Saturday, July 11, 2009

My hair is not orange any more.

This is me now. I just got out of the pool, so my hair is wet, uncombed, and I have no makeup on. Not that I wear that much make up anyway. But I thought I would let you all know that I don't have purple and orange hair anymore. Actually, I only had purple and orange hair for one day. And then I washed that grey, I mean purple and orange right outta my hair.! And yes, I do still post. Every once and awhile.


just bob said...

Are you taking orders from Suzanne now? ;)

Leah said...

You look really pretty Cece.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cece!

Hope the water was good. Glad you are still posting! Did we get a picture of the orange and purple hair- I would like to have seen that!

Suzanne said...

Bob is going to bust wide open if he eats one more Tim Tam. And NO BOB, smarty pants, Cece doesn't take orders from me, we just love to joke around with one another. I knew she used the dye that washes out in one shower (water table pollution), but was too lazy to post a new photo, so I had to bust her!!! That's one of the joys of life with a "Sista" Bobness! Women just have too much fun!

Now to serious matters. I agree completely with our sista Leah. Cece you look beautiful. And I know how much fun you all have in the pool so I'm confident you are a very happy lady in this photo after a long day of fun and laughs. Excellent!!! But the boys made you drive to buy chicken after the pool? Come closer so I can whisper something sweet in your ear my darling friend..."WOMAN, WHY DO YOU THINK THEY INVENTED THE DAMN PHONE!!!??? THAT'S RIGHT, SO YOU CAN ORDER PIZZA!!!"

Speaking of pizza. When Shara arrived we stopped at Little Ceasar's the first day. I'd never been to Little Ceasar's. She ordered and paid. We got the "Hawaiian." Yup, pinapple with ham. As you all know I'm a vegetarian, but said nothing. I took a bite. It was really, really good. Delicious in fact. Shara had a slice. I had like three! Maybe four! (Lost count after two.) Then I had it for dinner. Then I ate the last two slices for breakfast before leaving for the park. No, I'm not joking. I eat A LOT OF FOOD, Shara eats practically nothing!

Oh you bet your ass she'll laugh if she ever reads this because this is the Gods honest truth: I witnessed her eating one slice of pizza the first day. The second day I was eye witness to a small cup of coffee and later in the day a hot dog on a roll with nothing else although I pushed every condiment in the frig at her! The morning she left she asked only for some English Breakfast Tea. I had it and ran for the cabinet. She drinks everything with milk and sugar (very British). I found myself adding extra sugar and extra milk just so she'd have a wee bit of nourishment!!! I was so concerned she hadn't eaten and said so. Just before she departed she said she was hungry and grabbed a nectarine from the "Leah Fruit Bowl" on the kitchen table. I was so happy I almost cried. And then she said the words..."Suzanne, would you mind putting some nectarines and apples in a bag for me to eat on the way." My heart began to sing! I grabbed a bag and put nearly the entire contents of the bowl in it. No, I'm not kidding. I was so relieved because I was so scared for her driving the freeway with no fuel in her belly to power her brain!!!

Yes, she helped me realize I eat like a pig. But I have to. I need fuel to power this maddness! And what's even funnier is I bought so much food for her, and meat too. Even bacon and she ate none of it. I even bought Breyers chocolate ice cream for her and pointed it out, "It's right in the freezer!" Nope. Unopened. I've had to figure out what to do with all this "stuff" for a week now!!!!! (T-Bone enjoyed all the treats!) I finally opened the ice cream last night and had a nice big bowl. I should have pimples by Monday.

Okay, it's official. If any of you visit in the future I will need a menu plan so I can shop without worry. And by God you'll eat every damn thing you request!

Cece, love you! Terrific photo!

Hi Bob!
Hi Leah!
Hi Cinnamon!

Megan said...

Hi Cece! You are b-e-a-yooutiful. I wish I had a swimming pool, I'd be in it every day!

Mr. Shife said...

So are you going to back orange and purple anytime soon? I think it was a good look for you. Your current hair color is fine but I think a little craziness with the hair is a good thing. Plus it keeps people wondering about you.

Anonymous said...


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