Saturday, June 7, 2008

Wow! Another one in the same week?

I went to a wedding today.
It was the first time I had been inside a church in several years.
I thought the architecture inside the worship hall was amazing.
It made me feel as if I had stepped inside of Noah's Ark, and then it capsized.

I found it hard to concentrate on the wedding procession. It lasted FOREVER. I wanted to scream, just get on with it already, but I am sure that my friend would never invite me to her next wedding if I had. (Oh that's right, this one is suppose to last forever.) But what really drew my attention was the arched window behind the pulpit. There was a beautiful view of the trees, and I was sort of mesmerized by the cloud formations that drifted by.
The boys enjoyed themselves. They behaved very well, which made me extremely proud of them. When the preacher began his little sermon, Forrest ask me if the preacher was God. I thought it was adorable, and several of the people sitting next to me chuckled. After the wedding was over we came home.
This is the boy's idea of a clean room. They informed me that their room was all clean now.
This is where they put everything. Yeah, that looks very clean indeed.
But we decided not to worry about that mess today. After all, it is Saturday. Saturday's are made for fun, not for cleaning house. We save the house cleaning for the most holy of all days. Sunday. So we ventured out to the back yard and decided to have a dip in the pool.
This in Nathan doing some heavy thinking.
Yes, my son is giving me the finger. No he doesn't realize he is doing something bad. This is his best guitar hero pose. He loves muzic (that's how he pronounces it.) I am considering guitar lessons for him.

I love this picture. The splash is just amazing.

Look at those cute little butts sticking up in the air. They look like a couple of drowned puppies.



Anonymous said...


I have to laugh at your kids - they're brilliant! I especially like 'one finger kid' with his guitar pose. I'm sure he would love lessons! Is 'one finger kid' the same as 'little naked kid'?

The photos of the church are amazing - and I agree, sometimes wedding processions take AGES! But it's always worth it in the end!

take care,

Cecile said...

Thanks Pete,
No, "One finger kid" is a different kid. The church was pretty cool. It was nestled in the woods, and tucked up on top of a little hill in an area of Little Rock called Pride Valley. I liked the area. But I don't think I'll move there. Too close to the city, although with gas prices, it might not be a bad idea, but the schools in that area are terrible, so no. OH the tug of war inside my brain.

bindhiya said...

Dear Cece,

nice to here you had a great time..
the photos of the church are beautiful..
I'll call you soon..
have a good day.
love and ((hugs))

Anonymous said...

It's brilliant! You have 'one finger kid' and 'little naked kid' - I think you should seriously consider changing their names legally!! :-P


MJ said...

I went to a Ukranian wedding, having never BEEN to a Ukrainian wedding nor knowing what is involved, and I was wearing high heels.

The entire ENDLESS service was recited completely in Ukrainian, a language I don't understand AND we had to stand (me in high heels) for the duration of the ceremony.

Joyful Jo said...

Hi cecile,
Ha! You think you think you have problems with the tidying up. Yesterday i asked Helen to tidy up our front hall space of her school papers she no longer needed and some clothes she dumps at the front door when she comes home. Helen has no fuss little effort method of tidying her clothes just bundled them all up and throw into laundry for the washer woman to wash. Some of these clothes only needed to be put on clothes hangers and put in her wardrobe. This has always been a battle ground with her and she is 15 years old. Thought she may have got better but alas no.


kylie said...

my clothing management system was the same when i was 15...actually it's much the same now and i AM the washer woman!

the boys' room looks just like my girls'. maybe it's a twin thing?


Cecile said...

Well, it is one room houseing two kids. BOys at that. ANd they have way too many toys. I guess we have practiced spare the rod and spoil the child a bit too much.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the photos of your boys...LOL at their clean rooms! Sooo like boys.

Leah said...

I love the photos. Your boys' charisma just shines through... and since we're in the middle of a mad heat wave in NYC, that water looks AMAZING...

Gig said...

Love this post, I can relate to the boys room, hey my gkids don't live here,(then again they think they do), my extra rooms look very similar...

The church is very pretty, love the stained glass window.

Well, I have to go feed children
love ya, Gig