Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Wrath of God is upon us. MAKE IT STOP!!!!

This is what the live view radar on looks like right now. It is Wednesday 7:56pm right now. The following is the story from their website.
Forecasters are warning of more severe weather and flooding across Arkansas Thursday.A storm system and cold front will move across the state Thursday producing thunderstorms. A severe weather outbreak appears likely from Texas through the Mississippi valley, including most of Arkansas. Some of the storms will be capable of producing strong, long-tracked tornadoes in addition to hail and very high winds.The storms will begin moving into the state early Thursday from the west and continue through much of the day.Arkansans are urged to review their severe weather safety rules and remain alert to rapidly changing weather conditions.
I am not sure what it is we have done to upset the Gods so badly, but I really wish we could give up repentance or perhaps burn an offering to make them happy once more. These storms and all of this rain is decimating our beautiful state. Our poor farmers will go bankrupt if this keeps up. I thank my lucky stars everyday that we still have a roof over our head and dirt in our backyard.
On a happier note, my husband found a beautiful piece of real estate today. We he took me to see it when I got home from work and I fell in love with it instantly. The trees on the lot are absolutely gorgeous. We drove home and I told him we had to make an offer on this land. I must have a house there. It already had a pond established on the property, so he is very happy about that. We, of course, will have to make the pond bigger to make him fully satisfied, but I'm O.K. with that, just as long as we do not cut down the beautiful huge pine trees that grace this fantastic piece of land. I was able to picture my house on the land. I could look at the property and I knew what I would plant there. It is 4.5 acres of pure heaven. I am going to try and get some photos of the property over the weekend, so I will post them as soon as I can. We sign the offer letter tomorrow, and then we will keep our fingers crossed in hopes that they either accept, or that they counter offer with another offer that we can afford. So say a prayer, make a wish, dream a dream and cross your fingers in hopes that things work out with the land and the weather.


Leah said...

I am rooting for you and your piece of heaven!!! It sounds wonderful. Keep us posted!


The Queen said...

Me too, I said a little prayer for you and your family to have this beautiful dream come true. invite us all to your housewarming party!

Gig said...

I made a wish, am now dreaming with fingers and toes crossed for your piece of heaven!!

I had already checked the weather in your area, will be watching today.

Housewarming party, great idea!!

love ya,

floots said...

so sad to hear ofthat terrible weather
but good luck with that land

jeanetta said...

its all due to global warming you know that right? :) lol

'54Bomber said...

So sorry to here of the terrible weather that you are experiencing. We hope that your family is safe and keep you all in our prayers. It must be nerve wracking knowing that one storm cell follows closely upon another over such an extended period of days. Thankfully we don't experience twisters here in Melbourne. Good luck with that parcel of land you have looked at. I hope that your offer letter is accepted. I have all my fingers and toes crossed.

Cheers, Mark.



'54Bomber said...

Hey Cecile,
I saw on the TV news this morning that a massive storm hit Texas.
Please take care.

Suzanne said...

Hello my dear. Thanks for the phone call last night and sorry it ended so abruptly. Good luck with the land today. We're crossing our fingers. I hadn't read your post as you know, so when you described it over the phone I thought it sounded perfect, especially because it has a pond. 4.5 acres is also more managable than 15. Additionally, you'll appreciate it's close proximity to work. And last but not least, you'll still have some savings!!!

Just before you called I'd closed off the kitchen to let Sophia come in to to roam around (she's been in the family room for a week after being spay). She's Ireland's mom and I was able to pick her up and put her in the carrier last week and take her to the vets. She's the sweetest most darling kitty at the park and I love her. She's been only a joy since arriving. She's kind and loving ~ and an absolute lap cat. When she was exploring the kitchen the phone rang and rather than take the call in another room I stayed with her. She was a little tense and toward the end of our conversation I laughed at something you said and she went insane. She was so scared she bolted from the room and tried to run throught the sliding glass doors in the family room to get outside. She couldn't, so jumped up on the fireplace mantel and fell backward, ran at full speed into the sliders again (a total of 4 times), then out to the kitchen, onto the counter, and I paniced because Rob had just made tea and the stove was hot, across the stove and everything when flying when I said "NO!!!" (because I was so scared). Back out to the family room into the sliders again, etc. I got the pocket door closed to the kitchen and protected her from the sliders until she calmed down (I felt like a soccer goalie). She finally hid under a little chair, absolutely exhausted and I slumped to the floor and sobbed, also totally exhausted and guilty. She spent the night under the chair with a slipcover on it, hissed at me everytime I tried to console her and was basically scared to death. She wouldn't eat.

This morning she still hissed, but I brought food to her and convinced her everything was okay. She came out, purred and I was able to pick her up and hug her a long, long time. We sat and exhaled. She's now sleeping in her comfy bed, but I know she doesn't feel well because she didn't eat much. I imagine her head and neck hurt. It was horrible to watch absolute panic. I'm grateful she still loves me.

Hope the kids finally went night-night and you got to bed on time! Hope the storms are gentle this time and again, good luck with the property. It sounds beautiful and peaceful.

Love you and thanks for your concern,
p.s. I'm feeling better today, but not 100%.

kylie said...

I'm also hoping you can get your dream land for your dream home and that the weather treats you well.