Monday, June 8, 2009


Where am I?
Where have I gone?
I've have slipped beyond myself, I can no longer find me.

This chaos that has become my life has swallowed me whole.
I am only a shell.
A fleshy zombie, no longer myself.

When will the hurt end?
When will the unpleasant surprises end?
When is enough, enough?

Where am I?
I do not know.
But Hell can not be very far away.


kylie said...

life has been ridiculously tough for you cece, it has to get better soon...........
i'm trying not to say "i know how you feel" because i probably dont but i sure spend a lot of time wondering when life will get easier

hang in there

Anonymous said...

This is heartfelt, painful to read, so well expressed.

Keep writing Cece x

Gig said...

I am here, I feel your pain...I really do. It is one reason we relate so well. I am trying to sort things out, like that will realy happen. Call me tomorrow night if you can. I will be home, like you said to are a good I am for you.

Love you,
gig, xoxo

easytravel said...

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Suzanne said...

Oh baby. You know this breaks my heart. I'm sorry I haven't been available the past week or so. My period was horrible and then a migraine. Still have it. I'm going to call you right now. You're probably at work and can't talk, but if you can, we'll share a laugh or two.

Well I called and left a message. Then called Giggie. She wasn't home. Cece, hang in there. We love you very much.