Saturday, July 19, 2008

My Sister and Me

Me and my beautiful sister, Theresa

Tomorrow is Theresa's birthday. She will be 51 years young. As all of you know, she has battled cancer for 10 years now. And isn't it amazing how she is still able to smile. Her journey started out as stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. But it quickly metastasized to her bone. From there it has migrated to her brain and liver, and it has shut down her production of red blood cells in her bone marrow. But yet, she is still able to smile. She is still able to have faith, and she is still able to show kindness to those whom she believes to be less fortunate that her. Less fortunate that her. I asked her today what makes a person less fortunate that you. This is her reply. " Almost everyone is less fortunate than me. Not everyone has you for a sister. And not everyone has the family support the way I do. But most importantly, not everyone has the faith that God will take care of them, the way I do. "

She's right, not everyone, or anyone for that matter, has the faith in God that she does. I think it is this faith that amazes me the most. I struggle each and every day to obtain it, but it shines within her. It shines in her eyes, in her smile, and in her laughter. Today her church sponsored a surprise birthday party for her. And I could tell that her heart was deeply touched. She cried, and laughed and we cried and laughed with her. She was very happy to have all of us there celebrating her life. Afterwards, I went back to her house and we just sat there and chatted and visited. She was tired from this little excursion out, so she laid on the couch and I sat on the floor and rested my head on the couch beside her. I have enjoyed my day with her. It was a good day. And although my heart is overflowing with emotion, I feel happy and at peace. I know that my time with my sister is short, just as it is with my dad, but they have both made their peace with God and they are ready for him to take them home whenever God sees fit to call on them.


Kookaburra said...

G,day Theresa,


How wonderful that your church gave you a surprise Birthday party.
Cecile tells me that she had a great time with you at your home. I can see that from the lovely picture of the two of you. From the photo, you two look like you could get up to all sorts of shenanigans if left to your own devices :)

Cheers and God bless,
Mark xx(( )) and (( ))xx

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Theresa, a beautiful lady with a beautiful sister.

A lovely post, Cece honeybunch.

Peter xx

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful. You said it yourself best...
"My filled to the very rim with love, beauty, and joy."

Suzanne said...

Hi baby. I write this with so much love and joy. I know what it is to be a sister and to love someone beyond measure. Like you, I come from a big family. I know. I just know. We often say in our family we're so lucky. Nothing tragic, nothing awful. We just skim by. Unfortunately you haven't. I can't even imagine the pain. But know in your heart I'm with you. I love you to pieces Cece and hope you find your way.

My heart goes out to your sister and dad. I know the future isn't bright, but they have made peace with life and that is a wonderful thing.

With so much love,

kylie said...

you two are quite alike, aren't you?
it's a great picture, the essence of joie de vivre.
blessings on you and yours, cece



Queen Goob said...

What a great day you guys had. And what a blessing to share such a love.

Cherish the moments and the memories.

As always, with much love,

Robyn said...

You are a beautiful soul! Happy birthday girly!
I am a sister too...and yes! I am blessed as you are as well!

Suzanne said...

Hi honey. Thanks for the comment on my blog. You made me laugh. Yup, pink baseball cap!!! And about bathroom boy, I always say to Rob, "I want to move where there are no idiots, and he kindly replies, "The world is filled with assholes." Hey! That's not fair.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Theresa!!! She is BEAUTIFUL!

I think God put her here to help you and everyone around your sister learn about faith, hope, and love. YOU are also fortunate to have a sister like her. She is truly a wonderful soul!! Thank you for sharing her story with us.


bindhiya said...
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bindhiya said...

Dear Cece,
What a lovely post for your sister!!
Happy Birthday to Theresa..

Sweetie, you are blessed with a loving family. knowing a close knit family is a blessing..
thank you for sharing this beautiful picture...

have a beautiful day.
♥ & ((hugs))

Cecile said...

Theresa fell and broke her arm today. She has to have surgery tomorrow to put a pin in it. She is doing alright though. I'm having a really crappy day at work. And Nathan is sick, but other than that this week has been a total bitch and I can't wait until it is over. I'm caught in the downward spiral. And I cannot climb out.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, Cecile! We're all rooting for you and your sister.


just bob said...

Theresa sounds like an awesome sister. There are some pretty cool people in your family Cecile... you included.

Cecile said...

She made it through surgery fine. The Dr. is concerned about the break. There is a huge tumor in most of the bone,and he is afraid of a spirling effect. Not sure what that means, but my sister, Carol who is an RN seemed to understand. He used the smalled pin he could use, stating that this may help. He also informed us that she is not responding to the Chemo for her liver. He had given her a prognosis of about 6 months, but he is afraid that this break will shorten it to 2-3 months. But I am sure that if Theresa has anything to say about it, that she will beat the odds. I'm trying to think positively, so encouragement helps.

just bob said...

Theresa seems to be a strong-willed woman. She'll do much better than her doctors expect. I'll keep all of you in my thoughts.

just bob

Anonymous said...

You and Theresa are in my prayers!!!


Anonymous said...

What a terrible week for you and Theresa ands Nathan.
We are all here for you.
Theresa and yourself are in my prayers also.


Kookaburra said...

that was me

Gig said...

Kicked the "bossy" gdaughter off the computer,lol.
Wanted to wish Theresa Happy Birthday!! I love the picture of the two of you.

I am glad the surgery went ok on her arm. I will continue with prayers for her and your Dad. I hope Nathan is feeling better too.
It is almost Friday dear friend, hope the weekend is better for you, love you Gig

Gig said...

Hey there,
I will call this weekend, probably Sunday afternoon. Will you be working?

Ok, I am off to visit Suze, before "bossy", but loveable boots me off here, ha, ha. Plus, I have to do lots more hair

Leah said...

Cece, all my love and good thoughts to you and Theresa and your whole family--
love and hugs--I'm thinking about you--