Tuesday, April 1, 2008

You Make My Day Award.

The "You Make my Day Award" works like this:

1. Write a post with links to 5 blogs that make me think and/or make my day.

2. Acknowledge the post of the award giver.

3. Tell the award winners they won by commenting on their blogs with the news!
Well, A special thank you to Gig from Ramblings from Gigsville for presenting me with this award.
And now for me to present this award to 5 other blogs that I love to visit. By the way, these are in no particular order as to whom I like the best, so please do not be upset if you were not #1.
1. Inner Voices I present you with this award because you are so funny. I love to visit your blog because you never fail to make me laugh. Plus, you are the worlds best on commentsies back.
2.Floots I present you with this award because your words and pictures are beautiful. They inspire me in so many ways. Sometimes, I am at a loss for words when I visit and I am unable to leave a comment, so just know that when I am not present on your comment page that you left me speechless. (either that or I just didn't get on the computer that day because that happens too.) Anyway, you have wonderful talent and I am glad that you have chosen to share it with us all.
3.Recycled Chaos I present you with this award because you are brilliant. Your poetry is with such raw emotion and I love that you are able to let me feel your pain with you. Also, your photography is phenomenal. I wish I had at least half of your talent.
4.Rose Cottage Studio- Suzanne, now you know I couldn't leave you off the list. After all, you are the one that brings all of us wonderful people here in blogger land together. You are the glue and we are the craft pieces and you make all of us masterpieces. You are dear to all of us and we all love you.
5.Leah Your vocabulary wows me on a daily basis, and by reading your blog I find myself feeling smarter.
6. I know we were suppose to only chose 5, but I am breaking the rules and adding a 6th one.
Splendid things - My dearest friend Jeanetta. You are so dear to me and I am glad that you twisted my arm and made me sign up for blogger. You are one of my best friends, and I am blessed for it.
So there you have it my list of those who make my day.
Thanks everyone, you all make blogging fun.


Recycled Cha0s said...

aw I feel so loved :) Thank you so very much. I havn't been writing a ton lately, but hopefully that will change soon. Darn writers block! I've been so busy with photography as well.

I do appreciate that you find something in my writing. It means a lot that anyone out there can relate or understand :)

Leah said...

Thanks Cecile! That's so cool. You know, I read the dictionary every day. Thank goodness it finally paid off. No, I'm totally kidding!!!! Now I have to go check out Recycled Cha0s and Floots--they sound intriguing.

Have a lovely day!


Suzanne said...

Hi honey!

I can't believe Leah doesn't know Recycled Cchaos (I spelled it Chaos, but Ohno stepped on the keyboard and liked Cchaos, so Cchaos it is my dear woman!) and Floots. Dear Lord...the woman not only lives in NY, she lives in a damn cave in NY!!! Snap out of it Leah. Stop reading the dictionary 24/7 and see the light. There's a big old world just waitin' for you honey!!! (Cecile, they're going to blow her away! Okay, I'm sitting here rubbing my hands together...waiting. I expect her to be shot from the cannon in about 2.5 seconds! DUCK!!!)

Recycled Chaos, I haven't been on your blog in awhile simply because life is rather hectic here, but Cecile has reminded me to get my butt over there. I will. Your photo is still as stunning as ever and I know for certain your words are always meaningful.

Cecile, I love you. You know that. Thanks for your kind and generous words. I'm so filled with pride, I look like a puffer fish! (Please don't let the boys see me. I'd be an easy mark as either a fish or a giant snowball.) Being a friend to all of you makes my life that much more beautiful. Is my life already full? Yes. But do you all make it better? Yes. Do I have time to blog? No. But do I? Yes. Why? Because I have never met so many wonderful people in such a short span of time, and I'm beyond grateful. You have all graced my life, so Ms. Hobb and her theory can go straight to hell! I'm staying right here and I'm going to juggle it all as I always do and always have. What's one more variable?

I love you so much honey, and thank you. I will post it with honor. Right along side Bindi's because she already gave it to me!!! ;) Oh course I'm laughing!

Speaking of laughing. I had to pick Ohno up at the vet's. He was neutered today. I stopped at the market before hand and was at the checkout stand and the woman ahead of me bought two packs of cigarettes. The clerk asked her if she'd like them in her bag? She said yes. When she left and it was my turn I said to the clerk I though you should have asked "Can I just throw these in your coffin?" I thought that woman would die laughing. We laughed way, way too hard. She asked "What are you, a comedian?" I said "Nope, just an observer." She replied "Please stop by every day...I could use the laughs." I'm thinking about it.

Gig said...

Thanks for accepting the award, you deserve it. I will have to check out recycled cha0s, and Floots. Love to go lurking...until I am ready to *chat*

I sent you an email about your book tonight.

I read your comment over at the 'old cafe and I do think we need another *place* to hang out...beads and all. You think I am a *Tiger* about NASCAR, watch out, I am a Major DETROIT TIGER FAN!!! Love you,Suze

Ok, I am off to surf bloggerworld

till later,

Suzanne said...

Gig ~ you're idea is brilliant and I thought I'd already discussed it with you, only to learn I didn't leave a comment on your blog at all, but mentioned it on every other! I'll be over soon honey! Yup, beads and all~~we'll just relocate.

Okay, here's my list: Boston Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins. There's going to be some wrestling, but be careful with my shoulder!


Cecile said...

HELLO! St. Louis Cardinals RUle.

Suzanne said...




bindhiya said...

Dear Cecile,
Congrats on your award!
I will be checking out those award winners soon...when i get some time...
Hope you had a great day!
How your parents like the new place?
I will talk to you as soon as I can
take care
♥ & ((hugs))

Gig said...

Hey Cece,
Don't tell Suze,but I am working on a surprise for her.
Shhh...it is a secret...

floots said...

that is most kind of you cecile
many thanks

Gig said...

Suze has kept us all up to date on everything. So I hope you are able to be back online soon. Miss you, love you and your family.

When you can, stop by Gigsville, there is a surprise for you...hope you enjoy it.

love, Gig

Suzanne said...

Hey Gig and Cecile,

I woke up and can't get back to sleep so here I sit. Gig, I'll be over in a few minutes and Cecile, thanks for calling. I'm so glad you and the family are okay. Why do you have to live in Arkansas?! Yikes.

Love you both,

kylie said...

Hi cecile,
i've managed to catch up with the outside worlds enought to know that things have been ( probably still are) pretty rough for you. you're in my thoughts and prayers and i look forward to seeing you back.
love to all

Leah said...


I'm thinking about you too! Hope you and your family are doing okay--I know you all make a great team, and you'll get through it together!

we all miss you--


Suzanne said...

Look sweetie...all your friends are here. I was just checking in before leaving to feed the ferals, in the event you were back online. If I don't hear from you by the end of the day I'll give you a call. I don't know why I wrote that here because if you don't have power you won't read this. I'll call any way! Hope your day is okay. At least you still have the dog, the kids, hubby and the house. Oh, and the car! Can't forget the car. Love you dear. Hang in there. I still haven't heard from Skeeter. That concerns me. We'll talk soon, okay. Have a good day.

Love you,

Gig said...

I know you are exhausted. I am just thankful you all are ok. Thanks for calling Suze, cuz she did great letting us know you all were ok! I don't think she has heard from Skeeter yet, hopefully soon.
It is amazing and wonderful how close we all have gotten in a few short months.

I got my book today, I love it. I don't have grandkids here today, but will tomorrow. I will read it to them...many times I am sure.
I mailed you a card on yesterday (Friday) so you should have it early next week. Let me know that you got it ok.

I love the 'cafe, it is so cool.
We have a retirement party to go to. Then I will report to "work".

till later at the *Onion*
love you,