Friday, June 20, 2008

Cloud 9?

I'm not sure if you all have figured this out about me yet or not, but I love clouds.
I find them extremely fascinating and beautiful. Clouds are what makes a sunset beautiful.
I could lie on the grass for hours and gaze at the clouds. I love to watch them drift across the sky constantly shifting and shape changing before my eyes. It is so much fun to watch the shapes transform into turtles, and rabbits, and objects that we see everyday. I've seen ancient dragons, and unicorns and armadillos in the clouds. Tonight we were blessed with some thundershowers around our state once again. I don't think we are in for anything severe, but we never really know what the weather will bring around here lately. But I was able to capture a couple of beautiful cloud pictures, and of course, I could think of no one better to share them with than all of you. Everyone have a wonderful weekend, and don't forget to watch the clouds for some fun and relaxing weekend entertainment.

It also appears that BOB has tagged me with a meme. The task is to write your memoir in six words: Well, I'm not so sure mine will be as eloquent as Bob's but I shall give it a try.

The Wholly Mother of Twin Terrors


Wholly means that I am still searching for things in life to fill the empty spaces in my soul. I've already mentioned a few times that due to unfortunate events last year, I have been struggling to make my way back to God. But I am wholly committed to find something to believe in and to make myself whole once more.

Mother is a no brainer. I am a mother as simple as that. I love being a mother although it is sometimes very exhausting. Like today for instance. I am the type of mother that gives every ounce of my heart to my children. When they feel pain, I hurt too. When they are sad, I want to cry. When they are happy, it warms my heart in a way that words cannot describe. Their smile and laughter is like music. The sweetest song in the world.

Twin Terrors would be my boys. You see they are identical twins, and although I love them with every fiber of my being, they can drive me to drink and very close to murder at times. They know all of the right buttons to push and which way all the switches should be turned. They love to terrorize the dog, and they enjoy chasing the neighbor girls with frogs. Yes, they truly are twin terrors of turbulence. But they are a lot like their mom, and more like their dad, so I can't help but love them.

But what about The and Of you ask? Give me a break, I'm a working mother of twin 6 year old boys. The and Of were filler words.

I almost forgot, I must now tag someone else.

Drum roll please, and no groans.........

Ramblings from Gigsville

PJ's Face



54 Bomber


kylie said...

oh man.....
can i just borrow your 6 words?

Cecile said...

Now Kylie,
I know you are wonderful with words. I am sure you can come up with your own 6.

kylie said...

i might be ok with words but encapsulating my life......whole other story. take a peek at what i came up with

Kookaburra said...

Well; it's certainly challenging.
Lovely cloud photos BTW. You have a good eye for detail. Great photoa of your town too. Everything looks so clean and tidy. Not like my shabby neighbourhood I'm sorry to say.

Gig said...

*holding head in hands and GROANING very loud*

Can I just rearrange your words?

Ok, I will see what I can do...

Kookaburra said...

photos not photoa. I forgot to preview again.

Kookaburra said...

Aahh! Hello Gig!!

Gig said...

Hi Mark!!

Happy Birthday Suze!!

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone!

Cece - *trying not to groan* - I shall see what I can come up with! It's gonna have to be good to beat everyone else's!!

take care,
Peter x

Leah said...

Actually, this is a great tag. I love your autobiography, and I love the post. Okay, I'm off to think about it.


Leah said...

Oh, wait, that wasn't meant to sound snarky. I hope it didn't. xo again.

Cecile said...

Well, in the famous words of Suzanne,"You know I am laughing."

Kylie, I'll go take a peek, and I'm sure it will be wonderful.

Kookie, AKA Mark, get the thinking cap on. And yes, most of the town is clean, there are a few sections of town that could use some work, but I love Little Rock. It is a wonderful little city. I just wish the crime wasn't so bad in the Southwest section of town.

Get that creative side of your brain working and quit complaining. LOL. Do you tell you GKs that alot?

PJ, So nice of you to try not to groan, but I think a small one did escape, but I'm sure that with your charm and good looks you can woo me out of my disappointment.

YEAH! So happy you are up to the challenge. I know with your plethora of large and fascinating words, that you would be able to come up with something amazing.

And Kylie, you have a great vocabulary too, that is why I chose you as well,

I chose Kookie, Gig, and PJ because they are smart funny and I love them and I knew that what they came up with would be fun.

Thanks everyone for participating and don't forget you actually have BOB to thank.

Happy Early Birthday Suzanne,
Hi Bob
Hi MJ, I know you are lurking around here, you are just waiting for me to jump on the bandwagon and post poofter porn.

Leah said...

Hi again! I did use my words, but not the large ones, LOL!

MJ said...

*clicks on Cecile's blog*

*finds clouds instead of poofter porn*


Suzanne said...

All I can say is don't any of you EVER pick me for this tag. EVER! Can you imagine me using only 6 words?! Oh-My-God!!! That to me would be cruel and unusual punishment. Bob made the rule...NO SUZANNE! I expect everyone of you to honor it because I'm obviously no longer blogging.

By the way, the comments are hoot! I can hardly wait to see what all of you come up with. Well, sounds like Leah already has her's...I'm off to take a peek. Good luck to all.

And Cece, the clouds are gorgeous. You know my sister Charlene and I share your love of clouds. We don't have any today honey. It's hot as hell here and just clear blue sky for a far as the eye can see. I'll have to do a post when I start blogging again and share photos of my sister's clouds in NY and our clouds in CA with you.

Love ya honey!!! Did we all have fun at RC's Bitchfest, or what?!!! Glad you were able to get a stressful day off your chest! Oh, and I love the new photo. You look terrific baby!

Hi Kylie,
Hi Cece,
Hi Leah,
Hi Kooka,
Hi Gig,
Hi MJ,
Hi Peter.

(Kylie, look what you started.)

And thanks for the birthday wishes my dear friend.

Happy Birthday to me.
Happy Birthday to me.
Happy Birthday dear meee-eee,
Happy Birthday to me!

Love you honey, and love you all,

Cecile said...

It's sort of funny because when I logged on here to check out the new comments, It made me happy to see Suzanne had been here. Thanks Suzanne.

But where is RC and BOB? And IV is still missing too, but then again he has been having a week from hell, so I suppose I can understand his absence.

But other than that I'm so happy to see the whole gang here. Even MJ made it, although she didn't stay very long. We will have to work on refining her taste. Her poofter porn addiction has taken over, maybe it is time for an intervention. Suze, what do ya think?

CSI Seattle said...

On a separate note, outside of the six words, the music you have playing on your site rocks. I enjoy stopping by for the free tunes.

Suzanne said...

This is what I think.

Happy Birthday to me.
Happy Birthday to me.
Happy Birthday dear meee-eee.
Happy Birthday to me.

Hey, where the hell's Robyn? Will someone please get her ass over here?

Well, you'll be proud. I got my gardening post up and runnng and it's a beaut. I don't even feel well today, yet I did it! Come back for a peek baby. All the info that's fit to print. Any advice you need, you know my address. Basically, I advocate compost. I'm still trying to figure out that name thing where you type it, click on it and are transported to another blog. Hummmmmmmm. Any advice? I figured it out once, but can't figure it out a second time. What?

Love ya baby. Glad to see you're having a beautiful Saturday after the spanking you got this week.


Suzanne said...

Runnng is typically spelled "running." And MJ, what do you think of my Blottie award? You haven't commented. We all think you might be jealous. Are you? Good. Martha Stewart would be proud of me. Me too.

Happy Birthday to me.
Happy Birthday to me.
Happy Birthday dear meee-eee,
Happy Birthday to me.

Eager and waiting in Carmichael,
Your dear friend, Suze XO

P.S. Honey, visit the garden and relax. I'll put out some iced tea for you. Please don't spread your legs and scare the birds and squirrels. This isn't Hooters baby.

Suzanne said...

Cece, that was one hell of a phone converstaion. I love you and thank you, thank you, a million times thank you for singing. Holy crap that was amazing. All of our friends have to hear your voice. Its amazing. You guys/gals, holy crap, you have no idea how talented Cece is. Really.

I've been the lucky recipient of so many things this week. The Blottie. Hearing Cece sing. Not just one song, three! And the invite to the garden party. Oh, and Random Chick's BitchFest. How luck can a gal get? Wow. Life is good.


Suzanne said...

Oh, how "lucky" can a gal get too!

Kookaburra said...

I see that you have change dthe color of your blog. I like this color green or is it lime? The color reminds me of a fresh and crisp Granny Smith apple. Yum :)

*Birthday girl

Kookaburra said...

Okay. I'm done. Check my blog.

Just Bob said...

I'm here, well sorta here, well actually out selling used Honda's with Suzanne.

Leah said...

p.s. I love your new avatar too! You look very pretty!

Suzanne said...

Bob, I thought we were selling Honda's, not USED Honda's. Jezzzzzzzz. I'm not going to sit on a hood in that getup for something that's been used. I have my dignity.

Suzanne said...

Avatar. I had to look up that damn word in the dictionary you (Leah) and Kylie's ruined. Is that the right noun? Hummmmmmmmmm. Is it? Someone convince me, cuz I'm just not seeing the big picture. As you all know, I often don't. But man can I sell a Honda with Bob.

**Cozies up to bar at the Wild Onion, smacks hand down and says "Jorge, drinks on me!" Jorge smacks hand down and replies "Drinks are always on me."** Smart ass. Who hired him?

Anonymous said...


Charm and good looks? My, my, you flatter me!

Are you sure you got the right person?? hehehehe

Hi to everyone!

PJ x

Leah said...

Wait, I want to hear Cece sing too!!!!! The cat's out of the bag!!!

Anonymous said...

Love your photos of clouds...keep them coming please!

LOL at your six word memoir. Brilliant!!! I've got to do mine brain just isn't coming up with anything I like. I hate it when that happens!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cecile
Hi Suzanne
Hi Bob
Hi Kylie

Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to Suzanne.
Happy Birthday to you!

Suzanne said...

Hi Everybody!!!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes ladies and gents. Keep them coming until August 8th, and then remember we get to celebrate for another full week!

Bob's feeling a bit blue and could use all the help you guys can muster. I.V. isn't doing too well either. You might want to spread a little love and support around his homestead too.

It's an odd day here. It's finally cooled off by about 10 degrees, but we have forest fires burning all over the place (I.V. and family are in a whole lotta trouble), so the air is thick with smoke and the sky is filled with it. It's awful. Our smoke is from the Napa and Sonoma fires. It simply blows east and settles in the valley because the Sierras stop it like a brick wall. Otherwise it would be in Arkansas by now. Ugh.

I haven't watched news all day, so have no idea if the fires have been contained (I doubt it). There are so many all over CA it saddens me and watching news only makes it worse. Cross your fingers for us. And also, give Skeeter a shout if you have time. He lost the biggest tree in his yard to yet another storm.

Love you all, and Cece, I love ya honey. And yes Leah, can that woman sing! Wow. Stunningly beautiful.

Blottie ;)

Cecile said...

Well, I write songs, and I have sung them a few times, but no professional career or anything. I prefer not to be booed off of stages. I am trying to figure out how to load a song or two up on the blog to give everyone a sample. If I can't, then I guess I'll just have to make a CD and mail it out to a few peeps. Hilltop records in CA have put two of my songs on CD. I just got the CD of the second one in today. And there is a recording co. here in LR that is interested in me as a song writer, although I am not brave enough to pursue that aggressively. I am trying to put up a new post with photos of our new land, but blogger is not cooperating and won't let me upload pictures, so I guess I'll have to wait. Until then. Have a great evening.