Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dogs are amazing. I'm trying to type a new post, but I am currently under attack. The dogs are nudging and licking and nipping at me trying to get my attention. It's so wonderful how they are able to love so unconditionally. This has been a pretty crappy week for me, and I've had such a trouble with negative energy. I can feel the dogs making me happy. At first they made me smile, but Apollo made me laugh out loud when he started to nuzzle my ear with is cold nose. It gave me the cold chills. He is such a gently giant and is a perfect addition to our family. Plus, he is so happy.

I'm sure many of you remember when I first posted this picture. He was so filthy. He was covered with ticks and fleas, and had massive mattes of fur hanging loose. Plus, he was super skinny.
This is what he looks like now. I took him to the groomer and we took care of the matting hair, and the fleas and ticks. And he is looking much better now. He seems very happy here.
Although Javie dog is jealous, I think she is happy to have Apollo around. She is my shadow dog. I have had Javie since she was 5 weeks old. I have always been her "protector" from the kids. She greets me at the door every evening when I come home from work. She will follow me and snort at me until I sit down and pet her. She gets very verbal if I don't acknowledge her. She is such a princess.
The lighting in the L.R. cast an eerie effect to this picture of Apollo and the boys. The boys love him and it seems Apollo loves them back, although I don't see how. He is always trying to nuzzle and lick them.

Yep, dogs are amazing. Because they always make us feel loved.


just bob said...

I've always loved dogs. When I was on vacation last week, being around the two dogs at my mother's home was some of the best, and cheapest, therapy a man could ask for. Now if they would only let me nap a little longer on the couch....

Gig said...

Love the dogs!! Oh, and the "boys"!!! Glad you were able to post this...every little step turns into big steps. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make all the yukky stuff go away... *digging in closet for pretty pink wand*

I will think of you tomorrow while I work and you work. Sunday we have to take 4 gdaughters to camp for a week...Yippee for me...
oh, wait, I have to drive them 2 hrs,then set up 2 tents and all the other stuff. I think I will watch their Mom do the setting up, *grinning*.

I will call you while watching her work. Sounds like a plan to me!!
Hang in there, I have some clouds to post for ya, me

Anonymous said...


Animals are just great, aren't they? They always seem to have a knack for knowing when you're down and they do endless stupid things to cheer us up.

I imagine it's very hard to feel positive at the moment and it's a tough time, but we all know that you can get through it. You have wonderful people surrounding you in both your lives - offline and online. Just know that we're here for you if you need us.

Keep strong, honeybunch.

Peter xx

MJ said...


Kookaburra said...

What a terrific post. Apollo is adorable and I can see that he just loves to be with you all. Aftre all, why wouldn't he after all the kindness that you have shown him? Sorry to see that the boys are crook (sick).

Thinkin' of ya,


kylie said...

hi there cece,
i see you mentioned at peters place that youre having trouble being positive.
i just wanna tell you that you dont have to be positive if you dont want.
apollo is looking great and hopefully javie will get used to it and enjoy the company
have a great weekend
my love and prayers are with you and your family

Queen Goob said...

Something’s in the air - you know I've been thinking about the puppy all week, right? Did you notice the pant legs of the guy holding the puppy in the pictures? He’s a prisoner. We have a program here in which the prisoners take dogs from the local animal shelter(s) and train them manners. Not only is that guy I posted pictures of cute – he’s already learning manners.

I am SO happy that Apollo was lucky enough to find you guys. He’s gorgeous but then again my motto is the bigger the dog, the more to love. I know Javie is a bit jealous but then again, she is the woman of the house.

I hope this weekend brings you peace. Send the family off on an errand or two and take a oment outback with the dogs, a good book, and a big glass of ice cold lemonade. Nothing better than a moment of “me time”.

Hugs and much love,

Suzanne said...

Hi baby,

What did I tell you? I saw it the moment he came into your house. He was home and you just had to open your heart. And you did. I love you to bits. Your BIL treated him like crap and Apollo was just looking for someone to love him and someone he could love. I read this with tears in my eyes. Seriously. Some people are just good to their core. I love you for doing this. I do sweetie. When I suggested it, I felt the hesitation in your voice, but know you, and knew you would do the right thing. We were on the phone if you remember. And here we are, all these weeks later. I'm happy you know. This post is beautiful. And I love Javi for opening her heart to the possibility. She'll adapt and have a new best friend. They'll grow old together and that's a wonderful thing.

Thanks for doing all the things we discussed - flea/tick control, matt maddness, bath, etc. He looks so much better and healthier. You're the best Cece. When I die, if I come back as a dog, I would like to live with you. I expect to sleep on the bed! Move over Mommy! And no, I don't expect to come back as a small dog. Hope you have a king size bed. ;) I will be a sheep dog (you know how I love sheep). I expect to be shaved every spring in order to make it through the pathetic southern humidity. Get ready honey, cuz life is short!

Hang in there as well. We all love you so and will never let you down. You don't have to say or do anything. We'll just stop by to tell you how much we love and value you. Your dad will find his way and when he does you will find yours. I love you dear friend. You don't have to respond. Just know I'm thinking about you and so grateful another dog was saved from misery. You are such an amazing woman. I love you.

XO Suze

Cecile said...

I let Apollo and Javie in the house last night and then the boys and I walked across the street to my neighbors house for a bit. They played with her daughter and I chatted with her and we had a nice evening. When we got home, I had a huge mess. The dogs had torn into the trash can and has scattered trash through out the entire house. I was so mad a them I told them they were bad dogs, and made them both spend the night outside. Java sleeps inside on my couch, so she knew I was mad when I didn't let her back in. Then, today I cooked dinner and had it on the stove. The boys let the dogs inside, and I was folding laundry. I heard a pan being pushed around on the stove, so I came out of the laundry room to investigate. Apollo was standing with his front paws on the oven door eating our dinner out of the skillet on the stove. He had eaten almost all of it. He is way too big to be an inside dog. I got him down from the stove and made him go outside, but I did carry the skillet outside and let him finish his dinner. Then the boys and I ordered out. Crazy dogs. It's not like I don't feed them. I guess at least Apollo thinks I'm a good cook. lol. And one last thing. I took the boys to Starbucks after we ate. (I had sushi, they had BK) We were driving home when Forrest said, "Cecile."
I said, "Forrest."
And in such a grown up way, he said, "I think I have brain freeze."
It made me laugh until tears came from my eyes. He said it in such a matter of fact tone. It was hilarious. God, I love my kids, and my crazy dogs.

Suzanne said...


"Yes, Suzanne"

"Can you please let Apollo sleep inside?"


"Oh, come on you softy. Please."

"Okay, maybe."

"He isn't that big and he eats what you cook. He's a good dog."

"Well maybe."

"No really Cecile, there's room on the sofa."

"Okay, you're right."

Look how simple that was.


P.S. Forest, you're my hero! This is how I will talk to Mommy forever!

Cecile said...

I changed my mind. They both slept outside lastnight.

Cecile said...

But they did get to eat the remains of some mushroom flavored rice I fixed last night.

Queen Goob said...

I guess once you re-train yourself to not leave food out for the walking, giant, garbage disposal you'll let them back into the house to sleep… tonight, you big softy!

“Outside” when no one is at home and “inside” when you can keep an eye on the two of them. See, simple!

I’m off to bathe my 100lb lapdog. Have a fabulous day and know that those of us who love you are thinking of you often.

Robyn said...

Hey girly! Love the pics of your dogs and you know me...I am a lover of dogs as well. Glacier is my big ol'bear! great post. I really like the one with the boys! Too cute!
Thanks for stopping by I love seeing you there!