Tuesday, March 11, 2008


The week started out to be a train wreck. I was having major second guesses about my new job decision. I suffered through 4 days of orientation and got to spend my first real day in the lab last Friday. I had a headache by the time I went home. The computer system they use is ancient. I felt like I was living back in the 70's. You know, the day of the dinosaur computers.
My frustration was casting a gloomy shadow of doubt on my decision.
I don't know, maybe the moss isn't actually greener on this side of the street after all.
Yesterday was the beginning of a new week. I was hoping that I wouldn't be facing this stone age cliff all week. I had to scale it and come out on top. I still had a headache by the time I left work yesterday, and I still had my doubts.

Today dawned a new day. I had taken fantastic notes Friday and yesterday, and on my third day I conquered the computer system. I was able to look up patient results. I was able to enter patient results, and I even took care of my first supervisor duty that was requested of me.

I don't know, maybe the moss will be greener on this side of the street. I suppose time will tell.



first!!! bam...


anyways, now that im done being eleventeen... the new job woes are always filled with doubt and a bit of despair... keep it up! if it feels like its getting a little better, it just might be! otherwise, its them that need you! not the other way around...

Leah said...

I think i.v. put it really really cogently, so I won't add to what he said except to agree heartily and lend a voice of support to you.

xo Leah

Mr. Shife said...

Starting a new job is always stressful and scary. Good to know things are looking up. Keep fighting the good fight and it should be OK.

Gig said...

Here's to hoping that each day continues to get better. Your pics were perfect. We are all here to support you.


floots said...

those first few days are always a struggle
good luck - and thanks for these lovely pix

muser said...

Hey Cecile,

I haven't stopped by here for a couple of weeks - you've been busy. I hope you get through the transitional period quickly and settle into your new job.

Thanks for your comment about my photos and the advice you've offered me.

I've been meaning to let you know that I read your autobiography post a little while back and I thought it was an amazing story. You've been through a heck of a lot for someone so young. Good for you for overcoming all the obstacles and finding happiness - you are to be admired. Also, congratulations are in order for the twelve year anniversary!

bindhiya said...

Dear Cecile,
Like inner voices said already new job is filled with doubt.
I hope and pray every day it will get better for you! We will be here to support you.
♥ & ((hugs))

kylie said...

Hi Cecile,
I think it's all been said. And I seem to say that too often.
I find change so difficult (probably thinking about change is the hardest) that i take my hat off to anyone who actually does it.
Bravo and i hope you settle in soon.

Cecile said...

Hi everyone, Thanks for your wonderful support. The week had gotten better. I am picking up the computer business a little better and I am actually starting to feel like a functioning part of the team. I think that next week will be much better for me. Thanks again for all of the support.

jeanetta said...

i've been wondering how its been workign out. hope things continue to improve.

Joyful Jo said...

Hi Cecile,
Great news about your new job. Congrats!! I know what it feels like to start a new job and it can be daunting but hang in there and everything will be better. I have been in mine for 9 months and only now starting to settle.
Also congrats on your 12th anniversary. Hope to hera from you soon Jo xx

'54Bomber said...

Very clever post :]]]]][[]][[]][][]
Helen did that!
Honestly, I don't know what to do with that girl of mine:)
Before you know it you will be running the place :)


Suzanne said...

God am I too late? Will a get a response? Sorry I didn't call. Yes Rob told me. Twice. I can't talk on the phone yet because of my big "C." I'm still not quite right in the head although the headaches have stopped, so I'm waiting. I'll try to call this weekend. I love you too and also miss your voice.

Well I agree with everyone. Leah, stop using "big" words. I always have to look them up in the dictionary. And Kylie, Rob and I are so scared of change that when we were invited to our wealthy friend's mountain cabin we brought our own bedding, pillows and candles! I know. Pathetic. Our dear friend said "What, you think we can't afford sheets?" Who knew?! One must always be prepared.

Hang in there baby. My other suggestion is, can you crawl back to the old job? Isn't work odd? But change is good. It keeps you on your toes.

I love you and I'm so glad you're picking up extra change at Brian's Cafe in an effort to pay for the boy's dinner! Gig's there too, so you're gonna have to scramble now. She brought in all the NASCAR stuff and they don't drink coffee, so tips are hard to come by. Just a lot of gabbin'. Robyn's doing quite well with her apron and can barely walk around with all the tips in her pockets! (Yup, that thing has pockets!) I don't know how she does it? I stand at the back door keeping Inner Voices out (he's just trouble) and can't believe my eyes. She's like a hawk! If the tips stop flowin' I'm going to have to ask "Big Man" (Brian) to give you all a raise. You'll get it. The man can't deny me. Who knows why? But I can guess.

Happy Friday honey.


writes said...

moss greener? only if the humidity is very high or if you water it . . .
with your luck, that ole' moss will spring-up & break-out in song & dance.
best wishes, she