Sunday, April 19, 2009

Packers at Play

I thought I would share a little live action shots of the boys flag football game a couple of weeks ago. This was such a hard played game. They boys played really well, even though we still lost. The final score was 25 to 19. But they really had a good time. This first picture is of me keeping score. It was so windy that day, that the volunteer score keeper gave up during half time. So I pitched in and helped out. I love this picture of Nathan. Click it to make it larger and laugh your asses off at the face he is giving that other boy. I do believe this is called staring down the competition!
Nathan is playing center and I think Forrest(red and black shorts left of Nathan) was a running during this play. As you can tell, Nathan was ready to get that play rolling.

Here is a picture of Forrest chasing down the boy with the ball. Every one else in this photo is so serious. They all have such concentration on their faces, but not my Forrest, he is all smiles and that is why I love this photo.

I am proud of the boys. They improve with every game they play. This is our first time in an organized sport and I am thrilled with the coaches we got. They are so easy going and they are in it to have fun. They are great for our boys self esteem and I think that all of the boys, not just mine are really having a good time out there on the field. No pressure, just good wholesome fun.


Joyful Jo said...

Hi Cece,
It looks like the boys are having a great time. Takes me back to Helen's early days of basketball. I did do the scoring a couple of times. she did enjoy it then. although some parents took it too seriously.
I'm home on 2 days sick leave with a sore neck. Don't know i did it but it is stiff and hurts to turn my neck. as with the job i do i felt i had to give it rest so it can heal.
Sorry about all your bad luck of late and i hope the wind changes for you.

Cece said...

I hope the wind changes soon too. I bent over to pick up some dirty clothes from the floor this afternoon, and I was not sure I could straighten back up. Ibuprofen has helped it, but I'm a bit worried about work tomorrow. Hope your neck gets better soon.

just bob said...

I played center in flag football too. Thanks for bringing back some very cool memories of grade school.

Go Packers!

Suzanne said...

Too funny. Who's the girl? I like her there. I hope she was part of the game and not just a cheerleader!

Now about your back. Are you okay? Rob's mom is going to the doctors Tuesday because of her back. She took up a rug and ruined her back. Complete fluke. I'll try to call tomorrow. Take care of yourself, and lots of Ibuprophen please.

And Jo, what did you do? Oh my goodness. Lots of Ibuprophen!!! I'm so serious. It's said that if you get it in the very beginning you have a chance. I hope you feel better soon. My love to you dear. Hang in there.


P.S. I played center in flag football as well. But did so in an ugly red gym outfit. Go Packers!!!

Cece said...

The girl was a player on the other team. They had two girls on their team. We have one girl on our team, but she has only showed up for one game and two practices, so she hasn't played much. It is too bad too because she is a really good player and we could have used her alot!!!! I hurt my back lifting that DAMN monitor. At times, I can hardly move. Well, I must get back to work.

Megan said...

Oh, those flag football days! Aren't they fun? Go Packers!!!

Mr. Shife said...

Awesome. Look forward to times like this with my little man.