Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Beside You I Stand

I've had trouble getting a post out this week. Both of my boys have been sick. Nathan started breaking out with a rash last night and he had been running fever for 5 days, so I began to suspect strep throat. We took both boys to the Dr. today, and sure enough, my diagnosis was correct. So hopefully with with this antibiotic they will quickly be on the mend. I thought I would share with you tonight the lyrics of a song that I wrote for my boys. I was trying to let them know that even though I had to leave and go to work, that I would always have them in my heart.

This is my vision of heaven.

Pictured here are all 3 of my reasons for living,

or at least the 3 most important ones.

"Beside You I Stand"

In the morning when you awake,

Oh my love, don't be afraid.

Even though, I'm not there,

Oh my love, just know I care.

It's alright it's all ok.

Because my love is here to stay.

Don't you worry, don't be afraid.

'Cause right beside you is where I'll stay.

These miles between us, they are long.

But all this distance will make us strong.

Although I'll miss you, please understand

That right beside you is where I'll stand.

It's alright it's all ok.

Because my love is here to stay.

Don't you worry, don't be afraid.

'Cause right beside you is where I'll stay.

So when it's night fall, and time for sleep,

Just close your eyes and dream of me.

'Cause I'll be driving until it's day,

And right beside you is where I'll stay.

It's alright it's all ok.

Because my love is here to stay.

Don't you worry, don't be afraid.

'Cause right beside you is where I'll stay.

Yes, right beside you is where I'll stay.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentines's Day. And remember, it's not the gift, but the amount of love you share that matters.


Gig said...

I hope the boys are on the road to recovery. It is also my hope that you have a wonderful Valentines Day. Great Poem for your Boys to cherish always.

Happy Hearts to you and your family,

jeanetta said...

hope they get better soon. mine have been very healthy and i hope they continue to be. happy v day

BBC said...

Boy, there sure is a lot of sick people around. But I'm too stubborn to get sick. LOL

Have a nice V Day, hug the hubby & kids for me.


nice and sweet. congrats on the reasons for living!!! anyway, hope the young-ns feel better.

bindhiya said...

Hope the boys feeling better by now...
Happy Valentines day!
take care

Mr. Shife said...

You have a wonderful Valentine's Day as well. The song is very nice and your boys are lucky to have you.

bindhiya said...

Hi Cecile,
Please accept a delicious award...
sweet as sugar! on this special day...

BBC said...

Posting pictures of your cute kids

NAME: CIELO said...

Good evening, Cecile! Oh, what a touching and lovely photograph of your dear ones.... so precious!

May our Heavenly Father bless you, and yours.


muser said...

Hey Cecile,
Sounds like you've been busy this week. I hope the boys have a speedy recovery. Thanks once again for stopping by and offering advice. I think you were right about a change of perspective being in order. I'll work on it.
All the best,

floots said...

those words alone should lend them the strenght needed for a prompt recovery
best wishes

Suzanne said...

From one sick puppy to two others. Get well soon. And to one terrific mommy and poet, I love you. Thanks for your support, concern and love. It matters. I wish you could wave your mommy wand over me and I'd get better too. I'll stand still. Okay, I'm ready...wave away.

Love you,
Suzanne :)
P.S. The photo is precious. The only one missing is the dog!

kylie said...

hi cecile,
hope you're hangin in there.
your warm spirit is much appreciated in blogsville and even more so at home, i would imagine.
take care

CSI Seattle said...

This is a fantastic picture. Take as many as you can like this. Because when your boys get older, they are not gonna give you the chance again.

I hope you are well,


'54Bomber said...

It has already been said but I hope the boys are better. You are a beautiful lady. God bless you. A lovely photo and song.

My love to all your family.

Mark XO

Gig said...

I have missed your beautiful poems and stories of your boys. I am hoping that there was a snowman in your weekend!
I am sure we all look forward to reading about your latest adventures.

Hugs and Love,