Saturday, April 5, 2008

I'm just happy to be here.

It started with lightening and thunder all around. We felt as if we were lock inside a strobe light. The lightening was constantly dancing across the sky leaving a trail of loud thunder in it's wake. Then the torrential rains began to fall. Then a deadly quiet fills the land. The air is left balmy and humid. An eerie calm fills up the sky. We know the worse is yet to come. Soon, the wind picks up and the sound of a freight train fills your ears. Looming up above is a dark twisting funnel of doom. Dirt and timbers takes the place of air as this deadly mass hurdles toward the ground. It leaves in it's wake a noticeable path of destruction that no one can mistake.

But Mother Nature's wrath has not ended, for after the rain, the water follows. Already the rivers here in Arkansas have reached record highs in 25 years. But after this past week, I am sure there is more to come. Luckily, our home has been spared by both the flooding and the tornadoes. My heart goes out to those who haven't been so lucky.


Ashita said...

I like your writing, I felt like I was there. The pictures are intense, its scary to think something like that can happen without too much warning.

Suzanne said...

Hi honey. Wow. We're so grateful you and the entire family are okay. Everyone who has been through a natural disaster says the exact same thing, "It sounds like a freight train." And that is the absolute truth. Once you've experienced it, you never forget.

Thank you for this post. My heart goes out to everyone who wasn't so fortunate. I still haven't heard from Skeeter and I'm worried. I didn't have time to watch news today. Have you heard anything about Oklahoma?

Love you honey. Big hug and kiss,

Suzanne said...

Hi honey,

Before she erases, you have to see Bindi's current video of Serene. It's so funny I watched it way more than once! Serene's baby doll is wearing her sneakers. You will laugh so hard.

When dad had to put the sneaker back on and you hear the velcro, you will die. I was laughing so hard I cried! And just to see how tender Serene is with her baby doll is beyond precious.


floots said...

that's awful
glad you and yours are ok
like you
my heart goes out to those less fortunate
please keep us up to date
thank you

Gig said...

Hi Cece,
It is so scary seeing the pictures, I am so glad you all are ok.

Thanks for keeping us updated.
Also, thanks again for keeping in touch with Suze so she could let us all know that you and family were safe.

See ya at the "Onion"

CIELO said...

Oh wow... how sad and horrible to see (and I bet to have experienced)... I'm glad you and your family are OK.



jeanetta said...

i thougth about you gus last week as the storm were rolling in. i thinki wa sabout to im you when you signed off and our tornado sirens started blaring and ben had me shut it all down. so glad you are all safe


brings to memory the story about the three little pigs... why i dont know, perhaps your house is made of brick?

Gig said...

Had a message from Suze, she has been sick, still is not feeling good. That is why we she has not been on the pc, asked to pass the word. So, I wanted to let you know. Maybe if you get a chance you can call and check on her.
Let me know if you do, ok?

Gig said...

sorry, should be just she, no "we"
silly pc, not the operator...