Monday, February 11, 2008

A focus on love and it's many forms.

This week I have decided to focus on love, or the loss of love, and perhaps the lack of love. Afterall, Valentines day is just around the corner. So enjoy my series of poetry on love, betrayal and who know, maybe even revenge!
He lay there listening to the waves crashing against the cold drab rocks.
A dreamy smile flooded his face.
She sat there looking at him, wishing the ocean would swell up and engulf her so that she would never feel the heartache again.
He just laid there dreaming of another.
She felt alone.
Like waves crashing violently against the shore, my heart slams against my chest.
The pain I feel is unbearable.
The damage is very real.
Why did I let you climb over the wall I have for so long gaurded?
Why did you steal my love and leave me so empty?
Written by: Cecile


Mr. Shife said...

I like your poetry. I feel bad that you probably wrote this based on real life experiences.
Mrs. Shife and I quit celebrating VD a long time ago. Hope you have a good week and look forward to reading some more of your poems.

Robyn said...

I truly hope that this is not based on you...perhaps someone else or an old boyfriend! Right?! Moving poem!

Cecile said...

Both this poem and Surrender were written before I met my husband of 12 years. (Actually, I think Surrender may have been written when I was dating my husband.) I have always believed that you either have to be a tortured soul, or know of a tortured soul in order to write beautiful poetry, but that is just my belief. Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments and concern.

BBC said...

You might enjoy these old posts.

Portrait of a friend

Love is like a butterfly

Thanks for the dance

Cecile said...

Thanks BBC, was Portrait of a friend your own?

Gig said...

Very..very...emotional, I could feel the pain. The picture really fit the mood. You do have a way with words. Don't ever quit writing.
Am looking forward to your next poem.

BBC said...

No, I've never written much poetry. I found Portrait of a friend on the web some years ago, but changed it some.

I did write what is posted on my blog.

Come, stand with me, by the sea.
Hold my hand and be as me.
Be one, as we.
Be we, as one.
Come, stand with me, by the sea.

billy pilgrim said...

java will never leave you empty or dream of another.

might be time to give her a biscuit and take her for walk.