Thursday, April 23, 2009

Back to the Future

Well, this week is National Laboratory Professionals Week, and our Lab has been celebrating all week long. Today, was the best. Today was 80's day. We got to dress up and be cool all day long. It was really a lot of fun! Wow! work was a lot of fun for a change. Anyway, I thought I would show you all some pics of me. I'll try to post the group picture as soon as my co-worker emails it to me.

By hair became a bit more flat after driving home in the car with the windows down.

This one was taken early in the morning while the hair and makeup was still fresh!


Suzanne said...


You look amazing!!!!

You know, Cece and I were just on the phone looking at this post until her monitor crashed and the kids needed to eat. Kids...they're so demanding! She had a hilariously fun day. I think she looks amazing, but I told her if she was driving next to me on the freeway, I'd freak! She said the hair color is "spray" and should wash out in the shower. I'm secretly hoping it doesn't. Why? Cuz that would be too funny.

I had a rough, rough, rough, rough day and laughing with Cece made it more digestible. I kid you not. I wrote a post, but didn't post. She asked "What's wrong?" I wouldn't tell her. She asked again. I told her. She was kind and generous as always. And smart. She gave good advice as always. She helped me navigate something that hurt me so deeply today and did so with her usual grace and Southern charm. I was crying and said, "But it's so awful, do you still want to hear?" And she said "Yes, what's wrong?" I'm lucky to have beautiful friends. I am you know. I look at every single one and think I'm so fortunate because they stick with me in good times and bad. They never make me edit. They simply open their heart.

Cece had an amazing day today, filled with fun and laughter. I did not. Yet she asked. She listened. She cared. And I am forever grateful to a woman who has the courage to drive down the freeway with "THAT HAIR," but only willing to take the kids to Taco Bell because it's drive-thru and "no one will notice!!!" Yup, she's a hoot and that's why I love her so.

Thank you Cece for this post, this day, this friendship.

I love you very, very much,

just bob said...

I dress like it's the 80's everyday. Probably because that is the last time I went shopping for clothes.

Megan said...

Omigod I had that exact hairdo in 1986. We are talking EXACT.

Leah said...

Mine was white blonde with a Ziggy Stardust Orange stripe.

You are absolutely beautiful, Cece. I LOVE IT!!!

kylie said...

remember how we used to absolutely cringe about everything 70s ?
the 70s seem stylish compared to the 80s
i have a denim jacket exactly like that one. it dates from 1986 and i still wear it!!
join the club, bob :)

Joyful Jo said...

I also had a denim jacket that i would wear to work. I agree the fashions were better in the 70's and the music was too. Helen listens to songs of the 70's and thinks they are new until i tell her they were songs from my era.

kylie said...

oh, and you really look very professional for lab professionals week :)