Thursday, April 30, 2009

How about a Young Hero?

Meet Emily.

She is my Hero for the week. She has started a website at to raise money to feed starving children in Africa. She has already raised over $8,000. I think it is amazing that at age 11, this little girl has already done so much for humanity. It sort of makes you think about the abilities of our youth today. It also makes one hopeful about our future. I hear my boys say things on a daily basis that surprise me. Our children today are being taught some very wonderful things. I believe that some of the parents of this next generation are actually attempting to instill family values, and respect for others into their offspring. Nathan told me the other day that we needed to start recycling so that we could clean up the Earth and get healthy. They are all the time talking about exercise and how it is good for them. And they are very conscientious about what foods they eat as well. They are always asking me if what they are eating is healthy. Unfortunately, I cannot always say yes. But this little girl inspires me. I heard about her on a local radio station, They have ordinary listeners of the week, and they interview common everyday people. Emily is the ordinary listener this week. A visit from some missionary's to her church inspired her to help the starving children of Africa. I am amazed at the fact that she felt that she had the power to make a difference. At age 11, she has been able to organize this, can you image what she will be empowered to do at age 23?


Suzanne said...

SHE'S AMAZING!!!!! She's inspired me to do so much more than I do. I've often talked about starting a non-profit. I'm going to seriously research this year.

Your kids are so special too. You have a couple of keepers!

Hey babe, when you have a few free minutes, stop by the WO. It's Kylie's birthday. Somehow we all screwed up, but Bob didn't, so there's a party going on.

Love you dear and hope Friday is kind to you.

P.S. Wonderful post.

Walker said...


Its great what she has chosen to do and as you said kids today are becoming more aware of what is happening around their area and around the world.
Its good to see them taking an active roll in making things better for those who are not as lucky or in some cases helping to preserve the enviroment.
If politicians and CEOs of large companies did the say the future would be brighter for the future kids who come into this world