Wednesday, June 18, 2008

This is my Town.

I skipped out of work early yesterday to use up some comp time and went out with my family and my adopted mom. We decided to take a historical tour of Little rock. Our first stop was The Clinton Presidential Library.

I do believe this is the ugliest building in the entire city. It looks like a massive ugly mobile home. it is located right on the edge of The Arkansas River, next to an abandoned train bridge, hence the motto of "Building the bridge to the future." I really wish they could have hired a better architect for such wonderful landmark to honor our BEST PRESIDENT EVER.
Located next to the Presidential Library is the building pictured above. It is the old train station. Several years ago it was a spaghetti warehouse restaurant, and now it is the Clinton School of Business. I think it is a wonderfully designed building.
This is the old abandoned railroad bridge located next to the library.
This is a view of the river taken from the third floor balcony of the library.

This is the old Union Station building. It is now for lease, but the building is magnificent. It has a brick driveway that takes you back in time. Unfortunately the sun was positioned behind the building, therefore I could not get good photo of it. I'll have to go back in the morning time some day and try again. The homeless shelter is less than a block from the building, so I can't go there alone because it is too dangerous.

This is the old Station House.

Our last stop was the Capitol building. It was designed to look like our Nations Capitol building in Washington, and I think it is the most magnificent building in the city.

The grounds around the Capitol building are beautiful and very well maintained.

This is a monument for Confederate men of the civil war.

This is a photo of the monument to honor the Confederate Women of the Civil War.

There is also a memorial to honor the fallen Arkansas Soldiers of Vietnam.

And lastly, a monument to honor the Medal of Honor Recipients. (At least the ones from Arkansas). Most of the men honored fought in WWII. Some of the men honored were Pompey Factor, Footsie Britt, and Douglas MacArthur.

And littered all over the grounds are these magnificent ancient trees. All in all, my evening yesterday was wonderful. I really enjoyed myself and the company that I was with.


Suzanne said...

Honey! I'm #1!!! How funny.

Well, you're going to find out something interesting about me and archtecture. I love historic architecture, but also modern. Seems at odds, right? Nope. It's all about use of space and light and how to navigate a site. I love the Clinton Library. I understand it from a contemporary point of view, but also understand the tone of the town and how something more historic would have been appropriate. Trust me, I understand. I think it will grow on you. When you see the use of open space and light, I think it's a metaphor, and understand the architect's intent.

Love you,

jeanetta said...

your too funny about union station. i was there really late at night for a craft fair thing once. i think you'll be ok.

Cecile said...

Happy Early Birthday Suzanne.

And Jeanetta, you are probably right.

Just Bob said...

Hi Cecile...

Hi Blottie...

MJ said...

Thanks for the tour.


Architecture nut

Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday to me.
Happy Birthday to me.
Happy Birthday dear meee-eee,
Happy Birthday to me!

Thanks honey!!! Hi Bob! Hi MJ! Hi Jeanetta! Hey baby, Bob wrote a kick-ass post. You might want to take a peek. It's too funny!

Hope you had a great day and are facing an exciting evening. (Okay, I'll snap out of it!)

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I had no idea Arkansas was such a lovely place! I'll have to come visit sometime.

Suzanne said...

Oh Christ. RC in Arkansas. Honey, run for the hills.

Anonymous said...


You are cordially invited to Random Chick's BitchFest 2008. Please come along and bitch with us!

Cecile said...

RC, I'll join as soon as I get home from my all day visit in hell. AKA work.

Suzanne, our area is actually considered the start of the Ozark's so I think technically, I live in the hills, but just barely. Oh and Happy Early Birthday!

Suzanne said...

Thanks baby! Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to meee-eee, Happy Birthday to me!!! I never, in my wildest dreams, expected to celebrate 49 like this. Thank you. Honey, RC is holding the best damn day of blogging. Please stop by and have some fun. You deserve it after a long week. It's a "Bitchin' Festival" and it's wonderful!!! You just get goin' and can't stop!

Love ya baby! Talk to you soon.


Just Bob said...

Hi Suzanne...

Hi Cecile...

kylie said...

hi cecile,
i have a bit of an interest in architecture, too....maybe it's another feature of bloggers?
have a great weekend