Friday, March 28, 2008

Is your state as beautiful as mine? Prove it!

On our first day of vacation we took a trip to Petite Jean State Park. We hiked the Cedar Falls trail and got to witness first hand, the birth of spring.
It was a cool crisp morning, and the boys were enjoying the weather and the scenery.
Forrest refused to wear his coat, instead, he wanted to wear his dad's.
The boys thought that these were dinosaur tracks within this rock.

As you can see by this picture, the trees were beginning to bud out.

Spring is clearly on it's way here in Arkansas!

With all of the recent rains, these little bubbling creeks were breathtaking as the rushed down the rocks. I love the sounds of a babbling brook. It is purely the essence of calm and relaxation.

The view from the top of Petite Jean Mountain is amazing. It is even more beautiful when the trees are in full bloom.
The boys perched here atop this rock to enjoy a nice snack of potato chips.

All in all, Nathan gave the day his thumbs up sign of approval. So I guess mom's idea was a hit!

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jeanetta said...

there is no place prettier than here!! i have been to many and while they are nice to look at nothing still takes my breath away like the beauty of the natural state.