Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A ditty for you.

(,) (,)
I'm writing a post, a short little rhyme.
I just don't know why, it's quite a waste of time.
I should be outside playing, with my boys,
But they are busy screaming and making a lot of noise.
I could be in the bedroom, snuggled up to my honey,
But he's at the kitchen table, trying to balance all our money.
That should be a quick chore, for we don't have a lot.
We can barely afford potatoes to boil in a pot.
I could be doing house work and other nasty chores,
But all work and no play, really makes me a bore.
So instead I"m on my computer, typing this little note.
To my wonderful extended family of fillies and blokes.
So here's to all of you who like to type and play,
I hope that you each and every one have a stress free day.



hey kiddo, my bad on the not commenting for a bit. ive been wicked busy, yeah , yeah... no excuses... fun little post this one is and like the upbeat nature! hope yer having a stress free day yerself!

Cecile said...

Yeah, Yeah, DON"T LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN. Or I'll have to keep calling you boring. Yep, just watching movies, fixing pool pumps, and torturing kids, that's my stress free day.


too bad its not as easy as putting scotch tape on their feet eh?

Suzanne said...

That's good. Real good.

Oh, I see I.V. is here. Look at that, finally ventured out of Big Sur for a little action. Okay! Great! (I get over crap pretty easily, but vent by deleting!)

You guys, it's Kylie's birthday. Yes, it's tomorrow in the US, but today in the UK. Does anyone read what the hell I write at the Cafe? Work with me sista. Work with me brotha. I sent flowers and a card at my blog and her blog is a hoot today, so have some fun and usher in the birthday girl with all the charms you can muster.

Love you both,
Suze XO

Anonymous said...


a charming, cute little rhyme - love it! Remember to take the stress free days for yourself as well!


Jim said...

where is your dessert?
I am hungy

loved your lil poem
I cud be in bed but ...