Thursday, June 5, 2008

Highway to the Danger Zone

So, why haven't I posted a new post in a few weeks you ask? Well, maybe you didn't ask, but I'm sure you are all just hanging onto the edge of your seats now to find out.
I actually have two reasons. They are pictured below.

They decided to destroy their bedroom. After I worked extremely hard to clean it up. They are completely rotten and now they are condemned to their room until it is clean, or at least until I can walk to both of the beds. I can hear their agonizing cries of pain as they feverishly work to correct this atrocity.
And I have also taken some time off to finish a painting I have been working on for a wonderful friend of mine. You see, painting is some thing that sooths me. When I start to paint, everything else on my mind drifts away. It is a wonderful hobby. I can feel the stress melt away. Of course, when my mind wanders to another dimension, that is when my two hoodlums from Hell get into trouble and their room ends of looking like the photo above.


MJ said...

The painting is beautiful but those Cabbage Patch dolls to the left of it have to go.

Obviously you were too ashamed to submit them to my How Not To Decorate Contest.

Anonymous said...


I see what you mean about the disaster zone, although it could be a lot worse. I remember my sister's room when we were younger. It was AWFUL! We literally couldn't walk into the room because of all the stuff littered around the floor, it was just terrible! When she moved out, she left it up to us to clean it, and we found out what the carpet looked like!
Good luck with it, and I hope you can walk to the beds!
Oh, and the painting is lovely - very talented person you are!

Take care,


the painting is very nice!! and the room is quite destroyed... one question though... is the naked boy in the corner repenting for something or looking for pants? great pics and such cute kiddos, have a great weekend!

Cecile said...

MJ, those are dreamsickly angel dolls. They were a gift from my dead MIL, therefore, they must stay. HA.

PJ, the room is a little bit more presentable this morning. But it still needs a load of work. I think our next step is several garbage bags and a couple trips to the goodwill for some toy donations.

IV, Yes, the naked boy is looking for pants. I tried to angle the photo so that I didn't actually get any personal parts in the pic. The other naked boy was hiding from me in the closet. It was empty because all of the toys were scattered all over the rest of the room.

Thanks everyone for the complement on my painting.

Suzanne said...

You little bugger! Well I left a message for you over on my blog, but decided to drag my sorry ass over here and comment. If you read my other comment you'll know I was here last night and could have been #1. But there's MJ in the envyable slot, that comment whore. I'll tell you something funny, I actually fell asleep at the computer while on your blog. Not because you're boring, just because I'm exhausted. I was trying to comment on your painting because I LOVE IT, but swear to God, just konked out in the middle. Woke up still staring at it and my comment and simply turned off the computer and stumbled to bed. So no #1, no comment, no glory. But I did have a restful night. See, things are lookin' up!

I visited you right after visiting MJ. I tried to slip into her blog before Filthy Friday just to say "Hi!" Do you know what she did? She posted that shit early! Good Lord! Trust me, it was well before midnight and totally unfair. I didn't even have my eyes covered, so was nearly blinded by naked bodies. I'm not sure I'll recover. Talk about stress!

Oh, and like I.V. I notice your poor naked kid. Too funny. I assume that's Forest? "Forest, put some damn clothes on before you become famous on the internet!" Jezzzzzzzz. "Oh, and clean your room, it's a freakin' mess. Have some respect for your poor mother."

Of course I love you and hope all is well. That's one hell of a painting honey. I love it...on my wall! Email with what a similar one would cost. Or put it here and generate business!!!


Leah said...

That room photo is HILARious. Now I'm tempted to post a picture of Hedgie's room after she's had a playdate or a solo is truly unbelievable...

And yes, lovely painting.

Cecile said...

Leah, I think we posted on each other's blogs at the same time. Ha. So funny.

Yes Suzanne, I took Leah out of turn, but I'm sure you'll be fine with that. AND if your not, then GET OVER IT! Gosh, the painting. I will have to think about what I would charge. I've only sold one other painting before. I'm such an amature, and I find it extremely hard to believe people would pay money for my art. I guess it is my modesty showing through. I'll think about it and get back with you on that one.

Anonymous said...


I'm glad the room is a bit more presentable now.

I can't believe I didn't notice little naked kid in the corner! I think I was too distracted by the mess!
Maybe that's what his blogging name should be - 'Little Naked Kid'. hehehehe

Hope you're well and the room stays presentable (but when is that going to happen!!!)


Suzanne said...

Poor naked kid. Oh my God that's too funny. Will he ever live that down? Nope!

Taking me out of order, don't worry. I only get stressed about stupid stuff! Oh, and you aren't an amateur you're a fucking professional, damn it! Think about it and give me your thoughts. I'm very serious. I would love one of your painings. I never mess around about art.

Shara said...

Hey girl,
Go's looking great! As far as the two terrors...don't they keep you young? Twice blessed I see and of course twice as much energy to keep up! Hang in there..