Thursday, July 10, 2008

I made it.

Well, I made it through my seven days of purgatory. And no one is dead. (At least not by my hands anyway.) You all know how I handled the students on Monday, and Tuesday they weren't a whole heck of a lot better. The first few minutes they were there they kept bringing me their culture plates and asking me if they were positive.

This is how the conversation went:

Me: "What do you mean? Are they positive for what?"

Students: "Are they positive for bacteria?"

Me: "Does it look like any bacteria is on the plate?"

Students: "I think so.?"

Me: (in the most irritated of all voices) "You mean to tell me that you cannot look at that plate and tell the difference between bacteria and no growth at all? A freaking kindergarten student could look at that plate and tell the difference between no growth and bacteria."

Students: "Well maybe there is some growth on it."

Me: "Well if you cannot tell for sure, then maybe you should gram stain it. As a matter of fact, you just need to gram stain all of your plates."

And off they went with their lab coat tails between their legs to gram stain ALL of their plates.

After that they were afraid to even ask me a question. I saw them sheepishly looking in my direction a time or two and so after I had cooled off a bit, I asked them if they had any questions.

"Yes" So I answered the questions they had and sent them on their way.

Wednesday. Only one student showed up, and he was a lot easier to deal with. He must have gone home and studied the night before, because he seemed to be able to function without much supervision.

Thursday (today): Today started out strangely enough. I pulled into my parking space at work and before I could roll my window up and turn off my truck, I had some crazy lady at my window. She told me a very unbelievable story about just getting released from the hospital and not having a ride home until tomorrow and so they had sent her to the Salvation Army, but they don't accept people until 4:30pm . And she was hungry and starting to feel weak and didn't have any money. I noticed a hospital armband on her wrist and was trying very hard to see if she was from the phyciatric ward of our hospital or if she was a patient of the State Mental Hospital from across the street. I was only able to make out her last name. I went ahead and gave her four dollars(I figured it would at least get her some breakfast or a cheap bottle of wine and it got her away from my truck). Then I got out and started to the building and stopped a couple of campus police officers and gave them the story. They took my description of the lady and my name and told me they would keep an eye out for her. And then they stood there and scanned the parking lot, presumably looking for her. (I'm not quite sure.) Anyway, I went on into work. The day was pretty normal. The Students came in and were able to finish their unknowns and they actually got all the right answers!!! So I told them I would see them next week. On my way home I got stuck in traffic. There was a terrible head on collision with a car fire on one of the access roads and it had traffic at a stand still. What normally takes me 35 minutes, too an hour and 20 minutes. But I am home, I am safe, and I am here trying to get caught up. Soon, I will be asleep and I am not getting up before 9 am in the morning.

Thanks for reading this to the end, those of you that have. I have a tendency to ramble when I'm tired, so SORRY!!


Queen Goob said...

I don't mind a good ramble now and again - I do the same thing. Weird about the lady, I hope she's okay.

Oh, and I hope the boys have stopped biting the dogs...LOL

just bob said...

I read all the way to the end. I certainly hope neither of those two nitwits end up as my doctor.

Cecile said...

I'm glad you like a good ramble. And yes, the lady was strange, but I was told that it was normal for that area. This is the second time I've been hit up for money like that in that area. I guess a lot of vets are homeless, and will come there asking for money, plus, just across the freeway is a very unsavory neighborhood and a lot of junkies puruse the parking lot looking for a kind face to get a hand out. I guess I must have a kind face. I think it is because I smile at people when I see them or say good morning to strangers.

Well,Bob, those two nitwits are studying to be pathologists, so, I suppose the worse that could happen is that they could read your cancerous tissue as negative, or your abnormal blood smear as normal, or perhaps botch up your autopsy after you've died from cancer causing anemia.

Kookaburra said...

My dear Cecile,

I'm pleased that your student was more tractable. Did you ever find out what happened to the crazy lady?
Being stuck in traffic for an hour, twenty can't have been much fun.

Cheers and beers,

kylie said...

hmmm, obviously pathologists dont know a whole lot about micro
have you decided to keep apollo? he looks irresistable, if BIG :)
have a wonderful weekend

Joyful Jo said...

We had polo our cat thrust upon us as well. After my step mum had her first big stroke, her grand-daughters bought Polo to keep her company. Polo was with her for only two weeks. Her son in-law brought Polo to us saying could we take him for a little while as they are not really cat people. After my step mum went home it was decided not to give him back to her as she may fall over him and injure herself. Then later on we found out that son in-law had already ordered a Ragdoll kitten. So much for not being cat people!! My step mum's family asked could we keep Polo instead of him being moved on to find another home. Although he is a lovely cat he has turned out to be the one that has cost us the most in vet bills.

Cecile said...

Yes, Apollo is ours now. And he is very happy to be here. I love him to death and he is where he should be.

I hope that even though Polo has cost a lot in vet bills, I hope that he has brough much joy to your family.

Sorry I went out of order. No, I don't know what happened to the crazy lady, I hope that she was able to get her some breakfast and find a ride home. Since I don't know for sure, I am just going to go on believing that my $4 made a difference to her that morning hope she was safe.

Joyful Jo said...

Yes we love Polo as well. He has a lovely temperment. Oh!! Simba has just walked in from outside looking cold. uhvklyg n Sorry that was Simba who has demanded to be fed and walked over the keyboard knowing this would get my attention. Simba has a more feral personality ( Mark's words) and is only attached to me.

CSI Seattle said...

I read through your last couple of posts to get caught up on the current events. Things have been a bit hectic I can tell. (Although, I'm glad you helped out the lady.)

I'll give you a hug if you promise not to break my face. Sorry, I'm just being careful never know.


P.S. I still use your Blog as my personal radio - we are connected by our music.

Cecile said...

I understand about animals being attached to just one family member. My Javie dog is kind of like an extention of my shadow.

I've heard a few new one's that I'm going to add to the list as soon as I can find them. And I'm not a violent person by nature, so I think your face is safe.

Gig said...

Hey you!
I am still fighting with my computer, so have been just reading and catching up on everybody. Hope to call real soon, enjoying quiet right now...down to 2 gkids and 2 extra pets...looking forward to you singing.

jeanetta said...

why does the summer seem so crazy. like everything has been turned on its ear?

Suzanne said...

I haven't read another words, but queen goob's. Like her, I'm worried about the lady. You dismiss her, but I don't. I can't find it in my heart. I just can't. And that in a nutshell is me.

I'll read more tomorrow. But now, I have to go to bed.