Friday, January 16, 2009

Young Love

My Forrest is in love for the first time. It is a bit frightening and sweet all rolled up in one. I let him talk to his "girlfriend" on the phone today. The conversation was priceless. He was very shy, but he managed to muster enough courage to tell her that he liked her and that he thought she was pretty. I don't know what she told him back, but his cheeks got really red and his respiratory rate increased. After he got off the phone he told me that he really needed a glass of water. His throat felt tight and he was really hot! He sort of kind of went out on his first "date" tonight. At least that is how he tells it. He "heart loves" a girl in his class named Bronwyn. She is adorable, and today we took her swimming with us at the Community Center. At first they were both very awkward around each others, but as time passed they seemed to be more comfortable about spending time away from school with each other. After we got home, I caught him drawing on a piece of paper. This is a photo of what he drew. He told me that he didn't want to go to sleep tonight because he was afraid that he would not still "heart love" Bronwyn in his sleep. I told him that sleeping was perfectly safe and that he would still heart love her no matter what.
This moment is hard for a mother. It is proof that my baby is growing up quicker than I want him too. Soon the innocence that he possesses will be lost, and he will be just a boy. Well, maybe not just a boy. He will always be my little Forrest Grump!


Cece said...

Yes, I meant Grump at the end. He is sweet, but he is also very grumpy in the mornings. That is how he got his nickname, Grumpybear. It is a combination of Gump and Grumpy with bear at the end.

kylie said...

he's young

thats so sweet, none of our lot have been in love yet, atleast not that they would say, although dimples is apparently known as "the ladies man" at school, thats when he's not being the drama queen :)


Joyful Jo said...

Wow I agree with kylie that does seem young.
Helen has had a string of boys only this year. I was freaking out when she had her first. Her relationships seem to be based on friendships than an actual relationship. They have all been for a couple months then she breaks their boyfriend/girlfriend part off but says we are still friends. I wonder if the boy get too serious with her so she ends it. I am more relaxed now about it all when she tells me she is meeting a couple of boys.
I remember when she was in prep at school and came home saying she had to marry this boy called mark because she had kissed him under the playground table. She was all of 5 years old. Anyway enjoy the innocence while you can.

Walker said...

That was really cool and good for him to have the courage to make a leap and show his feelings.
Shows alot of confidence even if it is a little shaky but its only because its the first time.

just bob said...

Hi Cece.

Megan said...

Liam doesn't tell me any of that kind of stuff. Do you think I should ask?

kylie said...

my liam looks at me like i'm gone in the head when i ask about girls. i'm sure that he is going to wait and watch and one day he will decide "she is the one"

he's like that

Suzanne said...

Precious. As an artists and friend, my best and only advice is take that drawing and put it somewhere he will never find it!!! Seriously. It's awesome. You can pull it out and reflex when the grandkids start arriving. Probably not with Bronwyn because you know how fleeting first love is, but with "the one." His drawing will remain a treasure and the measure of your ability to grow as a parent. Art matters.

Great post and love the comments and all our friends. Are we lucky or what?

Love you so much,

P.S. You're a good mom. ;)

Mr. Shife said...

This is an awesome post Cece. Like you said it is bittersweet for you because your boy is growing up but thanks for sharing a wonderful moment.

Kookaburra said...

G'day Cece,

Happy birthday!!
Forget the unwashed dishes, the dirty laundry and the millions of other jobs that need to be done.
It's your birthday, so put down those rubber gloves and celebrate in style.

Cheers and beers ( or whatever else takes your fancy!),

Kooka. (Mark)

Queen Goob said...

How terrifyingly exciting for him! I think he was AWESOME on the phone and on his “date”.

My son just this moment (okay three minutes ago) that he and his girlfriend just won "Sweetheart Week" at school. Ahhh, young love.

Gig said...

Another Happy Birthday to you!!!
Sorry that you are having to work so hard on your day!

Glad you have tomorrow off...sleep in and enjoy the day. Go visit the onion and have a toddy or two with you know who,*winks*

love ya,
hugs and kisses

Suzanne said...

Yes, it's true, I think one should always "reflex" on life. Oh my God that's too funny!



Anonymous said...



Queen Goob said...

Hope your birthday continues to be fabulous; just wanted to stop by and say hi. Enjoy your day!