Saturday, August 23, 2008

Passion Fruit Anyone?

Much to my delight and pleasure, our new property is covered with this vine. I am going to go out there tomorrow and take some photos. And then I'm going to mow. But I am not going to mow all of the passion fruit away. I love these flowers. They are gorgeous and they smell wonderful. We will have passion fruit growing out of our ears. I think I may have to look up recipes for passion fruit pie. And I have seen passion fruit drinks too. I wonder if it mixes well with rum? Hell, doesn't everything mix well with rum? Passiflora incarnata Purple Passionflower has several common names including Passion Flower, Purple passionflower vine, Apricot vine and May Pops. Passion Flower is a very attractive sprawling or climbing vine up to 20 feet long with edible fruits and flowers. The unusual flowers are 3 inches wide with several petals and a purple fringe and have a rich fragrance resembling that of carnations. The smooth, round 2 inch fruits are edible and turn yellow when ripe. Passion Flower vine is attractive on a garden trellis, fence, hanging over a wall or sprawled on a slope.
Passiflora incarnata Passion Flower seeds are slow to germinate, they contain a natural chemical that slows their germination.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cecile

MJ said...

Did somebody say rum?

Where's the bar?


nice! we planted the non fruiting passion flower variety to try and keep our embankment from eroding this winter... beautiful plant!!!

Anonymous said...

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