Monday, January 26, 2009

Ice on the Way

I was hoping for a nice relaxing day today. I had several things planned, but unfortunately, things didn't turn out exactly the way I had hoped. I planned on starting my day by taking the kids to school, then going to get a massage, and then going and visiting with family and friends. I wanted to go see Bindi, Noah, and Serene. I wanted to have lunch with my best friend Natalie. And I was going to spend a little bit of time with my mother. Instead, I was up half the night dealing with sick children. That's right plural. CHILDREN. They are both very sick. I think it is just a really bad head cold, but is it making them miserable, and I hate to see them miserable. So, I had to keep them home from school. I REALLY wanted my massage. I had been anticipating it for well over a week and so I called up the greatest neighbor in the world, and she came over and sat with the boys while I went and got my massage and got some Gatorade and Sprite from Fred's. When my husband came home from his trip, he sounded terrible. Apparently, he has the same thing they have. So all three of my boys are piled up in the living room watching T.V. I cancelled my trip to Bindi's and lunch with my friend, and I told my mom I would see her this weekend. I made some home made chicken noodle soup, and so far I am the only one that will eat it. I managed to force two bites down Nathan and one bite down Forrest. And that is it. And to top everything off, we have an ice storm on the way this evening. That should make my drive to work tomorrow fun. Anyway, I hope you all are having a great week and wish me luck on fighting off this head cold. AHHHHHCHOOOOOO! OH I hope it's not too late!


Leah said...

OH, Cece dear, we've got it too. Poor Hedgehog with a fever of nearly 103, Hubby with manflu, and myself with shivers and headache...

my thoughts are with you in the Land of Mamas, where there is no rest for the weary!

xoxoxoxo and a thousand more.

Queen Goob said...

Gosh I hope you don't get it, too. It's horrible with one man in the house not feeling good and you have three, UGH!

Stay healthy and eat that soup! I know everyone understands and most likely are thankful you didn't bring all the yucky germs around them.


HEY, those hugs were for Forrest and Nathan!

Here's yours....HUGS!

just bob said...

Plenty of vitamin C and Airbourne to boost your immunity.

Megan said...

Best of luck eradicating the sickness and drive safe tomorrow.

I'd love some soup...

Suzanne said...

I've already had it. Then think I got it again two days ago. My vet had it twice. I thought that was odd. Now I don't think it's odd at all!!! RC's sick too. So are her children. It just a pathetic mess, isn't it?! Take Bob's advice and also lock yourself in the bathroom with the dogs. That should help.

HI HONEY!!!!!! Yes, I can finally form a complete sentence! I think this might just be my last "YUCKY" day, and possibly the beginning of yours! Good luck baby!

Sorry you didn't get to see Bindi and the kids today. Was so looking forward to that. I didn't call her because I still have a headache and talking on the phone isn't all that much fun. Hopefully tomorrow. And speaking about tomorrow, please don't go to work if you don't feel well. I want you to take care yourself. In fact I was so happy to hear you had your massage today. Good for you!!!

I love you baby. We'll chat when we're all feeling better.

Leah ~ feel better soon and wear one of your knitted sweaters and pair of socks please. Hedgehog, please be careful at 103, that's pretty nasty. Maybe you should stop scaring Mommy now. Okay? And hubby, come on honey, please get well soon so you can take care of my Leah!

QG ~ Hugs to you beautiful! Hi honey!

Megan ~ Something's going to sink that boat. Soup'll probably do it!!! You know what's going to happen in that painting, don't you???!!! Hi honey!

Hi Bob!



chin up, chest out and head to the bar... always works for me...

Cece said...

I did a Flu test on my husband this morning and the results are in. He is positive for Flu A. Which doesn't bode well for the kids. They are most likely positive as well. I am going to call our DR. this morning during my break and try to see if I can't get some antiviral meds to head this off. I can't be sick. The drive into work this morning was fine. The ice didn't hit so hard last night. They think conditions will worsen today and things will be bad tomorrow. Parts of Arkansas are expected to get up to two inces of ice. There goes the neighborhoods. Or at least the power in the neighborhoods. I'll keep everyone posted on weather and health. But I must get nose back to grindstone. Several people that work with us are chicken Shites and they didn't brave the wet streets this morning. Perhaps I should have made soup out of them. HA!

Leah said...

How are you guys?

Ella has strep throat. Ugh. I'm getting shack wacky.


just bob said...

I'm getting shack wacky.

Nicotene makes shack whacky worse.

Cece said...

Well, the boys are doing better. They went to school for the first day today. They made it the whole day and I was suprised. HB went to work tonight, so I assume he is feeling better. I haven't caught it yet. I've had a bad headache for the past couple of days. But I am better. I took a tylenol 3 with codine.

Renee said...

Thanks so much Cece. Keep warm.


kylie said...

hi cece,
this computer of mine is pretty old & tired and i've had trouble loading your page so i read your post but couldnt comment. now that i'm finally here i was gonna make sympathetic noises but after reading the comments all i wanna say is THANK HEAVENS I'M IN AUSTRALIA
our flu season will start soon enough though

lots of love