on.

Leah said...

Many hugs.