Monday, June 9, 2008

Kick Ass Clouds.

We had a cold front roll through here tonight, and I got some pictures of these awesome Kick Ass clouds. These were so dark and ominous looking that I could not resist. The lightning shooting out of these suckers was fantastic. I felt like I was on acid at a Pink Floyd concert.
My better half informed me that I was crazy. He told me if I stayed outside much longer I would be electrocuted, but the breeze felt fantastic. I was also grateful for the little bit of rain that we got. It was just enough to water my one tomato plant. I planted three of them, but only one has survived the dog's girth. She would go a lay in my garden. She killed my zucchini, and one of my strawberry plants too, so I only had one tomato and one strawberry plant survive. What a Bitch she is.
Anyway, I just wanted to share my awesome clouds with everyone. If I had a kite with a key tied to a string, I think I would be outside flying it. Yep, I'm that much of a science geek.


Leah said...

Those are awesome cloud pics. I love storms, I can't help it. We had a wicked one here last night that blew in like a crazy person, flung itself around loudly, and then left as suddenly as it had come in. It's just a shame we can hardly see the clouds here for the buildings...

Robyn said...

Those are kick ass! I wish I could see some over here in Elk Grove. I am is starting to get hot...damn it!

Loved the that was KICK ASS! Come by and say hi and check out this blog I found. I really think you will get a kick out of the guy!

MJ said...

I think I'm having a flashback, man.

Just Bob said...

Can I get that steak medium rare with a side of onion rings and creamed garlic spinach?

Anonymous said...


I have to say that those are some fantastic clouds. Wish I'd thought to take a photo of this one lonesone cloud last night.....all solitary-like, but it had an orange glow coming from the middle of it. It was lovely to watch.....maybe it was an alien.....?



those are truely awesome clouds man!!! wicked!!!

Cecile said...

Commentsies back will appear later tonight.

Anonymous said...

Okay, this is weird...last night I had a dream about clouds that looked like these AND there was some wild lightning too. The really weird part is I JUST NOW (Tuesday Afternoon Pacific Time) opened your blog and read this!!!

Cecile said...

I really am sorry you have so many buildings. I love looking at the sky. I have a love affair with sunsets and sun rises, and clouds.

Robyn- Welcome back, thanks for the comment on the music. I'm glad you have good taste.

MJ- I told you not to take the acid along with the LSD.

BOB!!! I knew the way to a man's heart was through his stomach. The Onion rings I can do, but there would probably be trans fat in the creamed garlic spinach.

Pete, You know there has to be intelligent life somewhere.

I.V.- As wicked as the witch of the west. But as beautiful as Cinderella.

I was sending the pictures with telepathy. Glad you got the message.

Ok, now for something serious. Please say a prayer for a family for me. One of Nathan's classmates was in a house fire last night and did not make it out. His sister was badly burned too, but she did survive. The family and friends of Harley Fox really needs everyone's prayers. No matter what God you pray to. Thanks.

Just Bob said...

I'll take green beans as a substitute for the creamy spinach...

Suzanne said...

Hi honey,

We will pray for Harley Fox and his family and friends. I'm hoping his sister has a full recovery. That is so sad. How's Nathan handling it?

I just read your email, then Bindi's. I'm not supposed to be here, but had to put a comment on her blog and also have to reply to your email and her's. I thought I'd pop by just to say I love you, but arrived to all this! What fun. And the comments are a hoot. Leah wrote "We had a wicked one here last night that blew in like a crazy person, flung itself around loudly, and then left as suddenly as it had come in." I laughed so hard because it sounded like me commenting on some blogs we know!

Oh my God, I could go on forever because everyone left great comments. I laughed way to hard. Which helped because I have a migraine and any endorphines laughter generates are appreciated (no Leah, I don't use meds).

Oh and Cece, that Pink Floyd and veggie garden comment killed me. I'm still laughing. Rob saw so many great bands as a teen. He saw Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin and Yes at Madison Square Gardens and some at the huge outdoor stadiums in NY and NJ, and scores of other bands I can't remember right now. Plus the Eagles, Elton John, Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac's Rumors Tour...the list is long. Unfortunately my dear friend, Random Chick, he has NEVER been a Rush fan. Sorry baby. Can you believe that? Cece, apparently some kids have all the luck and parents who just want them out of the house!

What a great post and terrific comments. All my beautiful friends are here. I miss them!!! "Hi everyone, I miss you terribly."

Oh, and I.V., meet me at the Cafe, we'll take a twirl. Don't be heavy footed because I'm wearing pink and black poke-a-dot flip flops. I'll whisper lots of sweet crap in your ear. One sweet nothin' is: I wasn't offended you thought I might be a bad driver (I'm not!), I was pissed you thought Brian might be a good one!!! Oh, and honey, take the trench coat off, it's like 99 *&^$%#% degrees in here. Cece, when do we get free central heat and air? We must know a contractor who would love free beer and a life long membership to the Cafe for that, right?

Love you!

Just Bob said...

Hi Suzanne!!!

Cecile said...

I should have a new post tomorrow night. I have been trying not to blog when my husband is home. I'm cheating right now. But UFC is on and I love to watch a good beat down.

Anonymous said...

just in case you hadnt made it across there..i posted for the foxes

Suzanne said...

Two things. Well, okay, three:
1) I was going to suggest you contact Kylie for a prayer, but she was kind enough to think ahead of me.
2) Hummmmmmm, just forgot #2
3) When you have time, visit Just Bob's blog and read about spitting. It's way too funny.

I'm thinking. I'm trying to remember #2. While I'm thinking I'll say "HI BOB!" I'll also say I'm so glad you're not blogging while hubby's home. That new arrangement seems to be working quite well!

#2 is not resurfacing. Damn. Why does stupid stuff happen to good people? I'll be back when I remember. Obviously it was very important.


Just Bob said...

Hi Suzanne! I'll blog whenever you want me too, just let me know... lol!!!

Kookaburra said...

G'day just bob!

Just Bob said...

Right back at ya Kookaburra!