Monday, June 23, 2008

Our New Land

I finally got out and took some pictures of our new land on Sunday. We went out there and I mowed a little bit around the pond while the boys fed the fish and looked for frogs, and my husband kept vigil making sure no one grabbed a snake.

I'm standing near the pond, which is toward the bottom of our property and looking up. There are ares of trees and clear areas scattered across the acreage.
This is our pond
Part of the wooded area near the pond

Anyway, there really isn't any need to keep the entire 4.5 acres mowed, so I am just mowing a nice area in front of the pond so that we can get up close to feed the fish and not have to worry about getting snake bit. I found a really nice big patch of wild black berries on the levy behind the pond. Some of them are starting to get ripe, so you know the boys and I will be out there with a pail to pick those. There are morning glory vines all over the property, wild strawberry vines, and an assortment of weed flowers. I love this piece of land, and I cannot wait to get moved out there. HB and I keep brainstorming to come up with ways to get out there sooner. The boys are very excited to get out there too. And of course, everyone will be invited to the house warming party, just as long as they bring gifts.


Anonymous said...


How fortunate to have a wonderful piece of land like that - and with a pond too!
Moving there? Are you going to build a house there, or am I being a bit dim?

Peter x

Suzanne said...

No Peter, they've decided to be really unconvential and sleep naked under the stars. Of course they're going to build a house! God you're so damn funny. Honey, have the Russian's been putting something in your water too?! Or is IV over there spiking your vodka, Cece, what are we going to do with that poor boy? I'm still laughing. Man does he need to get to Paris soon. (Hi Peter! Love ya.)

Wow, it's BEAUTIFUL!!! You know what I love best? That you're leaving it wild. It's a haven for wildlife, birds, insects, snakes, lizards, native plants, weeds, etc. It's just beautiful and peaceful and I love it.

I hope Javie Dog is feeling a bit better. T-Bone deals with allergies as well, but they sound a bit different. Give him a hug for us.

Love you dear. Hope you have a good Tuesday. Why am I up?!


Oh, by the way, "Hi Cece!" Thanks for all the early birthday wishes. I'm feeling terrific about this one now! ;)

Suzanne said...

I just read what you wrote to Bob. It's beautiful.


MJ said...

An assortment of "weed flowers"...

Yeah I get what you're trying to say.

Roll me a fat one, will you?

Anonymous said...

OMG! I'm gonna come over there and camp out. Awesome land! Like Peter says, U R Lucky!

BTW, I tagged you on my blog. Have fun!

Cecile said...

Yes Peter, we are planning on bulding a house. HOPEFULLY sooner rather than later.

Suze, Thanks for keeping PJ in line. Java slept very well last night, so I shall see how she is feeling when I get home.

And I hope that Bob is able to find solace in what all of us have written.

I'll roll you one, but I'm not responsible for the medical bills when you turn green.

Come on over, we'll roast marshmellows and watch MJ smoke her "Fat One" and laugh at her when she vomits. OH and too late, I've already been tagged. Read the post below.

Leah said...

Hey Cece--I love your land!!! Love it! I can't wait to show it to my husband--he'll be soooo jealous that you're moving there, he is so not a city person. He really wants to move to the Adirondacks.

It's great for you guys to have this family adventure all together.

Just Bob said...

Hi Cecile.

Suzanne said...

Well hell, I can't stop laughing. I wanted to ask you put up a cottage for guests. I'd be permanent. But I didn't. I see others have. Okay. I'm first because I thought of it first.

MJ. Honey, where did we get her? No really, cuz I'd like to drop her off and start over. The woman's insane! But God do I love her.

So much more to say, but way too tired. What a long, smokey, stinky, smokey day. Did I mention it was smokey here? Yikes.

Until tomorrow...Cheers! (I now think I'm from Australia.)

Gig said...

Love the pond and property, I have my own little cottage,a 33 ft. travel trailer, so make room, Mr.Big and I will be right on down, ya'll hear?!!
Having been born in Alabama, I do have sourthern roots, lol. Just made chicken and dumplings tonight for dinner, yummy...
Gkids want grits for breakfast...

In 1999 we bought 10 acres and we camped on it till '04, when we bought our 1st house here. Loved it, enjoy yourselves and build your dream.
love ya, gig

Suzanne said...

Hi Cece!

Just checking in to see how Nathan is. I assume he's probably in the hospital. I hope not.

We'll talk soon. I'm not feeling too good today. The air quality is so poor it's taking a toll. I'm going to check on IV and see if he has an update. The news this morning was pretty alarming because the fire is headed to Big Sur. They could be in a whole hell of a lot more trouble. The fire had been near them, but not in Big Sur, but I don't think it's going to spare them now.

I'll cross my fingers for Nathan, and we'll all cross our fingers for IV, Cheese and the Little Cheeses. What a mess.

Love you honey,

Leah said...

Thinking of you, Cece--


Suzanne said...

Baby, if you have time, check in on Bob. You can't comment on his current post, but perhaps you can leave it on is previous. I'm worried. He reminds me so much of 1Pic.

Love you honey. Hope Nathan's okay. Haven't heard otherwise, so assume! Honey have you heard from Bindi? Any news you can share will be greatly appreciated. I haven't been able to get in contact with her. I'm seriously worried.

Love you,

Suzanne said...

I love you baby. You know that.


Kookaburra said...

Give me a home amongst the gum trees
with lots of plum trees, a sheep or two, a kangaroo
A clothes line out the back, verandah out the front,
and a old rocking chair...

Or perhaps you could build a log cabin with a stone chimney and a wood fired cooking range where you could make some yummy blackberry jam (jelly) ???

Thinking of you Cece,

Mark. xx

G'day Peter, Suzanne, mj, random chick, leah, just bob, and gig