Thursday, June 25, 2009

My favorite Vacation

So they say it is summertime around here, and I must agree. With temperatures hovering around 100 and sunny hazy skies every day, I would say that the dog daze of summer has come early. So in celebration of summertime, I wanted to share with you all a few pictures of one of my favorite vacations.

We went to Discovery Cove in Orlando Florida the summer of 07. It was a good vacation, but a sad vacation all wrapped up into one. We had booked it with plans of my mother-in-law going with us. She would have loved swimming in the water with all of the fish, and watching the boys interact with the dolphin. Unfortunately she was lying in the hospital in a coma instead. We almost cancelled the whole trip, but our family told us we needed the time away. Our two week trip was shortened to one, and off we went to attempt relaxation under the extremely stressful circumstances.

Nathan riding Capricorn

I do believe that the 30 minutes I spent with the dolphins were the most relaxing 30 minutes I have ever had. I love dolphins. They are my favorite marine mammal.

Nathan hugging Capricorn

Forrest riding Capricorn

Forrest Kissing Capricorn


Joyful Jo said...

Lovely photos Cece,
A pity your mother in law was unable to go.
It makes me feel warm looking at your summer photos and knowing you are sweltering over there while we are freezing here.
I am home today and tomorrow as Helen is having two wisdom teeth surgically taken out. She just went into theatre half an hour ago.
The day hospital is nearby so i don't have far to go so was able to come home to kill time rather than hanging around for several hours.

Mr. Shife said...

Those are some great pictures Cece. You guys look so happy. We are hot too but we don't have the humidity to deal with.

Megan said...

I don't know if I can call someone who has swum with dolphins. I might expire from envy right now.

Cece said...

Wisdom teeth surgery is no fun. Tell Helen I am sending well wishes across the ocean waves.

Does it really get hot in Idaho? What's your high? 80 degrees? Are you pulling my leg?

I suppose it would make you green with envy now when I tell you I have swam with dolphins not once, but twice!!!! NANANANA!!lol

Megan said...



Suzanne said...

Hi baby. Wow. Such gorgeous photos. You know, I was going though books the other day and wondering what to do with all the Whale ones. I'm sending them to your kids. Seriously. I know they'll understand.

What a beautiful post.

Love you,

Cece said...

The boys would love the whale books. They absolutely love whales, dolphins, manitees, ect.... Actually there probably is not an animal, marine or other wise, that they don't love. Oh and they love books too!

Cece said...

I won't tell them about it until I see it at my doorstep, though considering your track record with mailing things. LOL. I hope you are feeling better! Say hi to Shara for me.

Suzanne said...

My track record is pretty good once I get to the post office. Don't tell them until I get to the post office.

I have great whale books. I really wanted to be a marine biologist, but biochemistry killed that idea. That class was just too hard. I love biology, but biochem? Who the hell gave birth to that idea and put it in college? Cruel.

I will gather my marine books and send them forward. Promise. I'll send them "book rate," so they should be there by 2010.

Honey, you're so beautiful. The best photos I've seen of you.


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