Friday, March 28, 2008

Now it is time for part two!

Our next stop was a small little cabin on the bank of the Little Red River near Heber Springs.

The boys had a wonderful time fishing. And as you can see we managed to catch enough for dinner!

But what I enjoyed the most was the sunrise!

Yeah, and the sunsets were not that bad either.

Nathan proved that he truly has ancestors that were monkeys.

This is what I have always heard called a fire bush. They are beautiful.

I think these are violets.

Some forsythia for Suzanne!

The babies breath is in full bloom, too.

I took three pictures at the mill, and Forrest was showing is true colors. OH what a stinker he truly is!

This is one of my favorite ones!

The water is so clear. This is such a beautiful river.



wow awesome!!! looks like my dream vacation! i LOVE fishing! great pics yo!

Mr. Shife said...

Awesome pictures and it looks wonderful where you were at on your vacation.

Gig said...

Beautiful pictures!! Looks like a great time was had by all!! I am not into fishing but everyone of the gk's love it!! So I take pics and try to read. Thanks for sharing with us. It is nice to see Spring is arriving somewhere,lol.
If it ever gets here i will post pics.
till later

*skipping out of town to play*

The Queen said...

Yes, I agree that Aransas is a beautiful state. I've visited and camped out many times. Nothing so wonderful as the fresh streams and lakes, why I've canoed down the Buffaloe River at springtime!
Love the cabin and river're blessed with a beautiful family too.
thanks for the warm welcome home!
Love from cousin Texas,

floots said...

what a great spot
thanks for letting us see it

Leah said...

Just gorgeous setting. What a great vacay! And your boys (all three of 'em!) are adorable.


bindhiya said...

Dear Cecile,
Hope you having a great weekend!

Nice pictures! Seems like you and family had a great time...
See you soon..
♥ & ((hugs))

Suzanne said...

Dear Cecile,

Why the hell am I always last? (Whoops, Bindi isn't here, right?) Checked, whoops. How'd I miss that?

I'm writing a post with all of you included (except Mr. Shift who I haven't met yet) and it was inspired by 'Queen.' Queen's here and I haven't even finished my post, but now find she's here before me, but I'm writing after her. This is just pathetic. I haven't commented on anyone's blog because I'm trying desperately to get the garden and things in this house in order. Okay, I won't, but I'll keep trying! I need a damn assistant Gig!

Cecile, I visited earlier this afternoon, but thought I had time before everyone arrived, but had trouble with a photo I was trying to post, so tried about a million times to no avail...then read Kylies current post after Brian's and nearly died and laughted myself into never, never land, then I had laundry, the garden to get back to, fights to break up, tea to drink, my ass to kick, you know the drill. So everyone's here before me, just like at Queen's. Frankly, just like at everyone's house!!! And Brian has the audacity to quote that b****, like all we do is blog!!!??? What???!! Hey, I don't get here until everything else is done. Well, almost. There was that one afternoon, when...

Love the fish. Wish they were alive and not in your belly. (Why couldn't they just fish for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and a bag of potatoe chips?) Wish I could live in that cabin. Seriously. I'd need adequate heating however (probably radiant heat to be practical), good, fresh running water, both warm and cold, gas stove, good, reliable electricity, a fire place when necessary, and tons of visits from friends like all of you to make it worthwhile and the mortgage payments enjoyable. The river is stunning. The local, beautiful. Every photo is so precious and I love you for sharing them with all of us. I also love your new mini photo. That is just too adorable. Especially your rosey cheeks!

Now to the plant photos. The pinkish/redish shrub is 'Quince.' Also called as 'Fire Bush.' The low growing purple flower isn't a voilet as you might imagine, it's a 'Vinca.' Violets are very, very delicate and precious. They're hardy as hell, but look as if a wind my injure them. Vinca is a tough you know what. There's Vinca Minor and Vinca Major. You're looking at Vinca Minor. It's low growing/compact and the purple blooms are just off the leaves. Vinca Major has a longer, trailing stem and a purple flower at the tip. Both are used as ground cover and Vinca Major is used in containers in both the original and verigated form with geraniums and other annuals and perennials. (They're the trailing vine that you so often see falling out of containers and looking so gorgeous and elegant!)

Are there any other plants you would like to identify!!! ;) I should start a damn newsletter!

Love you sweetie. Glad you're back and thank for telling us your were leaving and for sharing such a wonderful vacation with all of us. Okay, it's official, I'm coming to AK!

Love to all!

P.S. I read on Brian's blog your hubby worries. Please have him read this comment and all the others above. It's as if we're simply next door. But please pay more attention to the kids, dog and hubby, because we'll always be here. On the other hand the dog grows old, the kids grow up and go to college and hubby might have to resort to you know what!!! Just let us know if you have to say bye-bye for awhile. We'll all understand! ;) Until then..."Hubby, we're just all having a blast!" (Oh, forgot to mention...we're all really great people!)

Loved the Forsythia. You put mine to shame. Thank you honey. Appreciate the thought.

What a beautiful post. This one and the last one. Thank you again for including all of us in you trip. I exhaled. It was if I was there and I really needed the vacation.

I love you baby. I'm sending cash like I.V. despite your request for a check. I'm going to send it in a plain, unmarked envelope and know you'll get it because this gang won't see it coming. You'll have a few cents left over...use it for charity.

kylie said...

Hi Cecile,
i've been feeling bad about not visiting ( if you read my comment at Gigs place you'll get the story) so I was glad you were having a grand old time without us.
Looks wonderful.
A week of holiday to go?
Well, however long it is, it's never enough.


Joyful Jo said...

Hi Cecile,
Love the photos of your vacation, picture postcards type. The boys looked as if they enjoyed it.I like your new mini me picture.
I thought you might be interested about an author called Toni Jordan who is a microbiologist like you and has written her first novel. It is called Addition. It is about a lady who has an addiction to counting that has taken over her life. Anyway this author lives in our local area. I haven't read it yet; i'll wait for the local library to get it in. My Good Reading magazine gave it 4 & 1/2 stars. Thought you might be interested as you are in the same line of work. i.e. Microbiologist.

Hope you have a good week,

Suzanne said...

Oh honey, two more things. I don't think that's Baby's Breath, it's Spirea, which is a shrub that blooms in spring. Baby's Breath is a perennial that blooms in summer. Unless of course, AK is a very, very magical place and amazing things occur in nature. However, I don't see botony supporting that theory. The blooms do mirror one another, don't they, so it's easy to confuse them.
And second, the kids. They are too adorable! Their expressions make me laugh. A lot!

I came back to relax and look at the photos again and dream of a cabin, only to realize it was late when I wrote the original comment and didn't include everything. Now I think I have. Oh, almost forgot. Hubby looks terrific too, but don't tell him because I understand he isn't too keen on blogging!!! It'll be our secret!

Now, let's play a game. Go out and take photos of trees, plants and shrubs in the neighborhood and in your yard and identify them (and no, you can't pick only the ones you know). You'll get a point for every one you identify correctly, but lose two points for everyone you misidentify. At the end of one month whomever has the most points will recieve a gift from the other. I'll tell you right now...I'd like a Dodie Doll (and no, you can't rob Robyne for it)! So you've been given a heads-up. You know my address, so get the package ready. Let the games begin April 1st. And no, it's not an April Fools joke. If I don't get that package I'll wring your cute little neck. Whoops, how presumptuous of me, I think I've already won!


P.S. I was at the market this morning, after feeding the ferals, and realized I needed cash to send you. I used my debit card and the lowest denomination was $20 for cash back. I asked the clerk if I could get only $10. He said "No Maam, you can't make up your own rules." I'm dealing with comedians at the market now too!? I use my debit card for everything, so when I had actual cash in my hand it looked really wierd. The $5 bill in particular. I asked "Is this real?" He said "Yup, it's the new anti-counterfit bill." Hummmmm. It look counterfit.

Suzanne said...

That was supposed to be "looked." Give me a break. Give me a break for all the other typos too. XO

Gig said...

Hey Cece,
I want to buy one of your books, but I would like you to sign it, so will you get me the info on how to do that.
I will read it to the gk's and keep it with my subbing goodies. Then I can have it read when I sub.

Hope you all had a great weekend!!

Love ya,