Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Hero is Dying.

We are but adrift upon turbulent waters in a sea filled with pain.

Today my heart was broken and scattered a million miles.
The words that fell upon my ears rippled through my soul like the shock waves of a rock thrown into the glassy surface of a calm lake.
It is an ugly disease that has caused my anguish. A disease that started as a tiny black cell. This cell has grown into a mass, and has eventually taken over the body of my hero. Silently it creeps through her veins, corrupting and killing the healthy cells and replacing them with the diseased ones. This is a terrible demonic disease whose name is no other than Cancer. My hero has fought a heroic battle that has lasted many years. She has faced this disease with the most amazing grace and spirit. I am humbled when I think of her courage. My only hope is that she can continue to battle with the same determination as before. I am ashamed of the hopelessness I felt today and the fear of my hero dying. Yes, today my heart was broken, for today I learned that Cancer has invaded my sister's brain.


Leah said...

Dear Cecile, I'm reaching out through the blogging ether to give you a hug--



Gig said...

Dear Cece,
I am sending you love and prayers, please know I wish I could take away the heartache...will be here if there is anything I can do...


kylie said...

oh no, not again........
my prayers and best wishes will be with you and your sister

bindhiya said...

Dear Cecile,
It is to late to call you...
please know that your sister is in my prayers..
here is a ((hug)) for you sweetie!


Suzanne said...

Oh baby. I'm so sorry. Just like every one else here, I'm only a phone call or email away. If you need anything, never hesitate. I love you and I'm sorry.

I'll say a prayer.


Suzanne said...

I talked to your sister and asked her if she wanted to dance. She said yes! You can find her at the cafe honey! We're going to waltz a bit, eat some birthday cupcakes and have some hot chocolate. Yipppeee! If Gig stops by, we'll all be line dancing in no time. Come on over if you have insomnia.


jeanetta said...

i'm so sorry dear friend.

'54Bomber said...

My dear Cecile,
Oh ... I am so sorry. I can't take away the pain that you're feeling. Please, all I can say is that my prayers are for your sister and you during this difficult time.


do you see her? does she live close? anything we can do to help? damn...

Suzanne said...

Thanks for the beautiful comment on my blog. Any time dear friend. I'm always here. You know that. And so is everyone else. We love you to bits.

You'll never believe this, but I drove to Elk Grove! I didn't hear from Robyn, so knew I couldn't have the flower cake delivered, so I rushed home from the park, cut a huge bouquet of roses and got back on the freeway. Good Lord! She better find the bouquet and card! After that trip she better show up at the Cafe too or I'm gonna be kickin' something! :)

As I was driving home and approaching our house, I looked at the beauty of our neighborhood, thought of your sister and started to cry thinking of you. Things can change in an instant. Just so you know, she and I had a wonderful time on the dance floor last night. Gig didn't show up, so we just waltzed, ate Leah's cupcakes and drank a lot of stuff we couldn't even pronounce (open bar!)! Yee Hawwww! She wants to see the bands this weekend, so give her a ride. Thanks honey!

Love you so very much,

Anonymous said...

My thoughts are with you and your sister, Cecile.

PJ in Moscow