Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Cotton, a simple but elegant plant that once made our nation great.

The beauty of cotton expands much farther than just a beautiful landscape.

It also makes comfortable clothes.

Have you ever given much though on what you wear and how it makes you feel? For instance t-shirt and jeans are a wonderful casual attire that makes a woman feel comfortable and confident. And some times they can even make a woman feel sexy.

Imagine the gentle silky feel of satin and the delicate but rough feel of lace. The two together arouses the senses. This is a wonderful and sexy combination of textiles.

And combine that with a sexy man that isn't interested in the textiles, but is interested in your body......

Well, that's enough to make any woman feel sexy.


Leah said...

Ooo! NC17! Nice one!

Cece said...

Yeah, sex sells!

MJ said...

That's my movie boyfriend so hands off.

Especially you, Leah. You already have Alan Rickman.

Walker said...

Cottom has a nice feel to i t butr then it depends who is wearing at the time i am feeling it ;)

Suzanne said...

You know me, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE COTTON!!!! I saw the first photo and melted, then the second. That second photo is absolutely awesome. Everyone else is talking about sex and all I see is that gorgeous photo!!! Is something wrong with me???!!! I know Cece. I know. I'm just very visual and the second photo is stunningly beautiful. I'd do without sex to sit in that field. Seriously. Why? Because I've had great sex, but I've never sat in that field and looked at that much beauty.

Baby, where'd you get that photo? I want a print to frame and hang somewhere in this house. Yes, that's how much I love it.

Oh, and cotton. Well as a vegetarian and also someone who's been "green" a very long time, I wear mostly cotton (hopefully organic). I suppose that's because I barely get out of a tee-shirt and jeans and if I do I'm usually naked!!! I'm a pretty simple woman. Shut up! I know you're laughing.

Here's why we're laughing. Cece called today. I have the trifecta: a migraine, my period with cramps and a really piss-poor attitude. What?! Some girls just gotta have fun. Cece always calls and says the same beautiful words "Hi, watchadoin?" She has the sweetest southern voice you could ever imagine. I said "Honey, I'm sick. I have a migraine and my period and can't talk. It's not that I don't love you, I'm just so ill." Two hours and a dead cell phone later our converstation ended. But not without too many laughs to mention. The woman cracks me up.

Laughing creates endorphines. While talking to Cece I felt better. When the conversation ended I thought "OH MY GOD MY HEAD HURTS!!!" I'm going to give you all some advice. If Cece ever says "Give me your phone number." Run, don't walk, just shove it at her because you'll never regret a single moment. I'm so damn serious. She's a gem and she's funny and doesn't even try. Let me just say this, Cece is not like me, she's rather quiet and her humor is mostly dead-pan which makes it even funnier! The woman kills me. Cece, you know this. Sorry honey, I'm outting you!!! Honey, is that how you spell "outting?" or is it "outing?" Who fucking knows. Leah!!! Kylie!!! Bob!!!

Baby, I love you. Thanks for calling and thanks for making me talk. You really are a true friend and the best. I needed you today, I just didn't know it. Yes honey, my head still hurts and I'm all crampy and miserable!!! Why can't you just live next door with everyone else and fix me?!!!

I love you sweetie. I do.

XO I need that photo!

merelyme said...

Oh My Golly. You need to visit Matanzas Creek (sp?) the winery in California - besides good wine they have gorgeous grounds. Lavender up the wazoo. We are on the five year plan to re-create it in our yard. (Suzanne - do you live close enough? Then with your rose can kick it up a notch/photograph your own peace!)

Megan said...

Water grows food and clothes!

Cece said...

And Megan, Water is wonderful to skinny dip in.

Merelyme, welcome to my blog. It is so nice to have you here. I'll try to stop by and say hi in your neck of the woods soon.

MJ, there's enough of him to go around. Besides, the French love three ways. I know, you and Johnny are Canadian. But you still have French ancestors.

Cotten feels nice, no matter who is wearing it.

I love you too. Your comment made me smile in my quiet sort of way. I'm just so glad I could help, even if it was only for a few hours.

Suzanne said...

Now see, Cece's being a smart ass when she says "in my quiet sort of way." I'm laughing so hard. That's what she's like, a little smart ass!!!! She's brilliant at being Cece. Trust me! Oh, and must I remind you she does it all in the sweetest little southern voice. I always leave a conversation feeling as if I'm dripping in chocolate.

I wove you too fuzzy wuzzy!!!! And thanks for saving me from two hours of hell. Unfortunately the pain returned as soon as we were so rudely disconnected. Why the hell can't someone remember to recharge all my phones???!!! No really, cuz I can't.

Why does Merelyme look so familiar? Are you on my blog? If you are, forgive me, I have too much on my plate at the moment. I'm going to find you and figure it all out. You are on my blog, aren't you. Good Lord!!! Oh, and don't even get me started with lavender. I not only have a rose thing, I have a HUGE lavender thing. *Closes eyes, puts hands over ears..."Don't speak!"*

XO to all!

P.S. MJ is not allowed near MY movie boyfriend. He's all mine, at least from the head. The body I'm not to sure about!!! She can have that.

P.P.S. Baby, I need the info about the second photo. Don't make me call you!

just bob said...

Hi Mahonney.

Queen Goob said...

OMG - you showed NIPPLAGE!

But I'll forgive as Mahonney was right there to save the day.

Cece said...

GASP! No sweet little ol' me!

Mahonney says hi back.

I don't know where I got the photo. I just googled Cotton and it appeared, so I saved it and poof here it is! How's the headache? Do I need to call you tonight. Make sure you're phone is charged up this time.

Renee said...

Cece I wanted to thank you for writing on my blog, but mostly I wanted to tell you I am so sorry to hear that you have lost your sister.

It is a real bastard of a disease. Did she have inflammatory breast cancer as well? To live 10 years with IBC is a long time.

I'm sure you miss her everyday.



Renee said...

Cece thank you for sharing. Your friend Suzanne is a real sweetheart.



jeanetta said...

What did you do put Johnny Depp's head on Matthew McConahey's body?
Not that I am complaining or anything. :)