Friday, March 13, 2009

The Winner's Circle!!!

Well, I didn't win Leah's socks, but I did win this.

Cinnamon was the lovely blogger that was kind enough to bestow this wonderful award upon me. I just love visiting her blog because she always had great thought provoking posts and wonderful photos.
But I live in a household of winners. The boys played their 2nd flag football game this afternoon and they WON!!!!!! The final score was 40 to 29. We are all totally stoked about winning. The victory was especially special because Dad got to go see it too! The boys have improved so much from their first game. They lost that one 6 to 40. Forrest was excited because the coach has developed an offensive play around him. He does a cartwheel on the field to draw attention to himself while one of his teammates runs down the field with the ball. It worked very well both times they ran it. Forrest loves to do cartwheels!

So back to the Lemonade Award. I am suppose to award it to 10 of you. So here goes:

1. Suzanne over at Rose Cottage Studios gets the award because I love her, and she is my best friend and she always manages to make us all laugh and feel good about ourselves. Even if she thinks I'm a "trader". I think she meant traitor when she wrote that on Just Bob's comment page, but we won't hold that against her.

2. I have to nominate Just Bob just because he is stubborn and very set in his ways about not telling us his birth date. That's OK. I have to respect his wishes, even if it makes me want to just kick his ass. LOL (love you Bob!)

3. Next I suppose should be Leah. Yes, I'm trying to suck up to her in hopes of winning a pair of those socks. Leah, is it working? No, seriously, she is a phenomenal writer. A lady of many talents and she is very deserving of any award that is out there.

4. Now I will nominate, Joyful Jo because she is such a lovely lady. I'm not sure there is a nicer blogger on the planet. And it is an honor to me every time she graces my comment page.

5. Now Krazy Kylie is definitely deserving of this award. She is like an onion, she has layers. With each post that she publishes she shows us a new facet of her personality.

6. And we must not forget Gig and her Ramblings from Gigsville. She is going through so much right now and I just wanted her to know that she has our support. We are here for you Gig. Lean on us for support.

7. And who could forget MEGAN? Why does her name get to be in all CAPS when no one else is. Well, that is because it appears in my blog roll this way, and I'm cheating by cutting and pasting from there. Megan has a great blog that I enjoy very much and she recently made me cry. But in a good way.

8. Random Chick gets the next nomination simply because she has survived a visit from the dreaded Mother-In-Law-From-Hell. And because she is smart, funny, and a fantastic mother of two.

9. I also want to add my old friend Jeanetta to this list. She can be found over at Splendid Things. She has been my friend since high school, and even though I don't see her or talk to her much, I still care an awful lot about her.

10. And last, but certainly not least, is Robyn and her Happy House Of Haas. She has a lovely site that is chocked full of crafts and secret trips and fun. Not to mention she has kicked Cancer's ass not once, but twice.

Ok, I guess that's it for me.


kylie said...

thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
i LOVE awards

and you've been so nice! it allways blows me away when people are nice to me

much love

Robyn said...

Oh Cece! Thanks so very much for my wonderful award and sweet words! Your the best girlie!

Gig said...

Hey Sweetie!!
Thanks for the awesome Award, I do appreciate your beautiful words and your friendship. I have been going to call, but when I am not "taking care of business", lol, I am sleeping.

Give the "boys" a big high five for Ed and I. Ed is hanging in there...he actually washed some some dishes and did some laundry, whoopee!!

Mom is really doing better at getting stronger, so that is good. She is meeting people and participating in activities.

Ok, I am going to go lurking for a bit...I will try to put up a new post maybe later today.

love you, cece

hi kylie
hi robyn

Suzanne said...

I'm here in the presence of greatness. Two of my favorite ladies of all time: Crazy Kylie and Kick Ass Robyn (Hey Robyn, where the hell you been woman?! Yes, I still have a blog you haven't visited in AGES!!!!!)

*Checks dictionary for proper spelling.* I didn't speller "trader" right? Damn Phonics! I'll try harder next time Miss Cece.

Congrats to the kids. Forrest and that cartwheel play killed me!!! I can hardly wait to show it to Rob. I showed him your "small breast" comment a few days ago and we were in my office laughing our asses off. You're so funny.

Now about my award. Cinnamon was kind enough to award it to me weeks ago, but I just haven't gotten my ass around to posting about it yet. Thanks for reminding me I fail on multiple levels! However, I've won it twice, so I'm special, right?!!!

THANK BABY!!! I love you too and our friendship means the world to me. Thanks for the award and for being you. You're the best.

Oh, and Cinnamon, if you read this, know that Cece and I were talking on the phone while drooling over your GORGEOUS neighborhood photos. I lifted one photo (duck floating down the canal) and have it as my wall paper. It's simple stunning.

Cece, I love you. You know that. Keep smiling and singing and thanks for all the precious words you wrote about all our friends. They're wonderful, aren't they? And thanks too for thinking of me.


Suzanne said...

Took so long to write this Giggie jumped in. Now I have to read her comment!

Suzanne said...

Giggie sounds tired. I think she should lay down on the Macy's sofa, we'll give her a nice soft pillow and blankie and take care of her for a week. Okay, two weeks.

Gig, I love you. I haven't called because I know how one more call is just, well, more work! I'll call when things have settled down and "Honey Hunk" is doing all the housework!

I love to hear your voice Gig. I honestly do. Take care. Glad to see "Mom" is out and about.

Biggest hug,

Anonymous said...

Hi Cece! Well done boys on your win!!! I have just spent the whole day at a basketball tournament, and my son's team lost- boo-hoo, very disappointed teen here :(

Hi Suzanne! Just read your comments above- sorry you can't comment on my blog, but glad you enjoyed the photos :)

Leah said...

Thank you Cece! I too love an award.

And as for socks, well, it's all up to the whims of fate and random drawing, but I'll hold another contest soon--


just bob said...

Thanks for the award. I'll pick it up when I get back to California.

jeanetta said...

ohhh thanks so much OLD friend lol. :P
my son david was the packers team when they did peewee football last fall. go packers!!!