Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Worst is Over. I Think?

As all of you know, we have been battling a nasty virus called Flu A this week.

And I think that the worst is finally over. The boys made it through an entire day of school Friday, and HB (husband) went back to work Friday night. They slept through the entire night last night in their own beds. This is the first time all week at least one of them did not have breathing difficulty and come get in bed with me. Isn't it amazing how much better they sleep when they sleep with their parents? Unfortunately, when they get in bed with me, I don't sleep from that moment on. I keep hearing there gargled breathing and the force air through their swollen and mucous filled nasal passages into their inflamed and congested lungs. But last night was different. I'm not saying they breathed easier, I'm just saying they didn't wake up. So when I woke up I went to their room to check on them. You know just to make sure they were still breathing and didn't choke on their own snot during the night. I was horrified when I looked and my sweet Nathan's face.

What are those bumps all over him. The one thing that kept going through my mind was CHICKEN POX!!! Oh no, he has chicken pox on top of everything else. I grabbed his arms and check them for bumps, but I didn't find any. I checked his legs, nope, none there. I turned him over, by this time to much protest because I had awaken him during my frantic search. I checked his back and flipped him back over and checked his tummy. No pox marks anywhere else, just his face. Then I looked at his nose, and his lips. They are so dry and chapped. My next thought was impetigo due to Strep Throat. I had made my decision. I was going to take him to work and do a strep screen on him. But as the day passed his bumps started going away. By noon, they were almost gone. I guess he must have slobbered last night and got a little rash on his face from the moisture. I have been putting Vaseline on his nose and mouth and he is looking much more presentable. Luckily, Forrest didn't get as chapped. He has a small spot on his nose that I have been doctoring, but that is it. So, I think we are out of the woods.
I have lucked out so far and not come down with the symptoms that they have had. I have been battling a terrible headache for the past four days that seems to come and go at it's leisure. It will hit me really hard, but when I sleep for awhile, it goes away. Today it came back accompanied with leg aches, too. But after two hours in bed, the leg aches went away, and my headache diminished. After some Aleve, my headache receded too. I think I just need lots of rest and relaxation. And that is what I plan to do tomorrow. I went to the grocery store yesterday and picked up every one's requested food for the super bowl game and we are going to veg out, drink margarita's (adults only) eat what we want and watch the game. Yep, hopefully tomorrow will be like heaven! Go Red Birds! (I'm originally from Missouri, of course I'm rooting for the Cardinals. Besides, Kurt Warner is HOT!)


Megan said...

Poor little guy! That picture is such blackmail fodder for the future. :)

Glad that all the boys of the house are on the mend and I hope you escape it. Enjoy your margaritas tomorrow!!

I'd hug you, but I don't want any germs! ;)

just bob said...

Feel better! just bob

Cece said...

I know, doesn't he look pitiful? It breaks my heart to see them when they feel bad.

Bob, I hope you feel better too!.

reyjr said...

hope they get better soon! :D

Gig said...

Hey there!!
I hope this finds the "boys" much better. Sorry bout the Cardinals, but hope the Margaritas were great.

Hopefully I will get to chat this week sometime...

Love ya,
Gig, xoxo

Suzanne said...

Look honey...all our friends are here. It's like Cheers!!!

He doesn't look so good. I don't feel so good. Here Nathan, come stay with Aunt Suzy!

Stay healthy honey. I love you!

Hi everyone!

Walker said...

There is a bad case of the flu going around here too.
Makes you wonder hwta the hell the flu shot was for if everyone is getting the flu.
I hope you don't catch it to and get the rest you need.

Anonymous said...

Oh NO!!!

We just survived a round of bronchitis and ear's lovely. I'm popping the Vitamin C hoping I won't get it. I'm deluding myself, right?

Cece said...

I don't know, we are 9 days into the flu and I haven't caught it yet. There may be something about Vit C and air borne and flu reducer. I've been taking all three faithfully. Along with some healthy doses of hydrocodon to eleviate the headaches I've been plagued by. Hope to have a new post up soon. Everyone take care!

Cece said...

By the way, Fever came back lastnight, both boys throat looks like they swallowed a couple of bouncy balls and they are striped like a candy cane. We are headed to the Dr. today.

Anonymous said...