Sunday, February 15, 2009



Such a complicated word. A word that scares the living heck out of some, and yet seems so unobtainable to others.

When we are young, love seems so innocent, so romantic, yet as we grow older we realize that our romantic fantasies are just that. Fantasy.
We search our whole lives to find a pure love. One that never fades away. One that never grows old with time.
Some of us are lucky and we find it when we are still young and innocent.

But our innocence is quickly lost, and somewhere along the way, love may become lost as well.

As life becomes more complicated, we end up making mistakes, and eventually, we cause our own love to fail.

A Lesson Learned

Even though we are sitting together in the same room, intense loneliness is what I feel.

I also feel pain and sorrow from my heart breaking in two.

The unpenetrable silence is unbearable.

You sit there brooding over things in the past.

There were promises broken; lies were spoken.

All of these are things I cannot take back.

I sit here wishing for a gentle word or a soft touch.


I pray to a deaf god to help me make things right.

I ask him to help us get back the love we once had.

I can't fix all that I have broken.

There are some pieces smashed beyond repair,

so I can't glue them all back together again.

I just sit here drowning in my despair.

I am hoping for a miracle to come and save our love from the bows of destruction.

Cece-May, 1996

Sometimes we become a lover spurned, and sometimes love is only one sided.


He lay there listening to the waves crashing against the cold drab rocks.

A dreamy smile flooded his face.

She sat there looking at him, wishing the ocean would swell up and engulf her so that she would never fell the heartache again.

He just laid there dreaming of another.

She felt alone.

Like waves crashing violently against the shore, my heart slams against my chest.

The pain I feel is unbearable. The damage is real. Why did I let you climb over the wall I have for so long guarded? Why did you steal my love and leave me so empty?


And then sometimes, we get lucky enough to find someone we think we could spend the rest of our life with.


Your love for me is tender.

It's genuine and true.

You can always make me smile,

When I'm broken down and blue.

I was a very lucky lady,

To find such a wonderful man.

Through life we will go walking,

forever hand-in-hand.

I want you to know that you are special;

You're a gold mine just for me.

Standing right beside you,

is where I always want to be.

On a chain or in your pocket,

No matter where you keep my heart,

I know you will keep it protected,

and never let it fall apart.

I love you with all of the power,

That God has given to me.

Together is how we will be spending Our eternity.


So, as you can see, as we travel through life's journey, we met love along the way. And it seems that love is a chameleon that takes on many forms. A shape shifter in the night that changes as time passes. Sometimes we get really lucky and we get to experience the most wonderful gift in the world. Unconditional love.

I am one of the lucky few to have experience that wonderful gift. I experience it every day. For me this is what unconditional love looks like.

I bet the view is totally different for you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cece. i found my way over here..
what a heart-felt post, you really speak from your heart and pain and joy. I am glad things have changed for you and your life is now filled daily with love. I don't really 'know' you and as a 'stranger' reading this, it feels quite weird to read something so personal. I couldn't pass by without comment.
What you have written gives me some hope...

Suzanne said...

Hi baby. I love you. This is a remarkable post and I want you to know I love you. You are the voice of honesty and you never disappoint me. Never. I examine my life because of you. I love you. I know you know that, but sometimes it's nice to be reminded. Thank you for this one.


Cece said...

Hi Cinnamon,
Welcome to the not so Creative Works of my Mind. At least it has been as of late. Poetry is very personal. I have always felt that you must have a soul in agony in order to write poetry that is any good. I cannot promise that every post I whip out will be this personal, but I hope you still enjoy coming here to see what the future holds.

I LOVE YOU TOO! I am glad you liked the post. After I posted it, I was afraid of it. I almost came back and deleted it. Until I read Bob's. Then, I knew that this was the right post to post. Hopefully, it will tell him that he is not alone. That we all live with hurt. And that you can still find love even after the hurt occurs. Call me sometime. I'm missing the sound of your voice.

just bob said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
just bob said...

Hi Cece... Sorry about that first comment, I need to proofread after my coffee and not before.

I don't really know what to say other than I checked it out. Have a wonderful Sunday.

Suzanne said...

Bob. *Rolls eyes in head.*

I love you darling. I'm so grateful you didn't delete. It matters. It's a terrific post. I can't believe how blogging brings out the best in people. I read Karen's post, Kylie's, Bob's, RC's, Leah's, yours, etc. and I'm always amazed by the honesty. At the end of my life I think that's what I'll reflect on most. Honesty. Why? Because it take courage. Real courage. I've met honest people in my lifetime and it's an honor.

I love you and I'll call.

Mr. Shife said...

What a great post Cece. Hope you had a great weekend with the family and they are a special group to have someone as awesome as you taking care of them and loving them. And thank you for your kind words and support about Quincy dog.

Gig said...

Hey Cece,
Sorry I haven't called, it has been crazy, but I have been thinking bout you!! Love this post, I love to read your poetry. Your new header pic is just beautiful!!

Tell the "boys" hello and we will talk soon!!
love you,

Cece said...

If you look really close, in the middle left side of the header picture is my son, Forrest. He blends in so well with the trees, and they cast him in the shadows. I know it is him, by the shape of his head.

Karen ^..^ said...

WOW!!! This was some powerful stuff.

Really beautifully done, Cece. I keep forgetting to book mark your blog, and Kylie's!! I've got almost everyone at the Onion bookmarked, and subscribed, etc. I get so many blogs!!

anyway, I'll make sure I bookmark and subscribe this time. I loved this post. It took some of the lonelies away.

Megan said...

Just wanted to say hi, honey. You are a poet.

just bob said...

Hi Cece.

Suzanne said...

Hi baby. Good to talk to you. I'll try to call tomorrow, but I'm so behind I probably won't call till Tuesday. I talked to Bindi. She cracked me up! Noah sleeps all day, Serene is up all day. Noah's up all night, Serene sleeps all night. Bindi gets no sleep. It's just awful! Life is such a bitch. I didn't get the photos of the kids from her friend, so I'm hoping you make a trip down to see her and the kids and take lots of pictures. We need to post photos of Noah!!! At least before he turns 1.

Love you so much baby. XO

Honey, Rob's here, he said to say "Hello." Oh, and he said it in his really deep voice, so that should work for you!!! Women.

Gig said...

Hey girlie,
Ed is doing ok, gets out of here tomorrow...I am staying too, too tired to drive home and come back.

I will call in the next couple of days, sorta crazy at my house, lol!!

love you,

Anonymous said...

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