Thursday, February 5, 2009

You've got to be kidding me.

Today I received a package at work. This wasn't any ordinary package either. It was a special packaged that was sent Priority Overnight by Fed Ex.

First off, the sender spelled my first name wrong even after I told him how to spell it correctly. He spelled it Celile. WTF? Who the hell has that name? NOT ME!!!!

But what really got me was how the package was packaged. I mean some serious thought and careful consideration went into the packaging of this important product.

It was packed in a very large padded manila envelope. You know the one with the plastic air popping stuff inside?

So I opened the envelope and looked inside. I found a green piece of paper with packing slip information printed on it, and another white padded envelope.

Puzzled, I opened the white padded envelope and peered inside. Inside was a single sheet of paper that had a license code and a key number on it and direction in every language you could think of, except ENGLISH, on how to use this bit of information for the online account I needed it for.

I was absolutely flabbergasted. Who the hell sends a fucking piece of paper through the mail packaged like that? And why the fuck are the direction not in English?

Actually, I eventually found the English directions. They were second from the bottom on the back side of the sheet. It was such a small paragraph that I over looked it three or four times.

I just couldn't get over how they packaged it up. What a waste of revenue. Anyway, I just wanted to share this with everyone.


just bob said...

Celile... sounds like tech support from India!!!

Megan said...

How odd.