Friday, March 14, 2008

blurred perspective

wind blowing,
clouds racing across the sky,
lightening dancing a jig, slicing through the darkness.
A thunderstorm comes our way.

the sun sets,

a blazing fire kissing the horizon,

bidding the earth goodnight.


floots said...

the soft focus effect really works well
and your words set the mood so clearly
(spooky - we both posted "perspective" pieces)

Leah said...

So spooky, lovely, atmospheric...


Suzanne said...

Nice fence. Of course I noticed because ours is still on the ground! Great talking to you tonight. I'm glad I called. You helped make my day better. I'm so looking forward to tomorrow.

Great post by the way. You never disappoint me. I have to check out Floots new post and I'm so grateful Leah was kind enough not to use a "big" word I had to look up in yee old dictionary.

Thanks for calling me the past few days and for your concern. You're a sweetie and I love you very much. I know you've had a hard week and I'm glad it's over. Relax and enjoy the weekend, your boys, the dog and your hubby.

Me ;)

'54Bomber said...

Hi Cecile,
How are you going? i was just at Kylie's and saw that you aren't feeling 100%. Please rest up as much as you can over the weekend. Yes, i know - easier said than done, but do try.
I really liked the photos and also the wonderful poetry. Or perhaps it was a haiku?

I am glad that Forrest liked the video of the V8's. Say, "G'day" to Nathan and Forrest for me.

Love to you & family,
Mark. xo

kylie said...

hi cecile,
i should have left my get well comment here....but it's at my place.
anyway, rest up
i like the photos and the poem
take care

Mr. Shife said...

Very nice.

Leah said...

Hey Cecile--I just wanted to tell you I'm eagerly awaiting arrival of your book--but I'm off to Texas on Tuesday, and it's due to arrive when I'm gone, so I guess I'll just have to wait till I get home again to read it!

bindhiya said...

Dear Cecile,
Great post!
It was nice to see you again!
talk to you soon...i think am back to normal least I hope so :)
♥ & ((hugs))


im with shife on this one... very nice. cool pics>

Suzanne said...

Honey, if you have time, Leah is in Texas with in her inlaws. She could use a bit of support. Love you! XO Help make her laugh.

Gig said...

Hey Cece,
Just stopped by to say hi! Am working on a post, but took a break to visit.
Hope your week is better at work?

Also, hope you are feeling better.

Ok, I must get back to work

till later, Deb

CIELO said...

Beautiful.... I'm there with you!

Happy Easter!