Thursday, February 7, 2008

I"m late, I"m late, I'm really really late!

I woke up in my son's bed again this morning. My back was killing me. His bed is very hard. It used to be my bed when I was a child, I"m thinking it is time to get him a new mattress. I am sleeping in his bed because mine is out of commission. We have a water bed. Well, actually that should be past tense. We woke up in the middle of the night Monday night and our bed was very wet. I guess one or more of the water tubes had sprung a leak. So, Tuesday morning we disassembled the bed, carried the tubes to the tub and my husband slit them open with a knife to empty the water. We then went to the Dreamline factory in our town and laid on several mattresses until we found one that we both liked. We ordered the mattress and then we were told that they have to make it and it would be ready for pickup on FRIDAY! Our bed had a sponge egg create type thing that zipped up over the water tubes, so the boys have been sleeping there and Husband and I have been sleeping in their beds. So back to my story, I woke up this morning, with my back killing me. I was very groggie. I stretched a cat like stretch and yawned a very big yawn. Then I opened my eyes. I felt very confused and disoriented. It was way too light in the room. I looked at the alarm clock at the bedside table. It read 6:22am. SHIT!!! I should have been leaving my house at that time, no just waking up. So I jumped out of bed and rushed to the bathroom and I started the frantic hurry up morning routine. You know the one. The Ho bath with a washcloth and a little soap, the slap water on the head so that nothing stands up and combe the hair as best you can, no makeup (of course I never wear the stuff to work anyway, so that wasn't an issue). And don't forget the quick teeth brushing and deodorant swipe. I was half way through this frenzied routine when it struck me. Why am I rushing around here like a mad woman? What purpose does this serve? I'm already late for work. What difference does it make if I'm 20 minutes late or 60 minutes late? I"m still late. So, I slowed down. I even stopped off at the local Starbucks for some pansy ass flavored coffee with an extra shot of exspresso. (NO, not decaf this time, Cher.)And did you know, I was only 20 minutes late for work this morning. I don't even have to stay late because I worked over by 20 minutes yesterday, so I completely made up for it this morning. So life is treating me pretty well this morning. I got an extra 50 minutes of sleep, I'm well caffineated, the sun is shining, and it's a cool crisp morning. I saw the State Capitol building enveloped in fog and it was a beautiful site. I have to remember to bring my camera to work one day so that I can show all of you the beauty that I get to see each morning. The view of the capitol and downtown area from our parking deck as the sunrises behind it as georgous. This morning there was a heavy fog and it looked extremely cool. Alas, now I have to go have blood drawn. I hope this doesn't put a damper on my day.


BBC said...

My favorite is an air mattress, you can get them just right. But the cheap ones often start leaking to soon.

It's better to put a valve on a water bed bladder and fill it with air. Not all of them are designed so that you can do that though.

Good luck with the back.

bindhiya said...

Dear Cecile,
It was nice talking to you...I never thought this was a busy morning for you..
That is good to hear you made it on time..
Hope this finds you having a wonderful day

Gig said...

Hope your new bed arrives on time. I found a Snowman for you to check out when you get time. Hope your weekend is great!!

XO Debbie

'54Bomber said...

G'day Cecile,
That's very good service at Dreamline factory - a mattress made and delivered within 3 days!! I hope that your back gets better over the next few days. I like the way you handled running late for work.


kylie said...

love this story


i know all about the ff-ing back problems, good luck with that and congrats on the new bed!

floots said...

punctuality taking second place to caffeine
sounds right to me :)

cher said...

i'm confused. i thought you said you had posted some of your art work. or were you referring to the illistration for your kids book?

the ho shower- you gotta love it!

man i miss my waterbed. i had one growing up and believe it or not, i still find myself trying to rock myself to sleep.

love that term pansy ass coffee. it is so funny to me! thanks for the shout out Cecile.

oh, and NEVER leave your house without your camera. EVER.

Cecile said...

I did post some artwork back in Jan. It was a blog entitled a showcase of my work, and another one called The one that I missed. You could scroll to the older posts and find it.

I would not have been worth a Damn without my morning caffine jolt. So, I'm pretty sure they are glad that I stopped.

And I slept in the recliner last night, so my back is feeling much better. I found out my new bed will not arrive until MONDAY! Oh well, the recliner was pretty comfortable, so I think that will be my new shut eye station till then.


WTF? you only reply to cher? are we al now just meat between the buns?


my bad, floots too... how bout the rest of us eh?

jeanetta said...

ha i hate those mornings.
did you ever start at the new place?

Cecile said...

Oh those Inner Voices inside my head are screaming at me again. MAKE THEM STOP!!!!. NO don't make them stop, YOu know I love Inner Voices. So I am sending this comment out special to you. YOu ROCK MAN!!!! Be a lover not a hater.

der K said...

I read the story of your finger not turning black after your cat biting into it and I found it pretty funny. After this one you got me! I'd really like to see a photo of your every-morning-trip-highlights.
Ah, and go to the doctor when your back turns black!

Cecile said...

Well, Thanks Derk for your visit. I would visit you, but it looks like I'm not invited. But, thank you for stopping by.