Thursday, June 18, 2009


I had so much fun this evening. I put a Sea Mud face and body mask on my face this evening and walked into the living room where the boys were watching T.V. I asked them if they needed anything and they both looked up at me. The looks on their cute little faces were priceless. In unison that asked me what was wrong with me. I told them I was fine. Forrest had a very puzzled look on his face and he says, "But your face is green." "It is?" He shakes his head and goes huh. I make my eyes get really big and I look very closely at him, then I say in a very excited voice, "Oh My God, your face is turning green too! It must be from the chlorine in the pool!" He immediately jumps out of his chair and runs into the bathroom to check out his face. By this time Nathan has caught on and he is laughing. I turned to look at Na and I asked him what he was laughing at. Through his fits of laughter he proceeds to tell me that I played a joke on Forrest. I told him in the same excited voice that his face was starting to turn green too. He started to get up, but by that time Forrest had made his way back from the bathroom exclaiming, "NO IT"S NOT!!!! MY FACE IS NOT GREEN!" I explain to the boys that it is just a mud mask, and that I will wash it off in a little bit. They of course want me to wash it off now, because they don't like it. They told me it looked weird. Well, it may look weird, but it feels Divine. I love how it makes my skin feel when I take it off. Plus it is so soothing and cool when I put it on. And of course, it's from ARBONNE.

So do you think I look weird


just bob said...

You might want to consider a different cosmetologist.

Gig said...

I think the shade of green is very pretty. Great fun with the boys...I really got a kick out of that!!

love ya,