Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Good News (well sort of) and a Big Thank You

Things are looking up!

First of all, I want to say THANK YOU!!!!!

You guys are the greatest support group any girl could ask for.

Second of all, we got some semi good news today.

The MRI showed that the lesion in my sister's brain is only in the dural

region (the lining of the brain). It has not yet made it into the actual brain tissue.

The Doctor feels that we have a 3 out of 4 chance to get it into remission with 13 treatments of radiation. She also has a tumor at the base of her skull that is pressing on some nerves. He says that is what is causing all of her facial pain. He believes that the radiation therapy will help alleviate this as well. I am going to approach this with cautioned hope, but I know my sister will approach it with an, "yeah, I've beat it this long, so I know I'll beat it again" attitude. I swear her grace and determination is astronomical. If any of you were to meet her you would be blown away. She truly is a phenomenal person. She is quite a talker. I believe if she saw the Grim Reaper she would walk up to him and ask him how his day was going, strike up a friendship with him in an instant, and get a reprieve on death. Who knows, maybe she already has. All I can say is that when they informed me of this news, I was elated. I just wanted to share the updated news with all of you. Thank you, each and every one for your thoughts, prayers, concern, and most of all your friendship. I must go tidy the house and start supper. I am having a dear friend over for dinner tonight, and I am very much looking forward to it.

Love to all,



Gig said...

Dear Cece,
I am thrilled to hear of your good news today. A positive attitude goes a long way these days. I will continue to keep your sister and you in my thoughts and prayers.

We may have met here in bloggerland, but I feel as if we all have known each other a really long time.

Thanks for sharing your life with us.

love you,

Suzanne said...

I agree with Gig. Inner Voice's once said "It's just virtual." It isn't. I love you like a sister and know you will be a dear friend all my life. It isn't virtual to me. I know I could stop by your house tomorrow, or you mine and it would be real. We all met for a reason and we all love one another terribly. I wouldn't trade this experience for the world. We are going to have to have a family picnic you know. ;)

The news about your sister is wonderful. I have hope. She sounds like a remarkable woman and you're lucky to have her as a sister and friend. That's a lot of radiation. But she'll be fine. Man. Some people are just blessed with an extrodinary ability to keep keepin' on. Give her a hug for us honey.

I love you. I was going to call tonight, but didn't because I thought you might be exhausted. I'll try to call this weekend, in between bands!!!


'54Bomber said...

. . and the same goes for me :)

From the what the doctor says, the prognosis seems good. I am sure that with your sister's positive attidude the cancer can be beaten.

Like Gig, I will continue to pray for you both.

God bless,


in the words of our great govenator..."it's not a tumor."

anything positive is always hopeful and hope is sometimes the best cure!

Suzanne said...

Honey when you have time, please stop by Kylie's. She has something so beautiful for you. Makes me start to cry just thinking about it. What a wonderful group of friends we have.

Love you,
Suze XO

Jim said...

"yeah, I've beat it this long, so I know I'll beat it again"

love your attitude girl
I have many friends who are fighting cancer

Babu Mendes

this girl is a source of inspiration to all