Monday, March 2, 2009

Domestic Violence Sucks

Some one I know is dealing with this right now, and I hate it.

I just wanted to share the lyrics of a song I wrote about the subject.

Verse I

When I left your house this morning
I didn't know just what to say.
I didn't like the way I was feeling
I and I knew I couldn't stay.

I am feeling so confused about me and you
You left me feeling bruised and used,
so I'm leaving you
You took my heart it's torn in two,
what am I gonna do?
Cause I am feeling so confused about me and you.

Verse II
I didn't know just how to tell you
that I just had to get away.
It doesn't help that I'm afraid of you
of what you would to and say.

Repeat chorus

Verse III
The makeup that I'm using won't cover up my eyes
I can't continue living with this bad disguise.
So Babe I've packed my suitcase and I'm walking out your door.
Cause I don't want to live this anymore.


I just wish that women didn't feel that they had to live with this type of abuse.


Robyn said...

DAmn! I come back to say hello and see this post! DV does suck big time! Sending out good thoughts! :)

Mr. Shife said...

Hope your friend is doing OK despite the circumstances, and you got some real talent Cece with your writing. Also wanted to thank you for the prize as it arrived today and I can't wait to read it to the baby. And Mrs. Shife is doing fine. We are in the stretch run as we only have 24 more days to go before the due date. Thanks again for the prize. You are awesome.

Anonymous said...

I hope your friend will get courage from reading this.

Anonymous said...

ps- thank you for your email x I have tried to mail you back, but my googlemail keeps freezing- SO frustrating!!! Will hopefully get it working over next day or so!

Suzanne said...

You're a gem. Beautiful lyrics. It's amazing how many of us know those being abused. I never thought I would, but now I do. I'm looking at Robyn's beautiful face as I type this. It gives me courage to keep truckin'. She did and she's living proof that toughing it out pays off. God I love that woman.

Cece, you know what I love best about all of us? We help. We see trouble and we help.

I love you. You know that.


Karen ^..^ said...

You are an amazing writer. As someone who survived this, I sure miss my best friend who helped me through this. She died two years ago.

Just be there for her. It's torture, I know, but its nothing compared to what she's going through. Just listen, and be there. No judgments.

You are a wonderful friend.